Yoga & lemon water will never be as good as wine

Hey Interwebbies,

My life got crazy as eff this Spring and of course when that happens I turn to booze, food, more booze, with some late night snacking. As a 35 year old goddess of a woman, my body behaves accordingly and gains all the weight. Yeah, those 20 year old days of dancing all night, drunkenly eating an entire pizza (alone), and waking up able to slip into a bikini on are GONE. Gone, without a trace. Eff.

The past few weeks, I’ve been really getting back on track. So there’s been cooking, being that shlumpy lady at the work out class, and drinking less. I need wine though. Being healthy is not worth enough that I will ever give up wine, kids. I’ve got to have sanity and so many things require a buzz. Thank you Zinfandel, Cab Franc, and Malbec… You’re my golden girls. 

I try and remind myself I have to wear a swimsuit happily in August so I put down the cookie. Ok, I didn’t but I ate some spinach later. Moderation, right? I actually do like working out, it’s just I’m a slacker about making the time. I generally always feel so much better getting some serious movement in my life. My fitfusion membership has helped. When I’m uninspired or broke AF, I have no excuse not to select a video and get some fit in. I’ve mostly focused on Jillian Michaels & Tara Stiles ( yoga, beatches) but there’s a ton of trainers on there.

We’ve got summer orientation galore, so I’m crazy busy at the new job but I’m really enjoying it. I’ve just got to eat like a grown person and keep up the workouts. I did lose a pair of jeans to the thigh rub battle the other day and that was a sad loss. RIP Gap skinny jeans… You served me well… Even in the end when I was clearly a size larger. You mustered on, thank you for your service.

My summer fit has ups & downs. Sunday, I lost all control at a BBQ and ate all the chips, hummus, and wine. There may have been pasta as well. But I got in a Saturday workout so ya know I’m trying.

At least I still have 9 weeks left. I’m off to drink lemon water and not snack… Ok the chips are gone so there’s nothing to snack on #willpower.




Losing should come with beer

Adulting fail.

Sometimes you just to have admit you’re ‘effed and stressed. Proceed straight to having your private meltdown. Complete said meltdown and then begin to strategize your heroic return…ok maybe just your minimal plan to save your ass as best as possible.

Right now, I’m in work meltdown mode. Monday will be problem solving, drinking crazy amounts of coffee, and staying late. Today is all about being a sad bastard that I am failing at life.

January is almost over and I succeed at one thing, being the best maid of honor ever! My sister was glowing, blissfully happy, even in her crazy. Success! Everything else in my life is crash & burn.

Budgeting = wedding expenses, I failed to anticipate that put me over. Blarhh! It could of been worse but I wish it was better.

Working out…. Miserable fail. I made it to barre like 4x this month just ridiculous!  

Bringing lunch hasn’t been too bad. The week back from the wedding wasn’t great, I only brought lunch once but I made decent choices. I’ve cooked most of my dinners which means cheap and healthy – woo woo! Next month, I think should be solid. I’m golden when I meal prep on Sunday or Monday night. Otherwise shenanigans ensue. I still managed to lose .3lbs this week so holla. Right now I’m fit and healthy. Attending 15 barre classes in December was the best challenge ever! But there’s this vanity 5-10 I’d love to lose. But it’s vanity so pass the cocktail.

February we’re going to turn this around… I am budgeting in a haircut. I needed one in November but had nightmares of terrible hair in wedding photos so I waited. I rationalized that although grown out & crazy I could curl my current hairstyle and have it work. Plus I would have like 90 min to do my hair on the wedding day. 

Now though I need something I can style in 20 min or less and be on time for my job. Thinking of this but slightly longer.

One last note, reading  nourishes my soul and lets this little broke girl travel the world for a mere $9-$15.00. It’s easy to get away from it but in 2016, I want to read more. When I curl up with a good book and a hot coffee, I’m in heaven. Oh and my cozy Mexican blanket. I breezed through Crazy Rich Asians last week by Kevin Kwan. It was beyond pleasurable! Gossipy, jet set, and lavish. He transports you into a world of excess with historic Asian family lineages, rivalries, and familial protocols. You won’t be able to put it down. Sadly, the follow up novel, China Rich Girlfriend, attempts to cover too many story lines without the depth of the Crazy Rich Asians. I was less invested and disappointed overall. You should definitely grab Crazy Rich Asians for your next beach vacation or home staycation to transport you away! Pass on the second and spend those pennies on a bottle of wine to go with your book. 2016 – two books tackled! 
Alright I’m off to continue with my meltdown.  



Shame, budgets, and other things to drink about….

My barre instructor shamed me…..

I mean not my actual working out but that I wasn’t going to sign up for their studio. Don’t get it twisted I’m really enjoying pure barre. I would describe it as more of a cardio type barre where you’re sweating, dying, and looking around like who the ‘eff are these fit bitches??? All to really good music, I mean they hosted a Bey Day and all the workouts were to Beyonce. You can’t not love that. However as we all know the lbg is in debt crisis mode. I mean I’m not a hobo but I need to get my expenses in check and am on the slow, slow, journey of paying of credit cards – BLARGH.  Did I fail to mention their studio price for one month unlimited is $225!!!! I know, hot damn. For a 10 class pass, it’s $200 bucks. When I was a member of bar method it was $175 a month (w/ more classes offered and to be honest a nicer studio) and that was rough on my budget.  I mean it was a luxury but saved my life since my Grandma was hella sick and in general I was under mad stress. We digress, I’m not joining pure barre.


Anyways, fitness is my therapy and I’m just not the type to tell a stranger my problems when I can just work it out. It’s mostly stress. Trust, when I had some real issues my booty was seeing a counselor and that hella helped. People, you got to do you. So absolutely no shame in getting some quality therapy. Right now though I need some stress reliving fitness more than anything else. My budget therefore will make room for classpass with it’s sweet $100 a month price tag.


Working out is my friend…I feel 100x better when I get my ass to the gym or on a run. Although me and running are on a serious break. I did a marathon (still shocked) so I think a little break-up is in order. You run for 17weeks straight and trust you’re ready.


I also am planning my sister’s bachelorette and that’s gonna take a whole heap of funds. Next month, it looks like ramen noodles….okay not that bad but close. I gotta stay on track. Sometimes you just have to drink wine at home, have a party with yourself, and know that things will somehow work out….even with that young 28 barre studio owner is shaming you.


Yes, I’m dancing alone at home to David Bowie….dance, magic, dance….



Fresh Prince, Dirty Dancing, and a nice Back to the Future blog post

Alright peeps, it’s been a minute since I ran over to our corner of the Interwebbies to kick it with you. My apologies, if it’s any consolation, I’ve half written two or three posts that just never made it out of the draft box.

Let’s bust out those glorious bullet points and bring us all up to speed. Shall we?


  • I hit up two runs, a 5 miler and an 8 miler – Holla!
  • I attended a Hipline class – Shimmy Pop
  • Hipline is basically work out dancing for old ladies that don’t go to the club but miss going to the club. Heads up, there is VERY little instruction but it’s very very fun. You’re learning simple dance moves to each song, you’re barefoot, and just doing your best. Bonus – the room has club lighting aka dark and there’s a disco ball.
  • Here’s a shimmy pop flash mob but keep in mind you’re doing this in a darkened studio with no shame –


  • Yesterday, I did a lovely 5 miler that Strava only half recorded. Absolute sad face!!!!
  • Thursday – another 5 miler aka running home from work – BAM!
  • Saturday – 9 miler ….here we go…eek!
  • Friday night, I’m gonna try to do some serious stretching with light weights but ya know….Friday workouts.



  • I’m going to see Dirty Dancing at the Movie Theater on Saturday – Woo Woo!!! I mean seriously….how awesome is that. Sure, I hate Valentine’s Day but I LOVE ME SOM DIRTY DANCING…..Nobody puts baby in the corner.
  • dirty
  • Yep, that was also a bullet.
  • I love/hate registering for races early. It’s awesome because races are generally hella hella cheap early on and they usually offer an additional discount. Right? But then you sign up and two months later, you can’t do the damn race. San Jose 408k – I’m going to have to cancel on you because I’m pretty sure I’ll be hungover post-wedding and a 2 hour drive away. Also I wrote down March 7th in my planner and not March 1st. I figure if I drink $30.00 worth of booze at the wedding – it’s a zero sum win.
  • I’m thinking of extending my half training after March to FULL MARATHON training. Is that crazy? I’ve never done a marathon and thought suddenly terrifies and excites me all at the same time. Thoughts?
  • I last 3 lbs last week but I preceded to have happy hour cocktails, indian food, and maybe a LOT of cheese over the weekend. This Friday, could be precarious.
  • funny-picture-dog-on-a-weight-scale-555x785
  • I made a really bomb Butternut squash, Sausage, and Kale Lasagna. You should check out the recipe here! I’m so digging her website.
  • FYI, that shizz refrigerates beautifully and for lunch I just put some fresh kale underneath my yummy lasagna and heated in the work microwave for 5 minutes – DELISH!
  • Jimmy Fallon continues to make me laugh with his West Coast Tonight show – watch this!
  • Work is heating up and I’m keeping my head up like Tupac says but the first two weeks of Spring term are always brutal. Why are my students so crazy!!! Sigh, bebes you need to consume less coffee. I on the other hand could probably use some more.

I promise to try and post a little more regularly but I’m still here! Still running! And definitely a hot mess express!!!








Let’s take a moment to review my Fall Goals and see where the chips landed. In true old lady style, I’m sitting here drinking some tea under a cozy afghan on my couch ready to reflect, review, and write it all up.

FALL GOALS (September, October, November)

1. Drink Water…not booze.
I’ve really brought sexy back with this one aside from a few rampant troublesome nights. My water consumption has gone up and thankfully the chilly weather has brought be back to peppermint tea. I’m still gonna keep this on the Winter Goals list since the holidays are racked with boozy temptation which leads to gatorade to coffee and rinse, spin, repeat.

2. Exercise 20 minutes a day or 140 minutes a week! Prioritizing my health and strength will make my life better.
FAIL! September wasn’t so bad, the rest of the time included walking and not much else. My Garmin Vivofit kept me on track with steps per day thankfully. I’m gonna lose the time requirement and go for three days a week with a weekly fitness blog check in for accountability.

3. Cut the Wheat! Breads, pastas, pizza… You know deliciousness.
WINNING! I dominated at this one aside from the past few Thanksgiving events and a handful of times during Fall. I’m gonna retire this bad boy for Winter.

4. Pay down some credit cards!
Smaller but not by nearly enough. Unfortunately, love is in the air, and my mailbox is jam packed with save the dates. I’m digging that everyone is getting married but the amount of travel that’s involved means these bad boys are gonna go down slower than anticipated. In accordance with the intent of this goal I’m gonna say all weddings must be CASH ONLY affairs ie nothing goes on the cards.

Damn, where did Fall go??? I’m still tripping that I had to write that update so let’s move onto Winter Wonderland and take a moment to focus on where this lbg wants to be in March.




1. Stay alive and not get caught up in the mass consumerism and comparison of the holidays.
Don’t get it twisted, I love the holidays. Baileys in my coffee and extra time kicking it with my adorable mama. However the extreme planning, running around, and requirement to out gift one another is just too much. It’s easy to get caught up, overspend, and start comparing your awesome life to other people’s lives that just seem more awesome/organized/grown-up/successful/rich (pick one) and get a case of the holiday blues. I’m gonna take a little vow right now to NOT get caught up with the holiday craze. I will be grateful, live within my means, just say yes to what I can, and most importantly NOT FEEL BAD.

It’s time to get my books out and stop hibernating in front of the television. I’m setting a goal of reading at least three books for Winter to improve my mind and send my soul a little love. There’s something magical about reading and it fills you up with some kind of spiritual energy that we all need. Ok, call me a hippie and move on. I may or may not post about my reading because my writing pales in comparison to all the lovely book reviewing and author interviewing they do on NPR.

3. Working out (other than walking) at least three times a week.
In order to put my shizz on blast, I will also blog about said workouts at least once a week. Yep, Interwebbies, you are my own personal Jillian Michaels. I thank you in advance.

4.Drink Water not booze.
As mentioned above, we’re keeping this one on our radar since holidays equal drunken shenanigans leading to Advil, gatorade, and cafecita in overdrive.

5.Take at least one Winter adventure.
Just something out of the ordinary to create memories, appreciate life, and enjoy getting out in the world.

6.Keep paying down the credit cards even if it’s only a tiny bit during the Winter season.


I feel like my Winter Goals are reasonable, on point, and setting this lbg in the right direction. You can’t ask for much more than that. Alright, kiddies, I need to get off the couch and try to shake my post-Turkey slackerness. Not gonna lie, slacking with you is absolutely the best.


Tuesday’s Blind Audition & I choose….I choose GWEN!!!

Dear Tuesday,
It’s not even 9:00am and you’ve already thrown me a curve ball. It’s cool…I’m not tripping. It’s just I really need to start going to bed like the old lady I am and running into the City after work is not conducive. You get? Not to mention I have to do the readings for my frosh bebes and grade their papers. A’s for everyone!!! I wish, sadly that would be frowned upon. I guess there will be no running tonight so just move it onto Wednesday.

Yes, Tuesday. I am a whore. But I have to make time for the besties and this includes running into the city like a mad woman.

In other news, my desk got half way cleaned yesterday. HOLLLLLAAA BEATCHES! The other half is staring me down and I still need to tackle this obstacle course of wires…Damn, IT. Who lives like this!!! Oh that’s right, you do.

My San Jose Rock N Roll Half is on Sunday!!! EEkss! Monday, I did some stretching and calisthenics for about 25 minutes just from a little pinterest workout I pinned. See, I do that stuff! Wednesday & Thursday, I’m hoping to get two three milers into my schedule. On Saturday I will probably do a little elliptical just to keep warm and ready. This is gonna be my slowest half of 2014 – TRAINING FAIL – But hey I’m still showing up. I’m gonna try and sign up for a Turkey trot and maybe a Halloween 5k once I get paid but until December they will all be 10ks or less. Hopefully Santa will bring me some new running kicks.


I’m getting addicted to the Voice this Fall. Pharrell and Gwen – I HEART YOU!!! Seriously, Pharrell is just so genuine, it’s nice to balance out Adam Levine’s chatchy-ness. I’m like simmer down, homeboy. Don’t get all sad because everyone loves Pharrell. I’ve never really watched The Voice but I couldn’t pass up this season. I also enjoy Blake Sheldon(?). He’s pretty damn funny. My sister informed me that he and his wife are basically the Bey & Jay of country music. So there you have it.

Also I woke up this morning with this song going on in my head. Why? So Random. There’s not really a video but here’s the song. Also my apologies, there’s a commercial. BLARGH.

Sorry one last Voice obsessive comment. I really CANNOT stand Carson Daily. Granted he seems to have grown up quite a bit from his radio host & TRL days but still the man screams fratty jerk face. I just want to go all Danny Castellano on him because he’s that guy. Carson Daily just seems like that dude that really should of gotten his ass beaten and never did and now he’s outta control.

I’ve started a little Tuesday Bruno Mars dance party in my oficina right now. Damn, this dancing reminds me that we all haven’t chatted about GREY’S!!!! Such a good return episode even though it looked like it was shot against a blue screen. Weird.

Let’s pound our coffee as Bruno sings that young girls will be the death of him. What about the old ladies, Bruno? I guarantee I will BRING YOU DOWN 😉 I kid, I kid.


On Fridays we link up and drink PSL’s while dancing to Salt- n -Pepa



I cannot express how happy I am that it’s Friday. These students got me running around like nobody’s business. Let’s get to the good stuff and kick it with Amanda and her fabulous FRIDAY FAVORITES link up!


I bought the travel size for vacation and actually didn’t use them until I came home. I seriously adore these for the days I’m way too tired to wash my face. I wouldn’t say they are super refreshing or anything like that but they get the job done. My face is actually pretty damn clean. I will probably start keeping a set of these around for those long days where washing my mug is the last thing on my mind.

They’re back beeaatches!!! I am telling myself ONLY on weekends or in the case of an exceptionally bad day! Yum….nom….nom…nom!

I was able to have some lovely quality time with my Mama this weekend and enjoy a delicious margarita. There’s nothing like being a set of ladies lunching and drinking just enjoying a sunny Saturday. Hopefully you get to enjoy this kind of this w/ your Mama or any Mama type figure in your life. I know sadly some of us have Moms that are not all that great. Boo! Anyways, bottoms up!

Ok, let’s talk about ALL THINGS FITNESS WITH AUBREY!!!

Sang to “Let’s talk about sex” – Salt and Peppa!

I hope you enjoyed that because I certainly did! Hehe, but no kidding aside let’s link up with our fitness homegirl and let the truth telling begin.

This week has really just been about bringing the fitness back. Just actually getting some exercise in there because peeps…see below

Nah, it’s not that bad but I love that gif! Shizz is hella tight but I’m not too worried. It’s just about bringing that sexy back and making time to get healthy…Sorry pants, give me a few weeks.

TUESDAY – 3 mile run (35 minutes)
WEDNESDAY – Yoga (thanks Comcast fitness channel – 25 minutes)
TODAY – 3 miler!!! post work.

Given my 20 min a day or 140 a week goal that I started on Tuesday, I’m feeling pretty good. Saturday, I have a 6 -7 mile run planned so here’s to hopping on the back on track train! Also I wish I wrote down the yoga video I did because it gave my thighs quite a work out. I’m not really a yoga person because I tend to like more high energy exercise but I know for runners this can really help prevent injuries. Also I suck at yoga but I’m hoping to try and incorporate it a bit more into the schedule.

Have you tried any new workouts, kids? Holla back and let me know.

In terms of my fitness I kinda feel like we are right back here but hey at least I’m bringing it back and chopping it up with all of you 🙂

Alright, time to down some coffee and accomplish some serious paperwork.