This is me on Halloween surrounded by the fires of Hell work, work, and more work. I am drowning in petitions, emails, and appointments. I almost forgot it was Halloween this week! That is what happens when you get old and tired. I’m not gonna lie it feels like only yesterday the Giants were in the World Series and I was in a last minute Halloween costume deciding to end my night with Jamison shots….Sigh, those were some fun times. Now everyone has adorable bebes (some in part to too much World Series drinking),  we have to plan to be hungover, and oh yeah I’m a poor city girl that must work for a living.

Don’t worry about me, it’s not all sad times. I do plan on some lovely day drinking on Sunday and heading out to some Dia De Los Muertos events around town. Of course, I’m gonna treat myself to a scary movie on Saturday night and maybe some seasonal beer (yep, I’m fancy).

My favorite Halloweenie moment today though. Co-worker X: I mean really anything goes for Halloween but I draw the line at Blackface. AS SHOULD WE ALL!!!! Please do not don black/brown face for Halloween people!!! Keep it together! That’s all I’m asking for…okay and maybe that your tiny costume isn’t too tiny…I don’t want to see everything falling out, wardrobe malfunction, and what not. So ladies (and gentlemen) if you’re rocking some sort of itty bitty costume pieces, I will offer the following advice. At home, in front of the bestie, put on said tiny costume, and turn on your jam. You know, the one song that causes you to RUN FROM THE BAR TO THE DANCE FLOOR! Now shake it in your tiny costume and have alleged bestie look at you from all angles. There we go – wardrobe malfunction averted! You can thank me by running back to the bar and buying me a drink. Just a beer because clearly the Jamison shot days are behind me.


the lbg that didn’t even go to a single Halloween Happy Hour