My sleep has been out of whack for what feels like weeks. I had no idea how important sleep is until I was about 32….I mean napping yes but sleeping not so much. Now that I’m about to be 35 (yikes), I know how effing important sleep is but I don’t always get it.


Sleeping plays a big role in all this shizz. Thanks Google.

  • Sleep improves your ability to learn…or remember all those bad ideas from your morning meeting.
  • When you sleep your heart is healing….just repairing blood vessels, no big deal.
  • Sleep helps us maintain healthy weight or lose weight….aka no sleep effs up your hormones.
  • When well rested, I’m a nicer person.


Anyways….this week I’m going to PRIORITIZE sleeping like the old lady I am. This means no working out (not like I’ve been doing much of that lately) to ensure I’m home to tackle chores and be in bed by 10:00pm. It seems a little crazy but I just need to get rest, wake up on time, show up to work on time, and not be a zombie while I’m there.


I guess this is a good time as any to also throw down some Febuary goals. January is duzo and this month feels like it’s moving even quicker. I promise before this week is up to take a look at my January goals…..blargh….failing is the new winning, right??? Yea, not so much.


  • Begin working on getting to bed on time
  • Packing my lunch during the Week of the 15th, 22nd, and 29th
    • side note – we had guests this past weekend and haven’t yet gone to the grocery store so I’m cutting myself some slack. Realism, homies.
  • Healthy dinners
  • Being present at the office….simmer down on the day dreaming.

I’m struggling with a particular work project…a committee I’ve sat on for nearly five years despite my requests to continue to build my skill set. The frustration is heavily impacting my joy in being in the office and my performance. I’m sure I will have an additional post on that later.


Alright kids, I’m off to tackle some work. Hope your February is filled with heart shaped candies.






Losing should come with beer

Adulting fail.

Sometimes you just to have admit you’re ‘effed and stressed. Proceed straight to having your private meltdown. Complete said meltdown and then begin to strategize your heroic return…ok maybe just your minimal plan to save your ass as best as possible.

Right now, I’m in work meltdown mode. Monday will be problem solving, drinking crazy amounts of coffee, and staying late. Today is all about being a sad bastard that I am failing at life.

January is almost over and I succeed at one thing, being the best maid of honor ever! My sister was glowing, blissfully happy, even in her crazy. Success! Everything else in my life is crash & burn.

Budgeting = wedding expenses, I failed to anticipate that put me over. Blarhh! It could of been worse but I wish it was better.

Working out…. Miserable fail. I made it to barre like 4x this month just ridiculous!  

Bringing lunch hasn’t been too bad. The week back from the wedding wasn’t great, I only brought lunch once but I made decent choices. I’ve cooked most of my dinners which means cheap and healthy – woo woo! Next month, I think should be solid. I’m golden when I meal prep on Sunday or Monday night. Otherwise shenanigans ensue. I still managed to lose .3lbs this week so holla. Right now I’m fit and healthy. Attending 15 barre classes in December was the best challenge ever! But there’s this vanity 5-10 I’d love to lose. But it’s vanity so pass the cocktail.

February we’re going to turn this around… I am budgeting in a haircut. I needed one in November but had nightmares of terrible hair in wedding photos so I waited. I rationalized that although grown out & crazy I could curl my current hairstyle and have it work. Plus I would have like 90 min to do my hair on the wedding day. 

Now though I need something I can style in 20 min or less and be on time for my job. Thinking of this but slightly longer.

One last note, reading  nourishes my soul and lets this little broke girl travel the world for a mere $9-$15.00. It’s easy to get away from it but in 2016, I want to read more. When I curl up with a good book and a hot coffee, I’m in heaven. Oh and my cozy Mexican blanket. I breezed through Crazy Rich Asians last week by Kevin Kwan. It was beyond pleasurable! Gossipy, jet set, and lavish. He transports you into a world of excess with historic Asian family lineages, rivalries, and familial protocols. You won’t be able to put it down. Sadly, the follow up novel, China Rich Girlfriend, attempts to cover too many story lines without the depth of the Crazy Rich Asians. I was less invested and disappointed overall. You should definitely grab Crazy Rich Asians for your next beach vacation or home staycation to transport you away! Pass on the second and spend those pennies on a bottle of wine to go with your book. 2016 – two books tackled! 
Alright I’m off to continue with my meltdown.  




This week has been a complete fiasco…..returning from your sister’s epic wedding (where you were run ragged) to the first week of the Spring term is brutal. There are far too many students that need advising and I am handing out tickets to the hot mess express first class to so many crazy students….EXHAUSTION.


I still haven’t emailed ANY of my Spring probation babies….I need to be like “Hey, so Fall didn’t really go your way. Ummm….maybe you should come in and talk about why your schedule looks like you’re smoking crack….you know, I don’t actually enjoy dismissing students. It’s not what one would call a perk. Ok, please come see me….and if not drop those extra 18 units. XOX.”

My 9:00am is a wonderful double major application appointment so I seriously hope she no shows. If that happens I can critically review my to-do list, cry a little, drink some coffee, cancel my barre class (because yours truly will be here past 5:00pm), and try and not eat ALL the food.


Speaking of barre, the past two weeks have been a WORKOUT FAIL!!! I should have expected that wedding week would only merit one workout class. However this week, I have yet to workout – AGHHHH! There was a last minute terrible dentist appointment for my deep clean and my cousin unexpectedly visited. I loved one and not the other. In all honesty, those were my two workouts. The first week of school is always so cray and I should know better than to imagine that I would be leaving either a)on time or b)not completely exhausted.





Wedding Crashed….

Wedding weekend is over!

My sister is happily married and the crazy shenanigans of throwing a wedding are dunzo!

I love my sister and she looked beyond happy and that’s all that matters. I’m exhausted and in no way ready for the week but that’s life.

I budgeted and failed. My advice is if you’re a bridesmaid particularly the maid of honor, take your budget and increase it by a third. From picking up shoe cushions to a target run for your bride and grabbing a round of cocktails…. It added up. Oh and the In & Out you will treat yourself to on the road trip there. So that was a budget fail but I’m still in it for the long run and will not let this derail me!

This week is short (thank baby Jesus) and I just need to buckle down and stay on track. I signed up for pure barre after work each evening, nothing helps me focus and de-stress like working out. Last week was beyond crazy and I worked out once…. Wah wah. If I’m going to hit my January goal of 12 workouts, I need to hit four this week. Two, I need to take a look at my budget for the rest of the month. Last but not least, I need to bring my lunch everyday this week.

Coming back to reality is rough but  it was worth it as I scroll through photos and look at my sister’s smile. 

There’s something that feels like 2016 is going to fly by and that freaks me out because I have a ton I want to accomplish this year. I’ve got to somehow make it work. So now that I’m officially broke AF, I have the next two weekends in to accomplish shizz at home without spending money….. Will keep you all posted.

Now I’m off to binge AHS Hotel since Gaga nabbed a Golden Globe.



The Obligatory 2016 Goal Post

It’s the new year and I’m compulsive so I have to make some goals.

Even if you try something for 3 months, it’s better than nothing. Well at least that’s my thought on the matter. Besides sometimes things stick so what do you have to lose??? Nothing!!!

I’m making myself responsible for some mini monthly goals which will hopefully tie back into my larger goals for the year.

Jan 2016 goals

  • 12 barre classes – keeping my fit in check.
  • IE Basically live within my January budget.
  • Research proctoring gigs.
  • Blog once a week…for accountability on my spending, to rant about craziness, and any other written shenanigans as needed.



  • Pay down $4,000 of my credit card debt.
  • Just say “NO” to destination weddings, that’s money that can go towards the credit card. California weddings are approved.
  • Lose 5lbs.
  • Compete the book challenge from my sister.
  • Embrace some minimalism in my life.
  • Have fun and embrace turning the big 3-5!

mean girls

January besos,

lbg aka the goal maker


And so it begins….2016

I haven’t blogged in such a long time…… life gets crazy and there’s no time for writing or I’m misbehaving and having to write about it makes it worse.

Let’s get the bad out of the way and then we’ll jump into the good.


  • Spend, spend, spend…..yes, since October I’ve been really BAD about spending and terrible about saving.
  • Ok, I’ve saved nothing!
  • Clearly, I’m a lady in my mid thirties (also how the hell did that happen!!!) with a spending problem.
  • Eating & drinking in excess but given the holiday season, fairly reasonable…..maybe this shouldn’t be on the bad list.

Ok, really it’s the credit cards….I need to put them in the freezer or cut them up…. I’m saddled with graduate school debt so really I need to get rid of my credit card debt. This needs to be the year. I need to forget my Champagne tastes and get back to 6 pack style…or better yet no booze just throw that $10 towards the debt monster.


Let’s get to the GOOD!

  • I completed my studio’s December barre challenge of ending 2015 stronger by completing 15 classes! Hooray!
  • Even though I overspent, I did keep it relatively reasonable on the Christmas gifts.
  • I fit into my bridesmaid dress.
  • I washed all my laundry the other day…6 loads….not kidding.
  • I finished my Women & Leadership course in November
  • Interviewed for a position and made some strong connections despite not landing it.
  • I had a crazy busy but delightful winter break….I probably should post on that for the interwebbies but we’ll see.

Anyways, I’m back and still in complete shock it’s 2016. COMPLETE SHOCK.


I’m embracing the new year and going to set some little goals and inspirations for being the BEST ME. That’s right, 2016 is all about being the BEST ME….learning, growing, and being the best that I can be.

Well I hope that you all had a lovely holiday season and are ready to face the new year.






What the eff?

I need a new routine…I need a planner … a to-do list…I need to be more organized.

Organization and routine are not my strength unless it’s working out. That I can dig. More than ever my fitness classes are my therapy. I can turn off my brain and focus on my body and let it all go. I love that feeling. Thank you, Classpass.

I needed a mental health day…I’m pretty sure I was sick due to stress and being overwhelmed. The tea is helping though…loose leaf tea is my new jam. Jesus, I’m more an old lady than ever. Anyways, this lady was at my Farmer’s Market, their company is called Tea Smiths of San Francisco. I went with Healthy Tummy and the Slim & Trim.

Healthy Tummy – This soothing minty tea helps tame even the toughest of tummy issues! Enjoy after a large meal or anytime your stomach needs a little comfort. (From the website)

I’ve just been drinking Healthy Tummy preventively but haven’t had the opportunity to use it on any actual stomachaches. I really like the flavors though – , ,, , , .

Slim & Trim – Stay lean and mean with this slenderizing tea! With a refreshing minty flavor and a roasted Green Tea finish, this blend is sure to keep you happy, healthy, and feeling your best. Pair with a healthy diet and exercise plan for optimal results.  (From the website)

Slim & Trim does have a good taste and the chica from Farmers said it would help curb your hunger. I’ve been busting it out at 2:00pm to help prevent my 3:00pm work munchies from attacking. Can’t lie it’s been working and I feel more relaxed. Thumbs up! Yes, I’m drinking a cup right now….on my couch….like I said mental health day.

We had a fight last night, me and the boyfriend, which didn’t help me feeling like crap. Sometimes life just keeps going so damn quickly, I don’t have time to sit back and be hold on what the eff am I doing with my life? Is this the life I want? What the eff am I doing?

That’s where I feel like I am right now…hence the working out keeping me sane. A small bit of control and time to just to be present in the moment. I have to get back on track and out of my funk.

Action leads to motivation so I need to act. I’m a nerd so acting means ordering books, reading, and doing my best.