The San Francisco Marathon! I’m a marathoner!

At the beginning of training my marathon goal was 4:30 and then I went on vacation and my training went to zilch and my goal became please baby Jesus let me finish this race. However I was thinking that I would be stoked if I could tackle the course in 5 hours.

AND BAM – 4:58:14!!! I am officially a marathoner!

I was fearful of the 6 hour cut off and being swept up by the bus. I mean it’s SF so there’s no bus like at the Brooklyn Half. San Francisco is basically “hey at these times we open the streets and start shutting down water stations and you may have to run on the sidewalks soooo there may still be a finish line up”. To be honest I don’t know which is worse… the bus sweeping you up or all that.  Anyways, neither of those happened to me and I AM A MARATHONER!!!


Ok, let’s talk about the days leading up to the race. Nervous, check. Excited, check. What have I done feeling!!!, check. I focused on drinking water in the five days leading up to the race. I walked a lot and tried to just focus on being positive. On Saturday, I hydrated and worked on my playlist for the big day. The boy and I drank coffee and stayed in our PJs until pretty late in the day. I didn’t eat too much since my tummy was full of nerves and kind of upset. We headed into SF around 5:25 to meet up with my running buddy for a 6pm dinner at an Italian place and get our carbo loading on. I ate up there and had an amazing glass of red to tackle the nerves. My homegirl was sweet enough to let me crash in her hotel room since her sister had cancelled. I said goodbye to the boy and focused on just chilling with my girlfriend and getting ready for race day! Aghhh!

My plan was to enjoy the first six miles of the race and stay a steady pace while the crowd thinned out. At that point, along the Golden Gate Bridge, I figured I’d pop in my earbuds and start enjoying my playlist for a little boost. I figured there’s so much energy at the beginning of a race that I wouldn’t need the music and at mile 6 the music would give me a sort of second burst of energy. In addition, I was pretty concerned about my phone lasting the entire race since I felt like I would need my music at then end (which I did!) and finding family and friends post race. I also decided not to run my besty Strava since he’s a HUGE battery suck. It all worked out and my phone even last post race for some photos, uber, and facebook. This just makes me want a Garmin GPS watch more.


I decided to focus on running my half just like any other race. Once I hit thirteen, I would focus on three more miles and getting to sixteen. At that point, it would be all about two mile increments until I hit twenty miles! Once I hit twenty miles, I would start my backwards counting to the finish. For me, this worked out really well! I would have to say the only downside is that the course wasn’t super well marked. At certain times, there were no mile markers or only mile markers for the other races. SF Marathon runs a 5k, a first half, and a second half marathon and the full marathon all at the same time. Also some of the mile markers were in crappy spots. I mean, this is a far from magical mile marker placement.


Also this course was crazy hilly which I knew but I think I managed to run strategically. I think on a flatter course, I could have been a bit quicker but this just makes me feel like it’s even more of an achievement. This first half is filled with steep San Francisco hills and the bridge has an slight incline so that’s a bit tricky too. Miles 12-17 are in Golden Gate park and those are truly rolling hills which I wasn’t as prepared for but I did a pretty good job. However by mile 19/20 I had to include some walking on the hills since my body was definitely feeling it at that point. The last 6 miles of the course are flat – thank baby Jesus! Still by the time I hit the end, I doing a combination of walking and running. I did manage to run the last .6 miles strong and cross the finish line with a smile. It was warm and sunny and I didn’t even need my post marathon blanket. It should be noted San Francisco has been having unseasonable warm weather for the past week which freaked me out! Last Sunday was the hottest day with a high of 82! This is pretty much of unheard of for a SF summer. Luckily it had cooled down this week but even by 6:00am this Sunday it was 60 degrees.


Early Morning shot as I made my way to my corral.

I was rocking my shorts and tank top so I felt ready if the sun should pop out early. It wasn’t scheduled to come out until 11:00am right at the time I hoped to finish. Thankfully it stay pretty moderate, very little wind, and cloudy until about 10:45am.


Half way done. The runners for the second half are about to join us. I can’t figure out if this was a bonus or not. A second group of runners all full of energy and ready to go…I’m trying to just get by and they’re like woo hoo mile 3!


Running by Baker Beach and some Michael came on my playlist as I went up and down on all the little hills. This part of the race was super pretty and green which helped.


Mile 15! Just keep swimming, you’re almost to mile 16.

I kept telling myself that’s my walk from my office to the BART train, you got this.


Only about two miles to the finish line and Tupac’s “I get around” came on and I felt like ok, you can do this.

Longest 2 miles EVER!



That’s all that I got for you, kids. This marathoner is taking the day off and recovering.

Maybe even getting a pedicure for my sad little feet.



Running Away from Mi Vida but first an iced coffee in Gotham

I am have a shitty day. Just straight up shitty.

I want to be someone that wakes up feeling like I am winning at being a grown-up. Maybe this feeling doesn’t exist and everyone else just does a better job faking it than I do?

I don’t want to fight with my boyfriend because his Mom loves him but is basically crazy (as all moms are) and now his day is ruined. Seriously, I’m sorry your mom drives you up the wall but do you have to be a pretentious jerk face??? Should jerkface be one word or two? Sigh, it doesn’t matter.

The best thing about being a grown up is I can run away to one of my favorite cafes and order a strawberry blonde beer and macaroni and cheese. Seriously, not around the block or even hide out at a friends like when you were a kid. I can legit runaway to someplace I love. Until I’m more of a Batman type than a vengeful Joker and then I will return home and restore peace to Gotham.


Well apparently it’s really hard to save Gotham and our fight continued…it is now Monday and I’m hopeful that peace with reign again. Being in a relationship is by far one of the hardest things….especially when you and your parter are strong, opinionated people. I wish one of us was more easy going and by us, I mean him.

It’s Monday, so let’s debrief the following things that are on my mind.

1. Marathon….so underprepared.

2. Supplemental disability, I feel screwed by big university employer and now need to secure some supplemental coverage.

3. Turning my week around by focusing on gratitude, optimism, and general grown-up attitude.

4. Make some time to clean the casita.

5. How am I going to run this damn marathon????

6. Coffee….I need more coffee.

7. Please let today not kick me in the face.


Alright, I’m going to try and be productive at work today and also work on my marathon playlist for ultimate success. I’m also going to need a second coffee today. We’re having a mini heatwave in the East Bay and it’s never 72 at 9:00am so it’s going to need to be an iced coffee. Yes, I live in northern California with a temperate year round climate, so yes this means it will be oh so hot later on.


Also has anyone watched the Rhi Rhi video for “Bitch, better have my money?” If not, please do. While an interesting video concept, not what I expected. I do enjoy the jam though.

Let’s make Monday happen, kids.



The Bitch is Back with stories on destination weddings, running, and poor decisions


Vacation was great! There were some ups and downs as always when you’re going on Destination Wedding Vacay for someone else. These are the things I’ve learned about destination weddings that your friends try to sell you on as your own vacation plus their own wedding, so win win right? Ummm…actually kinda wrong but we’ll get there. You should know that I have been to 4-5 destination weddings at this point in mi vida. And yes, Budapest was by far the farthest.

Don’t get it twisted, you clearly love this person if you’re going to travel out of the way for their wedding. Well, you or your partner love this person dearly. That being said you should expect/prepare for the following:

1. Plan for extra time to enjoy your vacation at what is hopefully a beautiful location. I would strongly recommend taking your extra vacation days AFTER the wedding and arriving as close to the wedding date as possible. The earlier you arrive the more likely you are going to be roped into pre-wedding shenanigans which most likely will come out of your own pocketbook. You will feel obligated to attend to be a good friend/bridal party/ officiant whether or not you really enjoy said activity or the forced company of the bride’s family, groom’s sketchy frat buddies, etc. Extra days after the wedding ensure you get to do what you want, with who you want, and are under no pressure to pay $50 to meet the bride and groom at brunch place you would have never picked.

2. Try to get an itinerary from the happy couple earlier rather than later. Also try and figure out if there are important events that they want you to attend. Rehearsal dinner? Post Wedding brunch? Or you needed me to set up chairs on my vacation that I paid $1250 to fly out here and see you get married…yea…awesome just what I wanted. #truestory Like I said, arrive as close to the wedding as possible.

3. Know that on the day of the wedding, you should just be prepared to roll with the punches. Don’t plan activities or sight-seeing in case the bride/groom needs you….to run and buy fake eyelash glue. #truestory. It’s kind of their day anyways and you don’t want to miss the wedding shuttle since you were day drinking on the ocean and underestimated how long it would take you to cab back to your hotel.

4. Pad your budget a little bit. Destination weddings can be unpredictable and that dinner with the the bridal party two nights before the wedding may cost more than you anticipated. Especially if the groom springs it on you upon arrival. #truestory

5. HAVE FUN! It’s going to be different than you expected and probably less of a vacation but this person is your homie. In the words of Bryan Adams, “Let’s make it all for one and all for love.” One day all the suck will fade and you will be left with beautiful over glossy memories.

In other news, I am undertrained for this marathon. People, I may have realized that training for a marathon with two destination weddings and my busiest time at work just prior to said marathon was a HORRIBLE idea. HORRIBLE. I am still going to attempt it since according to marathoners I still have “enough” training to not officially kill myself. Plus I paid over $100 bucks for this race so not showing up is just not an option…..I may regret this later. The marathon has a 6 hour time limit and my only goal is to not be swept up by the race bus. Please baby Jesus help me out with this one.

Last but def not least, your moment of zen.



Vacation Day 1

Technically vacation begins today although we don’t depart until Monday for Budapest. It has been a series of unfortunate events listed as follows:

  • I woke up sweaty and not feeling good. Slept a little longer and my tummy revolted against me so there was no way I felt safe doing my long run given I didn’t feel safe being more than 10ft away from the ladies room.
  • No long run before vacation and I’m feeling like I’m doing the worst marathon training ever and may die.
  • I didn’t finish all my work on Friday so I brought home my laptop to finish up. This morning I realize my laptop is dead and the charger is at work in my other bag. I guess I will be going into the office tomorrow. 
  • Wine cruise out to SF for today so I’m hoping my tummy is recovered by 2:00pm. 

Needless to say I need this day to turn the eff around. Xox lbg


Tidying up my life….step 1

Today’s post is actually an activity from the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

I figured it would make me likely to fully participate in this little project if I documented the activities here. Hashtag Nerd Alert. Anyways, I have bolded the activity prompts and you can take this little journey with me.

Vividly picture what it would be like to live in a clutter free space. *Note from the lbg – The Author wants you to be super detailed!!! So not just how your space looks but what you envision doing in your new clutter free space. 

I would like to live in a space that is full of warmth, coziness yet clutter free and inspires me to read, cook, work out, and relax. My merely being in my space I am able to enjoy it and relax. Whether openinng a bottle of wine and reading or doing some yoga/barre/basically working out and drinking tea. My space permits me to be productive when necessary and is a sancturary for the rest of the time.

Look for photos that grab you

Dude. I have a full on pinboard for this. I’m sooo good. *These all all images I have pinned.



Why do want your space to be full of warmth and coziness?

Because I want to come home and feel loved within my space. Why

Home should evoke your heart and creat a place of reprive from work, the world, external craziness. Why.

My days are some times filled with work that I’m not passionate about and I need a space to help me recharge, recover, and be soulful.

Why do you want yout space to enable productiveness?

I lose so much energy on work, the commute, and other grown up problems it prevents me at times from pursuing things I enjoy. Why.

Because I arrive home exhausted from the world and just want to fall onto my couch and do nothing. Why

Because I have to work to eat and live but w/o a same that creates an opportunity for me to do other things that all gets lost in day to day living.


The reasons behind your ideal lifestyle – will lead to a simple realization that the whole point in discarding & keeping things is to be happy.

All this leads to happiness…pursuing my passions, creating a deeper sense of self within my space.

To be continued……

PS I am enjoying this little read.


Wednesday Burnt Out aka mini post several days later


I’m sitting at my desk surrounded by paper, post its, and my planner and my brain will just not work.

This is kind of what exhaustive academic orientation programming does to our staff as we cram in seeing 250 – 600 or so students each week for 5-6 weeks during summer.

My debt paying plans for late Spring and Summer pretty much fell by the wayside. I am terrible with fiances and I am now 34 years old which makes me feel like a failure at life. I need to just suck it up and head into some kind of financial planning office especially with regards to my student loan debt and get on some kind of plan so that by the time I die I’ve broken even.

Still exhausted and not sure why.

I feel like today the theme is failing at being a grown-up.

Yesterday I ate crap all day, had productive meetings, feel asleep at 8:30 without brushing my teeth or washing my face and my checking account was depressingly low….like eek how am I going to squeak out the month.

Now I must run away to do work.


Old, Tired, and trying to fake my way to a Happy Sunday Funday.

Dearest Interwebbies,

It’s been two weeks basically since I blogged…how did that happen. #worstbloggerever

Anyways, I have a couple of theories on that matter and the coffee is brewing so let’s just have some coffee and catch up, shall we?


I’ve been facing some ridicious fatigue in the past few weeks. Fatigue as in I come home from work and lay on my couch for an hour and am in bed by like 9:00pm. In what feels like a moment, it’s the next morning and I can still barely wake up at 6:00am. It’s really bizarre and I know I’m working pretty hard at work but it’s not my normal M.O.. The only thing I can really contribute this fatgue too is the fact that I recently changed my birth control (BC). Actually strike that, my cheapo pharmacy changed my pill and this new bad boy showed up in my mailbox with a note saying “This the same as your old pill but this is the new brand we now carry.” As a lady that’s been on and off my fair share of pills, we all know this is never true. The generic version always makes you feel differently than the OG pill and you kinda have to be willing to go through trial by fire to be on BC. I’ve had pills that made me cry like a lunantic, become depressed and ragey, or even better yet break out like a 15 y.o. kid. AWESOME! I hate having to change pills because it never fails you have to try at least one shitty pill  before you hit the BC jackpot. I was super happy on Reclipsen, no real side effects, enjoying mi vida, and BAM Apri shows up in the mail. WTF???? The only thing I can suspect for this chronic fatigue is the DAMN Apri. Of course, since I’ve been in this game for a while now I know the drill. My doctor is going to say you have to give it three months so no point in calling. I’ve got one month under my belt and month two isn’t feeling any better. In the meantime, my casita is becoming home to the rat king and running is almost non-existant.

Running which I used to love is now like a chore…maybe there’s too much training for a marathon and I’m just a half kind of girl. Or maybe it’s that my first one shouldn’t have been during my busiest time at work…or maybe I just say yes to too many after work cocktails which blows my running motivation. Or it’s the DAMN Apri.


It’s probably D) All of the above. Being tired though makes it crazy hard to run, that’s no joke. At least my weight is staying static. Thank bebe Jesus. Although it’s still like 4lbs from where I’d really like it to be. Hey, when you’re 5 feet nothing 4lbs matters, bitches. It’s like 10lbs for regular sized people.

mean girls

I did interview for a job the other day which is #winning but it’s one of those sneaky bastard jobs where the salary portion says “commesurate with experience” and I’m thinking you’re gonna need to offer me at least $8 -10 grand more than what I make so we’ll see. Plus we finally have AWESOME people at my job that I kinda love working with it. I mean it’s been a rough almost fours years but so many improvements and increased funding have made it a LOT better. Long story, short, I’m not gonna trip. I’m just going to wait and see if I get a second interview and leave it to the gods.

Since I haven’t been running on Saturday mornings (slacker) I’ve been chilling at Farmers Market which I ADORE!!!! All the fresh summer fruit and tons of yumminess. Seriously, it’s my church. I love wandering around the produce and tasting stuff and buying crazy veggies, lemon cucumber anyone?

I still have a half unpacked suitcase from Hawaii, my bad. However found my passport and am stoked for my Budapest trip!

There was some other depressing things on the personal front, such as several people dying which is always sad and depressing even when they’re old. Plus it all kinda clustered around the 1 year anniversary of the death of my Grandma…sigh, all the feelings. Hence to say I’ve felt pretty on and off melancholy this week.

I’m gonna try and pound out another catch up post later kiddies but I’ve got to eat some breakfast and try and bring running back.


That’s right bitches, caught you off guard with that motivational ish. BOO-YAH!!!

Oh and here’s your moment of zen.

Aretha besos,