What the eff?

I need a new routine…I need a planner … a to-do list…I need to be more organized.

Organization and routine are not my strength unless it’s working out. That I can dig. More than ever my fitness classes are my therapy. I can turn off my brain and focus on my body and let it all go. I love that feeling. Thank you, Classpass.

I needed a mental health day…I’m pretty sure I was sick due to stress and being overwhelmed. The tea is helping though…loose leaf tea is my new jam. Jesus, I’m more an old lady than ever. Anyways, this lady was at my Farmer’s Market, their company is called Tea Smiths of San Francisco. I went with Healthy Tummy and the Slim & Trim.

Healthy Tummy – This soothing minty tea helps tame even the toughest of tummy issues! Enjoy after a large meal or anytime your stomach needs a little comfort. (From the website)

I’ve just been drinking Healthy Tummy preventively but haven’t had the opportunity to use it on any actual stomachaches. I really like the flavors though – , ,, , , .

Slim & Trim – Stay lean and mean with this slenderizing tea! With a refreshing minty flavor and a roasted Green Tea finish, this blend is sure to keep you happy, healthy, and feeling your best. Pair with a healthy diet and exercise plan for optimal results.  (From the website)

Slim & Trim does have a good taste and the chica from Farmers said it would help curb your hunger. I’ve been busting it out at 2:00pm to help prevent my 3:00pm work munchies from attacking. Can’t lie it’s been working and I feel more relaxed. Thumbs up! Yes, I’m drinking a cup right now….on my couch….like I said mental health day.

We had a fight last night, me and the boyfriend, which didn’t help me feeling like crap. Sometimes life just keeps going so damn quickly, I don’t have time to sit back and be hold on what the eff am I doing with my life? Is this the life I want? What the eff am I doing?

That’s where I feel like I am right now…hence the working out keeping me sane. A small bit of control and time to just to be present in the moment. I have to get back on track and out of my funk.

Action leads to motivation so I need to act. I’m a nerd so acting means ordering books, reading, and doing my best.








I’m pretty sure I’m getting sick.

Possibly a case of the holiday blues hitting early. I’m ridiculously behind at work due to a combination of things….interviewing for a job I didn’t get, some family issues, and a melancholy that just hit.

I’m a procrastinator by nature but I generally get ALL my work done. Lately, that hasn’t been happening and that’s not good, to say the least.

I’m broke as usual and overwhelmed by the upcoming holiday season that includes BOTH my divorced parents birthdays and my sisters January wedding.

My head is vaguely achy and I’m achy….. so I’m sipping tea and binge watching The Royals and avoiding cleaning my dirty little casita.

So here goes, Interwebs. These are my sad bastard goals for this evening in order to make it through Monday.

  1. Put all my spaghetti squash and sweet potatoes in the crock pot before they go bad. Once their cooked, I can use them for lunch or dinner during the week.
  2. Make some sausage, kale, and white bean soup for dinner tonight
  3. Pick out Monday’s outfit
  4. Make Monday’s lunch
  5. Either wash workout clothes or find a clean outfit for Barre on Monday

Mondays, why are they so terrible. I really need a third day off…..




I’ve been dranking and hot gluing and bachelorette planning

You don’t ever think that one day you’ll be a grown up, stressed out over custom heart shaped glasses but that’s life for you.

I’m a little over a month out in planning my one and only sister’s bachelorette party and I fluctuate between excitement, anger and being overwhelmed. I know if my sister was planning this type of event it would be cute, fun, and perfect. I’m having some issues since her other two bridesmaids suck. If it was just them there would be nothing planned except for a last minute night out with zero thought at all…..which I wouldn’t mind in the least but that’s not my sister’s steez. The chica scrapbooks, hot glues, and successfully does pinterest crafts. I mean c’mon I can’t toss her a shot and throw her in a dive bar and call it party. Plus my sister hates dive bars.

So we’re brunching and wine tasting with an optional sleep over.  I’ve booked the limo shuttle (holla) and have reservations secured at winery #1, waiting on winery #2 and winery #3. I have a brunch menu planned and favors just ordered!

blog1 blog2 blog3

The sash already came and it’s even cuter in person. The custom tattoos are on their way and I just placed my order for the custom sunglasses. The theme is “Drunk In Love” so the glasses will have that on one side and each girl’s name on the other. BAM. Also PS I’m super pleased with my idea for a Drunk In Love theme.

Everything else is just going to be streamers, hand made signs, and glitter spray glued to champagne bottles and plastic cups. I think it will be cute or a total pin fail but at least I tried, right?? I really wanted to order paper invitations but I just don’t think that’s going to happen especially since I’m going alone.

I’m asking the two other bridesmaids to do lunch so keep your fingers crossed.

Alright, I’m off to call wineries and price glitter.



Iced Coffee or Die!!! Oh yah, I’m back



Sorry Interwebs…I am a constant state of sorry but blogging doesn’t keep the lights on and my tummy full.

Let’s catch up, shall we?


My Pure Barre membership ended and it was time for something new. Don’t get it twisted, I so so enjoyed my time at Pure Barre. It was an adjustment at first since it differed far more than I expected from Bar Method. The cardio aspect is heightened in Pure Barre and you will work up a sweat. I experienced some small but great changes in my body from the beginning of the month until the end. If the monthly membership wasn’t $225 (yikes) per month, I would have kept it up.  As a result I jumped on the ClassPass bandwagon with it’s budget friendly $100 price tag.  Also bonus points, Pure Barre and the Dailey Method both have studios in my hood that accept ClassPass.

ClassPass does have some downsides though, you can only sign up for a class a week in advance. The release all new classes on noon each day for the following week. Basically if you work out a couple times of week, you have to always be logging in. Inconvenient but not terrible. If you cancel a class less than 12 hours from the class, you face a $15 cancellation fee. BLARGH. If you no-show, it’s 20 bucks. AGHH!!! That said your membership fees could jump up quite quickly if you have a lot of unexpected events in your life or meetings go long. This is definitely the biggest downside.

The other biggie is that you can only take a maximum of 3 classes per studio a month. Now, there are tons of studios in my neighborhood and I did the research to ensure that there were at least 3 studios I was likely to attend with classes that fit my schedule. I figured if I attended 8 classes per month it was worth it but 10 would be ideal. If there aren’t enough studios in your area, ClassPass really won’t work.

I’ve hit up the following so far!

  • Corepower Yoga Sculpt (heated power yoga with weights) – Core Power Yoga
    • I’ve done Bikram yoga before and this was way way CRAZIER and harder.
    • Class description: A total body workout, CorePower Yoga Sculpt classes are set to energizing music and designed to tone and sculpt every major muscle group. This class complements your regular yoga practice, while boosting your metabolism and pushing your strength and flexibility to new heights. Free weights are added to the CorePower Yoga 2 (C2) sequence, creating resistance and intensifying each pose. Strength-training exercises such as squats, lunges, bicep curls and tricep curls are incorporated to build lean muscle mass. You will see visible results in your body. Class is heated (92 – 95 degrees) with little added humidity.
  • Total Body Burn (TRX) – BURN
    • Our unique Method draws upon the very best aspects of Pilates, Cardio and Strength Training to create a body sculpting, heart-pumping 55-minute workout.
    • They even have a little video
    • So….yeah that KICKED my ass. I didn’t love it but I definitely know I was getting a good workout. If I keep ClassPass, I’m sure I’ll go at least once a month.
  • Shimmy Pop – Hipline
    • Straight from their website: A Hipliner can expect each choreographer, trained in different disciplines from ballet, Afro-Hatian and Hip-Hop, to lead the class in dancing to the moon and back, every time. Placing value on the concept of ‘whole health’, Hipline is a place to not only come and dance at any level, but to belong. Offering classes in Shimmy Pop, a one-hour Choreographer led dance experience and Power Pop, a conditioning class to support muscles and movement in Shimmy Pop; the studio’s approach to fitness is rooted in celebrating the female body’s strength and beauty at any stage.
    • My Thoughts: I’ll be back! It’s basically a dance party in the day time or on Friday night for old ladies like myself. I have so much fun and you get hella sweaty. It’s a win-win but you have to be willing to get a silly and not be super intense about instruction or form. No one’s coming over to correct your posture and at several points in the class you’ll have some free dance/movement. Without a doubt I’m gonna hit my 3 times at this studio and it’s a good one to schedule when you don’t want to work out. The fun level without a doubt will make you commit…well and that $15 fee.


I’m planning this and initially there was some stress but it’s coming along. Now it’s just trying to stay under budget….these things aren’t cheap but I only have one sister and I’m determined to have it kick ass.

But so many deposits…on my credit cards…arghhhh…I know I will get it back but still so stressful….remain calm.


It’s going…I still suck and go over but I’m getting better. Baby steps, right?


Drinking and ubering everywhere all weekend broke my little pocket book. It was way way too much fun and after 5 bars in San Francisco, I felt like I maximized my going out. I planned to stay home for the rest of the month but then my Dad came to visit and that lead to some winetasting, more ubering, and a brewery spot….yep, I’m grounded for the rest of the month due to self induced poverty.

RUNNING…..hello…is it me you’re looking for?

I still haven’t run post marathon….I haven’t really had the urge but I’m sure it will come back.



Shame, budgets, and other things to drink about….

My barre instructor shamed me…..

I mean not my actual working out but that I wasn’t going to sign up for their studio. Don’t get it twisted I’m really enjoying pure barre. I would describe it as more of a cardio type barre where you’re sweating, dying, and looking around like who the ‘eff are these fit bitches??? All to really good music, I mean they hosted a Bey Day and all the workouts were to Beyonce. You can’t not love that. However as we all know the lbg is in debt crisis mode. I mean I’m not a hobo but I need to get my expenses in check and am on the slow, slow, journey of paying of credit cards – BLARGH.  Did I fail to mention their studio price for one month unlimited is $225!!!! I know, hot damn. For a 10 class pass, it’s $200 bucks. When I was a member of bar method it was $175 a month (w/ more classes offered and to be honest a nicer studio) and that was rough on my budget.  I mean it was a luxury but saved my life since my Grandma was hella sick and in general I was under mad stress. We digress, I’m not joining pure barre.


Anyways, fitness is my therapy and I’m just not the type to tell a stranger my problems when I can just work it out. It’s mostly stress. Trust, when I had some real issues my booty was seeing a counselor and that hella helped. People, you got to do you. So absolutely no shame in getting some quality therapy. Right now though I need some stress reliving fitness more than anything else. My budget therefore will make room for classpass with it’s sweet $100 a month price tag.


Working out is my friend…I feel 100x better when I get my ass to the gym or on a run. Although me and running are on a serious break. I did a marathon (still shocked) so I think a little break-up is in order. You run for 17weeks straight and trust you’re ready.


I also am planning my sister’s bachelorette and that’s gonna take a whole heap of funds. Next month, it looks like ramen noodles….okay not that bad but close. I gotta stay on track. Sometimes you just have to drink wine at home, have a party with yourself, and know that things will somehow work out….even with that young 28 barre studio owner is shaming you.


Yes, I’m dancing alone at home to David Bowie….dance, magic, dance….



The thirties is where shizz gets real

Being in your thirties kind of sucks and I wish more people would talk about that.

So I’m going to post about it…suck it, world.


Your 20s are awesome and you can kinda get by with your poor choices, random crazy, and drinking far too much with your buddies. By 30 though ish just really starts to change and time speeds up exponentially. Friends are getting married, people have babies, good babies, bad babies, friends with babies that are afraid to leave the house….all true stories. You start to realize ummmm retirement….or I should buy a house….or I’m so buried in student debt that I won’t be able to buy a house. People get sick parents which is devastating….some people have to care for and bury their parents. There’s a lot less drinking with your buddies and more pouring wine alone with Netflix. You start to see people more at less fun planned stuffy events rather than random hang out sessions…. showers/parties that you have to buy gifts for….just take my check Crate & Barrel….go on..just take it. PS try and not drink too much at said party and throw up in front of someone’s mother in law or two year old. You worry about your job, getting paid more or less money, are you still dream chasing or just hoping not to kick your boss in the face???


Trust me, there are good things in your 30s too but you probably already know them. This is a rude awakening post not yeah 30 is the new 20 post.


This 34 year old is have such a rude awakening and as a result I’m really trying to take back my 30s and embrace this whole lame grown-up thing…because basically I don’t want to be a homeless 60 year old. Well, what does one do to take back their life which has made a swift turn into grown-up land??? I can only tell you what I’m doing but if you have advice, please do share.  I’m taking classes…yes, classes.

I’ve signed up for the following classes or single day workshops to kick my 34 year old butt into grown-up land. I mean currently I’ve been kicking it on the borderland of late 20s slacking and early thirties island. The geography of all this is in fact quite complex. Here’s what I’ve signed up for so far and why?

  • Women & Leadership Career course (6 weeks) – I’ve veered from my original career plan and I need some help to shape my career, determine how to grow it, and balance that with other life stuff. I’ve heard great things about the course and hey investing in your career and yourself is SUPER grown-up. Starts in September so I will keep you posted. Career Planning – Making it happen.
  • Getting Out of Debt (workshop) – I want to kill my credit cards but when your sister is having a big fancy wedding, you unavoidably need to spend money, and I need help.
  • Working With a Financial Planner (workshop) – See above but add my student debt plus I want to one day retire and not on the streets.
  • Planning Your Pregnancy Leave workshop – because one day and I think I should know about all the ways campus maternity leave suck so I can plan accordingly.

Thankfully they are all spread out over the next few months and I’m hoping they will assist me in my plan to be a mildly successful adult.

Ok, now I’m going to finish this breakfast burrito.



Clean Eating, Working Out, and other failures on Monday

Okay, okay, this weekend was pretty much filled with drunken shenanigans and brunch. I mean I did manage a four mile walk with my homegirl on Sunday but my eating habits were nothing to write home about….I also consumed enough alcohol on Friday for a small boat of pirates. Whiskey, why are you so delicious in a mixed cocktail???

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 9.43.44 AM

Friday was one of those nights where you open your purse and review the receipts for clues regarding all the poor choices you made. Hmmm…apparently I bought a round of drinks there too. It happens. Hey, at least I’m spending money on experiences and not things. #minimalism

Week 2 will be better. I’m signed up for three Pure Barre classes (Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday) and this morning I ate kale for breakfast with my eggs. Super duper healthy. My pants are still tight as eff and that jerk face the scale may have gone up 3lbs on Friday but I’m determined to keep going. I blame bloating…..

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 9.44.05 AM

However I did succeed in being a grown up this weekend by cleaning my kitchen, tidying up the living room, and grocery shopping. My Sunday was evidence that there is part of me that truly can manage adult life….now if I just could get 5 out of the 7 days to look that way, I’d be winning.


I’ve also been doing A LOT of Netflix binge watching. I killed Grace & Frankie this weekend and am SO sad that I don’t have more episodes. I started Sense8 and think I’m into it even though some of the episodes I’m what the eff is going on??? I will write up a little post on Grace & Frankie because it is so WONDERFUL. Sadly, now I have to go and do some work and advise students.