Crawling across the Friday Finishline


I’m desperately ready for the weekend and Friday at the office has already killed me and it’s barely 2:00pm. How does that happen??? I can only describe it as craptastic because as usual I have so much work that’s waiting to get done. I really need to read the four hour work week. There’s no way I’m using my time as efficiently as possible and I need to figure this ish out!!!


In exciting health news, I jumped onto my ultimate frenemy, the scale, this morning to be greeted with a nice little number that was 3lbs less than last week. Down, beatches!!!

mean girls

This made me do a little happy dance inside. Just gotta keep up the working out and eating all the healthy lunches. Easier said than done, my friends. For example, the Cookie Man showed up at my office. He’s got a student affairs wifey and his delicious business involves making cookies for events, etc. Of course, he comes by quarterly with six types of cookies for us to try. Yes! I said SIX!!! I can’t lie I ate four delicious cookies. My most favorite was this Lemon Lime Basil cookie! Amaze-balls! Did I mention the deliciousness that was the Brown Sugar cookie or perhaps the crazy Rootbeer & White Chocolate Chip cookie. Oh yah, and the snozz berries taste like snozz berries!!!

Thank goodness, I ran the 5 miles home yesterday. WINNING.


My heart is aching with the sad realization I need to come in on Sunday. Sigh, I guess I will try and wake up at a decent hour and come in and attack all the emails and papers. followed by a 2 mile loop around the campus track and 5 miles straight home for my 7 mile long run. We’ll see how this ambitious plan goes but anonymously announcing it to the interwebs somehow makes me feel better.


That’s all I got for now, Interwebbies. Enjoy your weekend and get out there and have some fun.


Day dreaming across the blog universe

I found my April race, Interwebbies & it was a steal! Bonus points! Yesterday, I registered for the Across the Bay 12k & 415k for $39.00. Woo Woo! I will be running the 12k which is a little over 7 miles. They had a flash sale yesterday and this little brown girl was all about it. The race starts in charming Sausalito and we get to run across the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco! I’m really looking forward too it. Hooraz!

I needed to modify my workout schedule due to some programming for my job but I’m committed to completing all my runs. Tomorrow, I’ll run home from work again (5 miles) and on Saturday I have a 7 miler to tackle – eek.  Otherwise the biggest to-do is to fix my running playlist on my hella old iphone. My damn iphone has been cray to the zee with my musica. …I think my poor 4S doesn’t do so well with some of the upgrades. Seriously though, I need my jams for my long runs.



Because you can always use a Dirty Dancing gif for anything.

I’m on the prowl for some budget digs in Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii for my homegirl’s wedding this May. I started doing some budget hotel googling but I still think that AIRBNB is the best for my teeny tiny budget. Trust, I am definitely down with doing some research first along with a healthy amount of day dreaming. Thankfully, I have another good friend that will be flying solo for this wedding so we decided to book together. I’m not sure how she feels about AIRBNB so I’m trying to get together a nice list of options for us to discuss.What are your thoughts on AIRBNB/VRBO vs hotel stays? Thoughts?


As I pursued Trip Adviser, Hawaiian Air, and several other sites it suddenly became real that I will be in Hawaii in a few months. Sure, planning for a destination wedding is stressful and expensive (even as a guest) but it’s also pretty awesome. It’s easy to lose yourself in the stress and worry and not catch your breath on how epic and blessed your life can be. I’m a HUGE culprit of this, just jumping straight into stress and worry instead of being full of gratitude and excitement. I need to work on this but changing your mindset isn’t that easy BUT I’m still going to try!!! Just gotta bring it back to my 2015 word INSPIRATION!!! Focusing on gratitude and blessings, seeing the joy and letting worry take a backseat. I’m going to HAWAII!! I’m going to sign up and run a half marathon while I’m there!!! I’m going to see a beautiful beaches, sunsets, and maybe a sunrise or two. How amazing is that?

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 9.48.56 AM



The LATE MONDAY Post – just pretend you were to busy for it ;)

My bad – work got cray and cray and I never posted this. Here we go!

The weekend was full of shenanigans per usual; you never get enough done, time runs out, and you feel the Sunday night blues. This weekend was further complicated by a fight by me and the boyfriend. It ruined my mojo and I’m stuck here completely unready for Monday. IT SUCKS.



In some seriously NON-SUCKY news, my sister GOT ENGAGED!!! Crazy exciting! I cannot wait to hear all the details and celebrate with her in person. Sigh, LURVE! Cannot be happier for her and her boy. So add another crazy wedding date to 2015!


Basically my weekend consisted of the following positives and negatives:

  • Running – I hit a 6 mile run on Saturday (booyah) and a nice 5 mile walk with my homegirl today. Definitely positivo. God, that sounded nerdy. Whatevs, I’m going with it.
  • Saturday night – I got about 3 hours of sleep. Damn, insomnia – negative.
  • Saturday, I cooked some la bomba lemon & ginger tangine chicken & cauliflower couscous! Love my Mediterranean Paleo Cook book!
  • Three loads of laundry completed but didn’t manage the towels…sad face.
  • My kitchen is a mess since I ran out of dishwasher pods….negative.
  • I have yet to make my lunch or breakfast….I guess there’s still time but I am slacking uncontrollaby.



I fully intend for this week to be more productive. Increase productivity!!! Increase my grown-up-ness!!!


Monday – run home from work (fingers crossed) – 5 miles

Wednesday – run home from work – 5 miles

Thursday – cross train in some sort of unplanned way. Probably a pinned workout. Suggestions?

Saturday – 7 mile run!

Sunday – cross train again.




Friday Funk Makes Us Wild….well in old lady ways


Seriously, thank you little baby Jesus! I am ready for the weekend!

Let’s talk about the fitness update, yo! I’m coming along and actually adhering to a suedo running training plan. Next week, I’m hoping to actually hit all my planned runs. Last night, I was sidelined with a migraine. BLARGH! Just one of those lovely almost my “ladytime” side effects. When I hopped on the scale this morning that crazy effer told me I gained 3 lbs!! WHAT!! Now in all honesty, I drank and ate a little too much during the three day weekend but I’m willing to bet the other 2lbs are just ladytime bloat. Yep, sexy I know.


This weekend is another no plans weekend aside from my 6 mile training run. Holla! However since we didn’t have water for two days, I still need to do a million pounds of laundry. Laundry is so depressing. I think it’s my least favorite chore. Granted this has a great deal to do with the fact I live in a complex with three washers and three dryers and am subject to the washing gods. There’s nothing worse than preparing all your laundry, getting all your quarters, and detergent and heading down to the parking garage and every single machine is in use. ARGHHH!!!! Having your own washer and dryer is a glorious luxury, people. I mean don’t get it twisted I love my penthouse apartment with our deck and partial lake view…but I would love a washer and dryer. Sigh, hashtag old lady dreams.


I still am on the lookout for an April race that fits my schedule. I have an 8k, 10k, and the half all lined up for March! Woo Hoo! I’m pretty sure I will sign up for the Hibiscus Half (May) after pay day. There’s the Bay Breeze 10k in February and the race is about 3 miles from the BART station. I could BART there and run the 3 miles plus the actual 10k and hit my 9 miler goal for that weekend. Possibilities right?

This morning when I left for work it was in the forties and I just cannot take it. I am ready for this cold weather to be over! I apologize to all you people with real cold weather but hey I live in California, I did not sign up for weather below 50. At least it’s sunny this afternoon although by the time I leave the building it will be seeping into darkness. God damn. Can’t win with all this daylight saving and winter nonsense.


It’s Friday, let’s have a little fun with things I enjoyed this week!!!

1. This hilarious SNL skit! Artisanal Mayonaise!

2. Seeing my bling for the San Jose 408k


3.‘Transparent’: Amazon to Stream Entire Season Free for 24 Hours

To all those who aren’t subscribed to Amazon Prime, clear out some hours on Saturday — Transparent will be available free for 24 hours only. I WILL BE BINGE WATCHING!!!
4. I finished Wild which I throughly enjoyed. There were times where I was like “NOOOOO!!! Bad decision making!” but it was very heartfelt and honest. It was a breeze to finish and I found myself endeared to this young woman that was quite a hot mess. Recommend it! Especially for a weekend or vacation read.
5. This little homie has Uptown Funk down!!! Seriously I heart this little man!

Alright let’s get on out of here and have a great weekend, Interwebbies!



Just a check in!

5 miles home! I was pretty stoked that it went so well. I’m not gonna lie running home from the office was unchartered territory for me. One of my co-workers is a runner and she highly recommended this. She’s legit with marathons under her belt and what have you so I decided to give it a whirl. I’m glad that there’s a little more light post 5pm than in earlier months but I may still consider getting a runner’s light for this route. I know, old lady nerd alert but hey safety first!!!


Another little feature I LOVE about my new running app (Strava) is that I can see this super cool little map and all my mile breakdowns if I logon online. DOPENESS!

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 1.17.57 PM



There should be more to this post but the day is just getting away from me. Let’s hope we all manage to make our after work workouts happen!


The Hibiscus Half is on my Wedding Registry and other humpty hump tales

As I mentioned before 2015 is shaping up to be a year of weddings including two destination weddings. Turns out one of those weddings is getting pushed back to 2016 (woo hoo!!). This will make my Hawaii wedding a little bit easier since the postponed wedding was originally in the same week.  This would also permit me to possibly run the Hibiscus Half Marathon. The race is on the Sunday of my departure but the start is at 5:30am and my flight isn’t until 1:30pm. I think I could swing it. Anyone ran a race and hopped on a flight right after? Thoughts?


I still haven’t found an April race yet that fits my schedule so I need to be on the lookout for that as well. It seems like 2015 is going to fly by once I get all these weddings and races scheduled. Speaking of races, this is my goal for training for the week:

Sunday – 5.1 miles (done – woo hoo!)

Wednesday – 5 miles

Thursday – 3 miles

Saturday – 6 miles – eek!

Today, I will be running home from work. My co-worker is encouraging me to try this since she does it 2 or 3 days a week. I will have to leave my laptop and clothes locked up at the office and just run home with my keys, phone, and cards. Fingers crossed this little experiment is a success. I will keep you all posted for sure.


Yesterday was the first day of school and it kicked my ass. I am surrounded with student requests and the email is all backed up – eek!!! I need to carve out some serious time to tackle this avalanche without a bagel. I couldn’t resist this morning and had one of those carby delicious treats. The three day weekend really did me in with regards to food. There may have been a little too much fun combined with a water main breaking on my street. The water break resulted in all of the streets water being shut down and me spending Monday at brunch, in a bar, and by the time I was home we ordered take out. Sigh, misbehaving. Not having water was the worst! No cooking prep was achieved and clearly no laundry. I can never manage to tackle all the grown up chores. At least it wasn’t totally my fault this time.



It’s been forever since I’ve written on a humpty hump Wednesday but even without Kathy (RIP – Vodka & Soda bloggy blog) we can get our confess on. Let’s just remember how to do this properly. Kathy, would always have some eye candy so BAM for your viewing pleasure.

I can never get tired of Brad circa Legends of The Fall.


1. I confess that the first week of school is so crazy pants that I have to actively attempt NOT to have a glass of wine every day upon arriving. True Story.

2. I confess that I am hella scared to run home and hope that it’s not too crazy, I’m not too cold, my phone doesn’t die, and god knows what else.

3. I confess that I effing LOVE my new running app – Strava. It’s my jam!

4. I confess that I am seriously enjoying Downton Abbey’s return. JESUS EDITH! Did you really almost burn the place down!!!!

5. I confess that I am ready to go home and it’s only lunch time….god damn.

Besos! I’m out!


Studies show Night Cheese Improves Running

I busted out my new running shoes and did 4.1 miles – BOOYAH! They felt fabulous so I guess I did need some running kicks after all. It was sunny and in the 60’s and a beautiful day for a run. Tomorrow I’m aiming for another 5 miles (eek) and another 3 miles on Sunday. Training for the Livermore Half is officially on, like Donkey Kong!


Also it felt good to run since I gorged myself on salami, cheese, bread, and wine last night. I really can’t imagine a more perfect and romantic meal. We had a truffle cheese made with goat’s milk that was AMAZING! We also had a raw hard sheep’s cheese that I could just eat err’ day! Why is cheese so DAMN good??? It’s truly a gift from the gods. Oh and of course a cab franc because that’s my jam.


I’m avoiding stretching by blogging but seriously I need to stretch it out and get my sweaty booty in the shower. The boy’s not home so there’s no one to judge me while I ate lunch, lounged around, and thus avoiding stretching and showering. It’s gonna be one of those LONG beautifying showers since it’s date night and it’d be nice if I ya know washed my hair and shaved my legs.

I actually looked at my half marathon training plan since my running has been sporadic and I need to you know actually prepare for this event. If I do 5 miles this weekend and work up to 6 miles for next weekend I will be back on track.  I’m writing that here to keep my slacker ass accountable. All the students will return on Tuesday to complain about their schedules, explain how they failed courses, and debate why Molecular Cellular Biology is not a good fit for you. Hashtag Your Major Needs to Love You Back. Hashtag Chemistry and Math are the foundation of Science Majors. Hashtag English Loves You Back. Anyways, they will be the perfect excuse to not work out but I will not let those bebes stop me!

Ok, I’m going to do the following stretching and hit the showers. I may even listen to a little Bruno Mars.


Have a lovely weekend, kiddies!