You need a person, a shot, and a jam


Today is my Friday and this time tomorrow I will be in sunny (hopefully) LA. I’m beyond excited for a weekend with my homegirls. Just some to time to catch up and share where we are with our lives and find support. There’s really nothing like having a group of mujer that you can just count on. I’m a little stressed to take off for another weekend with so much going on but I also know I’m gonna come back in a much more positive place. Alright, that was me being all zen and lovey dovey. I promise I will be back to being spiteful and wicked in like a paragraph. I hope you have some solid home-girls or home-boys, Interwebbies. I don’t know if I really believe all those people that are like my wife/husband/partner is my best friend. I mean, I kinda get it, but don’t you need like a REAL best friend for you to talk about your significant other with?? Someone who will hate your boss with you and think whatever else is dumb too and maybe down some tequila shots with you?? I don’t know maybe you actually married your best friend and in that case I hope you never get divorced because that would suck ass! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my boyfriend and I’m sure we’ll take the plunge sooner or later and he is “my person” to quote Grey’s but I also have a Cristina person because dude, you need that. Also if you don’t get all these Grey’s analogies you really need to Netflix the first 3 seasons. Just do it. Otherwise my blog will never make sense.



Anyways, these ladies are my people and I need some serious time with them. The end. Since I have my little trip and today is my Friday I’m gonna blog about my to-do list. I’m flying out on Virgin America which is the best from Terminal 2 in SFO, also the best. This is the newer terminal with a WINE BAR! Need I say more. Once in Feb 2013 when I was flying to Palm Springs they had a “Pretty in Pink” flight of rose. How amazing is that? Of course I had to order it, you cannot reference Molly Ringwald and have me not order it. IMPOSSIBLE, YO!


I need to touch up my toes. There’s a possibility we will get some mani/pedis but I’ll just get a manicure. When I’m running a lot, I’m not really into getting $30 pedicures because they always chip off! Plus my toes and feet are so beat up, I feel bad for the pedicure ladies. Also pedicures are the one thing my mom really does for herself and if I’m shelling out that cash, I’m going in with her. Otherwise I’ll stretch out and paint my own damn toesies. But I need to bring my color so I can be matchy matchy. I’m actually not a mani/pedi girl AT ALL but one of my chicas is so I will suck it up and do it for her. Unless there’s a wedding or some fancy outdoor event then I ALWAYS get one. You shouldn’t ruin someone’s special day with bad cuticles unless they’re the type of shitty people that have their wedding on a three day weekend and steal your vacation and guarantee that it will be WAY more expensive because it’s a three day weekend….this hasn’t happened to me at all..nope….not like it’s happened 3x and the wedding discount barely makes it regular expensive because they jack up prices for X holiday weekend. See back to spiteful and angry, the world is right once more.

Yesterday, this old lady pulled off a double. Yes…not one but two workouts. I did a 3 mile run (very slowly) and went to bar method. Woo Woo! However we did the dreaded f’ing pretzel which whittles your waist (and I believe that ish) but it’s beyond HARD! More like impossible. If you get really good there’s always a modification to make this pretzel move way more difficult. BLARGH! But I did it. I have added a cheesy video if you want to see what I’m talking about. That crazy tiny fit lady is the creator of the Bar Method. Yep, clearly this ish works – just look at her! I have no idea what jenky place they are in because my studio is HELLA nice and nothing like that. It’s also clearly being shot by someone’s mom with no video skills whatsoever.

Anyways, I am all caught up except for a pesky 8 mile run…sigh…I’m gonna try to do it today even though I do not want to run. I want to paint my toes, pack, maybe do a load of laundry, clean my kitchen, and living room. I need to be out the door at 6am tomorrow for my flight so I’m feeling EEK! Hopefully, I can leave the coal mines early today.

I will try to drunkingly post from the airport or my phone tomorrow but I cannot make any promises. I will have a mimosa for you, Interwebby buddies. I’m leaving you all this jam today which takes me back to College and a Mazatlan trip with my chicas where this was theme musica. Now it kinda just makes me laugh but it was some good times. Have a great weekend!!!! Keep me posted on your shenagains or workouts! I want to know what you’ve got lined up!


You ain’t bad, Wednesday


Alright, let’s get straight to the jump. I hit the scale this morning and my face looked something like this.

Nah, it wasn’t pretty. There was 1.5 GAIN!!! That looks a lot like the beer, Mexican food and three birthday meals I had this weekend. Shocking, not really. Disheartening, F’ Yeah!!! However it’s a journey as all the zen people say. You just need to refocus and take a step back, regroup, and all that other ish. Really it makes you want to throw your scale across the room and eat some nutella straight from the jar. However I will not resort to such Bridezilla type behavior especially when I know it was all my partying. Woo Woo! I do still look way better than I did in January. SCORE! I’m also participating in Running 4 Beer’s 90 days until summer bikini challenge plus an April 16 Bar Classes Challenge. March may have been just a gainer but we’re pulling it together for April. Life is short, birthday gains happens, and ya gotta move on.

I have confidence these ladies did better than yours truly, so check out the link up lurve!

Pretty Strong Medicine

Time for Humpday Confessions with Vodka & Soda!

1. Let’s get Sappy….I’m pretty damn blessed as a 33 year old lady to have not one but two Grandmas that are still kickin’. My Grandma R is 95 and my Grandma C is 90. Both are a handful and hilarious. Sadly, my Grandma R has been in a rapid decline since January…She can no longer be home alone, struggles to dress herself, and worst her memory is fading. It’s very hard on my Mom and I’m doing my best to be supportive. We have someone coming to the casa during the day when my Mom’s at work yet Grandma R is with it enough to randomly kick this woman out at times causing all kinds of havoc. According to her, she has no idea why she has to “watch this woman” and really she’s “had enough of it.” It’s a crazy house over there but I love her and all her drama queen ways. On top of all this, My Grandma C had to go to the ER on Monday night and has an infected gall bladder. She’s in much better shape but having surgery after 70 is always a little nerve wracking. Luckily, Grandma C’s biggest concern is that none of her grandchildren have had the courtsey to sneak her a little Vitamin B into the hospital. For those of you that don’t know, Vitamin B is beer. More specifically, bud lite which is my Grandma’s beer of choice for day drinking during the evening she prefers a gin and tonic while watching the Sopranos. I cannot make my crazy Mexican familia up, peeps. This is how it is. Anyways, I’m a little stressed and sad. Getting old sucks so please work out and eat as heathy as you can so you can do all the things you love for as long as you. Sappy over.

2. I need to work on my professional wardrobe. This is random. I’m attending a conference right now..sshh don’t tell! Basically, I’m blessed with great Mexican oily – wrinkle preventing skin, all of 5 feet, and can look 18 at times. Seriously, put me in someone else’s business casual and people think I’m a student. I know, I know, hashtag people aging well problems. I’m sorry you didn’t wear sunscreen in your youth and failed to do so but I’m 33 with two degrees so check yourself. I think I need to use some pinterest boards to utilize the clothes I have in a more sophisticated way? Holla at me if you have an awesome pinterest board so we can be twinsies and I can look like a grown-up. Seriously, I just want to wear my workout clothes to work…they’re comfortable.

3. I’m either getting sick or 33 is catching up with me and I need more sleep. I HATE HATE HATE waking up early but as I get older I see all the benefits. I need to figure out an earlier bedtime thing. Also, since I’m kinda a planner, I know we’re gonna hit the bebe train in like 2 years and I feel like I will need to get up early. That’s a major downside of bebes. Holla at all the awesome Moms out there. Getting up early and working out at the gym sounds terrible….but I realize this is a la bomba habit to have. HOW DO YOU DO IT???? Learn to go to bed earlier AND wake up earlier…on the to-do personal list.

4. APRIL IS GONNA BE KICK ASS! April we’re gonna bring back the sexy, fit, and healthy. Shizz, I sound like the cover of SHAPE magazine. Interwebbies, I need to make April happen so any motivational tips for old ladies would be appreciated. I’m so distracted by the rainstorm we’re having. RANDOM, I KNOW! But it’s like I forgot what rain was, rain what’s that, why am I suddenly wet? I think I need some soup for lunch.

5. MUSICA!!!
Ok, so I promised to show newer videos but I’m failing you….I want to post the Shakira & Rihanna video but I couldn’t finish watching it.I wasn’t impressed but hey they’re both fit ladies so I’m sure it all works out. Instead I have some Michael Jackson. I referenced the “BAD” video yesterday and I was met w/ mocking by my 30 year old colleague….jerkface. It was something to the effect of how the BART station was empty and creepy to which I responded “Like Wesley Snipes is about to jump you empty and you’re gonna tell him, He’s not bad, You ain’t nothing.” He had no idea until I actually said “You know, Bad, Michael Jackson???” I was met with you’re old laughter. I’m helping you all out here. Yes, it’s two parts! So check this out and have a HAPPY HUMP DAY!


Let’s talk about 1994! Or just have coffee and plan to work out.


Today is all about catching up! Our office is closed to students due to a professional conference and I intend to use this time to attack my mountain sized to-do list. There might also be some blogging and listening to Jillian Michael’s podcast in there too. It feels pretty amazing to have some catch up time so I’m in an exceptional mood for a gray Tuesday.

I also brought my lunch today, hooraz! After hitting up Trader Joe’s after my bar method class, I was set to bring some healthy food to work. PS So glad I went to bar method last night! Really really helped my legs post speedy 10k. Not gonna lie, I was dreading it and knew I would be all sucky. However there were some new peeps in the class so that’s always a confidence booster. I didn’t feel like a totally loser. SIDE BAR: NO ONE THAT WORKS OUT IS A LOSER! Just me! So way to get your sexy ass off the couch even if you’re the slowest or slacker-est.
coffee slacker
via pinterest

The weather in LA displeases me. It’s supposed to be low 70’s and partially cloudy this weekend. It was clear and in the 80’s this past weekend. This whole “possible” rain thing/cold front is ruining vacation weekend. I know, I know, IT’S A DROUGHT! But it has to rain the weekend I’m headed to LA, causing it to be in the low 70’s! HASHTAG – WHINY CALIFORNIA PROBLEMS. Yes, I spelled out hashtag. It’s more obnoxious that way.


Didn’t you know when you use hashtags, it causes Questlove to appear? It’s just Tonight Show magic, don’t trip 🙂

Today I’ve got the 3 mile run in my new kicks which I’ve been meaning to blog about! I will get to it and they’re awesome. I’m an Asics ho-bag. I really thought I’d get something new and different but I love me some asics. If it’s not broke, yo…as they say. Do you love your workout shoes? Recommendations? I promise I will at least try them on!

I’m so unexciting today. I wish I had something better to blog about but peeps, I’m boring. There’s not always excitement going on around here. I hate to crush your dreams of my awesomeness. Sometimes I’m just trying to figure out how to clean my kitchen and do laundry…or have my laundry NOT live on my desk. I’m pretty sure my desk is to hide the mail and tax forms…and condoms. I’m just saying get some safely, Interwebbies. Which makes me think of this!

Alright, that was the pick me up I needed! I promise next time I post a video…it will be from 2013-2014. I realize there are A LOT of throwback jams on this blog. In my defense, I’m an old lady. I like musica from the 90’s. Be thankful my fashion is current. However I’m seeing a lot bad 90’s inspired fashion on the hipsters. I disapprove. Floral body suit dresses should not come-back. Seriously though, I loved me some Doc Martin’s. Rocked those babies with jean shorts and cute stylish socks…luckily there is less photographic evidence since ya know we had to get film developed back then from a wind up disposable camera and hour photo was HELLA expensive. Speaking of the old days, I had to use a pay phone this weekend and all I could think was that I hope I didn’t get some crazy disease because who uses pay phones these days!!! Besides people that forget their phones at work all weekend and are waiting at the BART station to be picked up…. I dread to think about it. I thought for a second about clorax wiping that side of my face.

I digress…here’s something for the young people. More in your frame of reference. Although like I’ve said before Salt-N-Pepa is full of workout jams!

Time to put on the big girl panties and attack the to-do list! Hope your Tuesday is productive, with veggies, and some good times!

Let me know if you’ve got any good Tuesday jams that are not from 1994!!!



I am the WORST blogger ever!!! I forgot my phone at work this weekend…all the way in Berkeley. I was in the 408 (San Jose) and Santa Cruz for my race and clearly was not coming back for it. I have very few photos as a result which is weak sauce. I apologize and thank you for sticking around to talk about how LAME I am.


Now that we’ve talked about what an embarrassment I am to the Interwebs, let’s discuss the SHE IS BEAUTIFUL SANTA CRUZ RACE!!!We woke up hella early to hit the road by 5:30am to get to Santa Cruz with plenty of time to coffee, pick up bibs, and just be timely. My Dad ended up joining my sister and I for some quality time at the beach and just to see what kinds of shenanigans his unmarried daughters were getting up too. Hooray! The guy drove and took us to brunch post race. It’s good to have your Dad around even at 33, ladies & gents.

Getting up at 5am and being out the door at 5:30am is painful. I looked like crapola but I did it! I also had a kick ass race. I admit I wasn’t worried until the morning of the 10k. I woke up and realized I would be running without my musica – eek!!! I wasn’t sure how that would work out especially since I use my music to pace myself. I actually did really well but started out way too fast. I needed to slow down by mile 2 and try to get my rhythm back. I WOULD NOT WALK! There’s nothing wrong with walking mind you. Nothing at all. But I wasn’t going to walk –  I ran all my training runs!!!! I just came out the gate way too fast with all these speedy broads at this race. Seriously, there were some FAST LADIES!

Speaking of speedy ladies! So I don’t know if any of you read – Skinny  Chick Blog? But if you don’t you should. She runs and lives near the beach and drinks Starbucks…it’s lovely. HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! So she was going to be at this race and of course because she’s lovely and all, she said to say hi. At the end of the race, I totally saw her (BLOG STALKER) but she was on the other side of the barricade race divider from me. I didn’t want to yell “Hey Skinny Chick Runner blog” because that’s creepy. It was kind of a bummer – I wanted to be hey I love your blog but in a non-creepy way….and read my crappy non-photo having blog….Sigh, oh well. This whole paragraph is probably completely creepy and now I will be blocked from reading about her awesome adventures. FAIL – DOS! This little Mexican cannot catch a break today!

Back to the race, I hit up all the water stations and decided to grab the H20 and drink it by the garbage receptacle instead of running through since I had started too fast. I think this really helped. At the end of the day, I finished with a 10K time of 53:33!!!! My pace was 8:38 and I was 41st in my 30-34 age range out of 314.   Woo! Woo! I know if I actually practiced some interval training and what not my time would get better but right now I just need to focus on distances and actually ya know….running. Maybe next year. The race was fun and I love seeing all the ladies with their daughters. The last half when the 5k and 10k converge was a little cray but still a super fun race. This race used to start further back on Cliff drive and I miss that since it let you run along the coast for longer.

After the race, we hit up Pacific Ave in Downtown Santa Cruz for brunch. It was super delicious! I had my fav an eggs benedict with avo and crab!!! A ton of coffee and some lemon scone. OH I ALMOST FORGOT! The race announcer/DJ totes said my name when I crossed the finish line – so cool! I heart those timing chips! Also this random adorbs mexican familia was waiting for their peeps but when they saw me the Dad yelled “Si, se puede!” and I couldn’t help but laugh and smile! Then my Dad yelled for me and we gave each other a hug over the race barricade! I tell ya chicas, you can be 3, 13, or 33, and even 63 and it still feels super dope to have your Dad cheering for you as you cross that finish line.

Random photo of Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk


Now, it’s back to the real world at least until Friday morning (LA CHICAS VACAY). That means I have four days to put some clean, veggies, and reasonable calories into this body. I am not drinking until Friday! I will work out each day….because I have to be on a beach on Friday. Also my weekend in SJ and Santa Cruz involved my familia showering me with take out, restaurants, and home-made pancakes….really I needed to run just to fit into my jeans. Here’s the plan for the week!


FRIDAY – SUNDAY – LA WEEKEND!!! I actually think it will be easier to eat healthier with my girls than my familia but we’ll see…fingers crossed.

It’s crazy though, May is around the corner, and Brooklyn is getting to be real!!

As for our friend the scale… I am predicting it will NOT BE PRETTY ON THURSDAY! However you never know…sometimes when I don’t track, I’m making better choices than I think….and sometimes I’m just eating crap. It’s a toss up, really.

lbg aka worst attempted blogger ever

Don’t call it a Comeback!!!! Ok, actually that’s exactly what it is…oh and I’m breaking up w/ Birthday Week



Let's make a little list of all the mishaps of Birthday week and ways to improve 
next week, shall we?
I went to Bar Method on Monday and promptly gave up on all other exercise. 
Unless you count using my right arm to throw back wine, beer, and cocktails. 
I thankfully have my She is Beautiful 10k this Sunday which means I will have 
worked out a whopping two times!!! Seriously, I need to bring the fit back full 
on next week. Sing it to 'em, Justin.

I really really needed to catch up this week and the BIRTHDAY 
EXTRAVAGAZA-ING just held me back. In a plan, to really get back on track,
invest in my professional development, and my job this week was eh?? I did 
however have a very successful meeting with my A.D. on what I hoped to 
achieve for the next year. So not a fail but not a win, either. There's still so 
much I need to do. ARHGHHH!


I have given up on salvaging this month. Meet my friend, visa. She'll be paying for the 
rest of Birthday Month and then I will be in debt to the family and no good can come 
of that. I'm making peace with it because I still have LA GIRLS WEEKEND trip on 
Friday. I'm flying out of SFO fancy terminal 2 and will begin drinking at 7:30am 
and continue through Sunday at 5:00pm. There will be brunching, manicures, 
dancing, and money spending. Next month, bitches.


Alright, enough with the Debbie Downer. Let's set some goals for next week, so I 
can pick my loser ass off the floor and put on the big girl panties....ya know with 
support, coverage, and some serious slimming going on.


 I will work out at least 4x next week and get back to my Brooklyn Training with
an 8 mile run!!!! I'm really counting on the She is Beautiful 10k this weekend to 
check me and make me realize - eh this ish needs to happen!!! Also I will come to 
work and do a DAILY TO-DO list to really get back on track!!!. Also I'm gonna move 
my short run to Wednesday to prevent my Tuesday run turning into sleep in and just 
do a bar class. This lbg is MAKING A COMEBACK! Also I will make lunches next 
week to save a little cash for LA or just starve. Let's be honest, I've consumed enough 
calories for a small country during Birthday Week....lunch starvation is manageable. 
I believe the yoga and paleo people call it fasting. I call it being cheap. No seriously, 
I will make lunch.
Since this is the end of all this Birthday cray cray...ok, well actually I'm giving myself 
until Sunday. Let's say goodbye to Birthday Week with some MIA... OH but first - 
check out Follow through Friday with these LOVELY LADIES!!



Let me know what shenanigans, you have planned???

Sloth like old ladies and my undying love for Mindy Lahiri


Breakfast brought to you by Whole Foods! Bloggers take photos and I borrow images from Pinterest. I’m attempting to be a better blogger and impress you with shoddy photos!!! Viola! I’m 33 now, it’s the least I can do.

Working out during your birthday is a sham. You set big goals and instead eat cake, drink booze, and over sleep. Today I’m going into the oficina late and had planned a big ole run but seriously my purple ear buds are NO WHERE to be found!!!! 30 minutes and nada. Some would of run without musica but not me. I needed my sweet sweet jams to prevent me from being sloth like despite this global warming fantasy weather. PS I’m gonna take this as the worlds way of giving me the go ahead on the wireless headphones/ear buds! Booyah!!!

I took some photos of my neighborhood for you all as I walked back from the Whole Foodie. Behold! The lbg’s habitat!

Giant Cherry Blossom type tree??? That’s my guess.

Urban beautification. They mosaiced all these garbage cans in Oakland and its awesome. They are each different and very cool.

Lake view from our rooftop patio. That’s where I run and put my miles in when it’s not my birthday and I’m being sloth like.

A few things on my whole day and a half of being 33
-Birthday celebrating still prevents me from working out. I did not wake up more responsible.
-I still wish I won the lotto and could be a damn lady of leisure
– No extra or new wrinkles but I am slightly dehydrated
-Nothing new besides the wireless headphones revelation….
-Bebe fever…. Hmmm still same. Medium? Def not high nor low.
– Also there’s so many great half marathons out there – Key West, Boston, and of course NAPA! That shizz is so on the 2015 list.
half marathon

Also I watched a FULL episode of GIRLS on HBO and I stand by my unimpressed rating. It’s just too much of a hot mess. I wanted to slap all of them!!! Sigh but if it makes you happy, watch it! But yes, regular looking peeps on TV I support that. Add some brown people and its a small victory. You know I have to support my people…. So I watch Mindy, she’s not a Mexican but she’s brown so I’ll take it!




Seriously??? Why aren’t you watching?!!! Plus I promise you will fall in love with Danny Castellano. Words of wisdom from your non-running, sloth like, old lady friend.
Why would I lie to you??

Alright, I need to turn off Gilmore Girls and get in the shower. My freshman and undeclared seniors need me. Plus I probably need to pass the tissue and break the news you’re not graduating. ‘Tis the time of year for a College Adviser like myself. It’s like I’m Jerry and they’re Cuba Gooding Jr. “Help me to help you!!!” Except I’m unwilling to yell show me the money because I work in Education.

Coffee besos and old lady abrazos,

RED WINE IN THE EAST BAY followed by our sponsors running and myfitnesspal


The Birthday Work day has included lots and lots of coffee and flowers! I'm a lucky lil' 
brown girl what can I say. Tonight we're gonna have some seriously yummy spaghetti 
and garlic bread. One of my unhealthy faves! Topped with at least two glasses of red. 
I love it!!!
Let's talk about the weightloss and my journey to lose this last 10! OR NOT! 
Plus link up lurve for Weigh In Wednesday!!! Check out all the awesome chicas!
Pretty Strong Medicine
 GAINED. +0.2 lbs. Actually I can really dig this. Given all the birthday 
shenanigans, I fully expected a pound so this was a sweet birthday surprise. I can 
only thank my long runs for enabling me to continue to cheat here and there...
thank you Brooklyn Half training.
Seriously though, next week we're getting back on track. More kale and spinach 
and maybe some water drinking to rival all water drinking. You can only do so 
much celebrating as an old lady. We pass out earlier and I'm not dancing for hours 
on the dance floor in four inch heels which was the cardio of my twenties. Not I say 
this is my jam and instead of running out to the dance floor, I convince myself 
I can push through another mile. Oh well....there are worse things I suppose. 
I love my old lady ballet flats.
Ok, now after all my promises of health and fitness that I may or may not keep....


I woke up and was like DAMN 33....That's kinda a bummer. But my hair at least came
 out really good and my vanilla latte made me feel happy. Also NSV I squeezed into a 
dress I haven't worn in a minute! Awesome and the boy assured me it was still work 
appropriate. Ya know, I didn't want to be all sausagey...But I'm a Mexican and my 
people love them some tight dresses. You always have that one Auntie that's like 
if you can squeeze into it by any means necessary it fits, mija. I however need to
 check myself because there's no need to look so rough, mujers. Lesson learned.
I need to save some pennies for LA CHICAS WEEKEND. I am really just throwing 
the dollar bills around like I'm Puffy, Jay Z, or insert your favorite rapper here. 
People love the Drake so maybe him. Anyways, I need to reign myself in!!!! 
But it's so easy to say BIRTHDAY MONTH! Or I'm old, I deserve this 
(insert my sad face).
Ugh, the other thing about old lady birthdays is you feel the need to look 
back and say what the hell am I doing???? BLARGH!
Carrie had some points but she also made some really god awful choices. However 
I can dig the above. At the very least, you could be like thank baby Jesus I did not
 do that!!! Or you were like, me too!!!! I'm also a big hot mess just less glamorous. 
People seem to be enjoying "GIRLS" on HBO but I don't's like they're
 hipsters in NYC having unsexy sex and I just can't get into the twenty minutes I saw. 
UNIMPRESSED. Maybe it's because I'm old. I will go back to Grey's with sexy doctors 
having implied sex in on call rooms and supply's wonderful.
Anyways, have some fun on my birthday, Interwebbies! And if you have 
any old lady advice for my thirties situation, please share!!!! Lord knows I need it!