What the eff?

I need a new routine…I need a planner … a to-do list…I need to be more organized.

Organization and routine are not my strength unless it’s working out. That I can dig. More than ever my fitness classes are my therapy. I can turn off my brain and focus on my body and let it all go. I love that feeling. Thank you, Classpass.

I needed a mental health day…I’m pretty sure I was sick due to stress and being overwhelmed. The tea is helping though…loose leaf tea is my new jam. Jesus, I’m more an old lady than ever. Anyways, this lady was at my Farmer’s Market, their company is called Tea Smiths of San Francisco. I went with Healthy Tummy and the Slim & Trim.

Healthy Tummy – This soothing minty tea helps tame even the toughest of tummy issues! Enjoy after a large meal or anytime your stomach needs a little comfort. (From the website)

I’ve just been drinking Healthy Tummy preventively but haven’t had the opportunity to use it on any actual stomachaches. I really like the flavors though – , ,, , , .

Slim & Trim – Stay lean and mean with this slenderizing tea! With a refreshing minty flavor and a roasted Green Tea finish, this blend is sure to keep you happy, healthy, and feeling your best. Pair with a healthy diet and exercise plan for optimal results.  (From the website)

Slim & Trim does have a good taste and the chica from Farmers said it would help curb your hunger. I’ve been busting it out at 2:00pm to help prevent my 3:00pm work munchies from attacking. Can’t lie it’s been working and I feel more relaxed. Thumbs up! Yes, I’m drinking a cup right now….on my couch….like I said mental health day.

We had a fight last night, me and the boyfriend, which didn’t help me feeling like crap. Sometimes life just keeps going so damn quickly, I don’t have time to sit back and be hold on what the eff am I doing with my life? Is this the life I want? What the eff am I doing?

That’s where I feel like I am right now…hence the working out keeping me sane. A small bit of control and time to just to be present in the moment. I have to get back on track and out of my funk.

Action leads to motivation so I need to act. I’m a nerd so acting means ordering books, reading, and doing my best.









I’m pretty sure I’m getting sick.

Possibly a case of the holiday blues hitting early. I’m ridiculously behind at work due to a combination of things….interviewing for a job I didn’t get, some family issues, and a melancholy that just hit.

I’m a procrastinator by nature but I generally get ALL my work done. Lately, that hasn’t been happening and that’s not good, to say the least.

I’m broke as usual and overwhelmed by the upcoming holiday season that includes BOTH my divorced parents birthdays and my sisters January wedding.

My head is vaguely achy and I’m achy….. so I’m sipping tea and binge watching The Royals and avoiding cleaning my dirty little casita.

So here goes, Interwebs. These are my sad bastard goals for this evening in order to make it through Monday.

  1. Put all my spaghetti squash and sweet potatoes in the crock pot before they go bad. Once their cooked, I can use them for lunch or dinner during the week.
  2. Make some sausage, kale, and white bean soup for dinner tonight
  3. Pick out Monday’s outfit
  4. Make Monday’s lunch
  5. Either wash workout clothes or find a clean outfit for Barre on Monday

Mondays, why are they so terrible. I really need a third day off…..