Hot dogs, achy thighs, and veggies on crack


I went to Bar Method last night and we had a different instructor, Casey. She usually teaches at a different studio and BOY! SHE IS AWESOME! Omg, I laughed so hard and got a kick ass work out with her. My thighs today are so sore – BLARGH! Kinda sad that she’s not a regular instructor. She referenced Miley Cyrus and way too many hilarious things that it made class super fun. Dontcha love that when you have an instructor that’s hard-core yet fun and good times?? It works for me. We did this pretzel exercise that I totes have a love/hate relationship with. See below but keep in mind you’re moving that back leg up and out or one or the other and tightening your core. It’s just pain! Pain, people! Apparently it’s the your body changing pain but it’s still pain.


I also really want to be one of those people that can just run 5 miles. Like that’s their short run….those crazy bastards. I WANT TO BE ONE OF YOU!!! Sigh, it’s looking like my 6.5 this weekend will be in the rain. Ugh, California needs the rain but I am like a cat when it comes to running in the rain. I will make it happen because it’s for Brooklyn, baby!

Any race with hot dogs at the end sounds fabulous!!!

My goal for next week is to eat CLEAN!!! Eating on campus and out all week has been hard. I’ve stayed within my calories most days but the kind of food I’ve been eating is less than stellar. It’s time to bring back eggs, yams, kale, and the tomatoes. Bring back the veggies & fruits! We’ll see how the scale tips on Thursday but I need to bring back some whole foods.

I apologize that these veggies are so scary. They look like drug addict veggies…maybe they’re just GMO….ewhh. Anyways, you get the picture. Especially after lunch included french fries and a lamb shwarma sandwich.

As we head into Old Lady Birthday Month, my first gift to myself will be this:


I’m hoping there’s some jams to add to the March playlist (6.5 – 8.5). I’ve really enjoyed my Feb playlist and should probably post about that but the damn top button on my iphone is broken. Hence I can’t take screenshots. It’s annoying but not as annoying as going into the Verizon store where instead of helping me they just try to sell me crap. Seriously! They suck! Not as bad as Comcast but close!


This image should be a button but it’s not. FAIL. So just hop on over to ALG, uninterrupted and check out the links!

It’s Friday so relax and plan your weekend workouts! I’m trying to not eat Mac & Cheese and if I do…well it’s Friday.

What’s your weekend workout plan, Interwebbies?




Whatta Blog, Whatta Blog, Whatta mighty mighty blog


(Ya know, like MTV Raps? I think they used a yo. Eh, I’m an old lady. These days MTV is all how I got preggos at 14 and cribs, where we teach about capitalism and materialistic values. End Rant.)
Gratuitous Music Video! Welcome to Hot Mess Musica Blogging!

Ok, ok back to the updates, the fitness, and the regularly programmed shenanigans.
I’ve worked over 30 hours in three days and this post is a labor of my lurve, interwebbies. All this frosh major programming is driving this College Adviser to the grave. Damn, and I’m not even at goal weight. Anyways, I had a la bomba panel on Double Majoring last night and of course it poured! Now don’t get me wrong, Cali is in major drought status and we need the rain. Like standing on the highway with a sign saying please spare a few raindrops. But students do NOT leave cozy dorm rooms in the rain. So count ’em 5 students. SAD FACE! It’s ok you don’t really need a double major but my poor panelists.
Weigh in Thursday, peeps. I was apprehensive as I’ve been working like a mad woman and there was no last chance workout in sight. My bod-day was calling for sleep, sleep, and more sleep. I stepped on that beast of the scale today and what!!! From 2/21 – to – today…wait drumroll… I lost -2.1 lbs! This was crazy. Part of it is last week I gained which may have been some bloat to the bloat. Woo woo!!!  I think as I increase my running mileage, our frenemie, the scale may be showing me a little grace. Only 5.6 more until goal!
MONDAY – 6:00AM Bar Method – brutal.
TUESDAY – 3.05 miles of torture
WEDNESDAY –  workout fail. No workout due to sheer exhausation
THURSDAY – 6:45pm Bar Method (I plan on leaving work at 4:00 today and getting a nap in prior)
FRIDAY – Rest day!
SATURDAY – 9:45 Bar Method and 2:00pm – 6.5 mile run…..BLARGH!
This week I’ve eaten out a TON! But I tried to really log my calories, pass on the donuts and cookies (2x) but say yes to a bagel. C’mon, it’s a bagel! But I did moderate other things as a result. Also I’ve been a coffee addict this week. Like, 24 ounces a day addict…it’s kinda cray but at least I’m getting the H20 into my system as well. I have to buy my lunch again (FAIL) as mentioned above I needed the sleep!!!!
Well you know…I’ve been filling the Interwebbies in on all the usual shenangins. I also have taken to checking my sources 2 – 3x  a week to see what’s out there (NADA). I’m blessed to have this job and going to work on being GRATEFUL!!!
On a final note, this is one of my power songs. What is a power song, you might ask? It’s the jam that helps you continue to run when you’re ready to give up all hope and just lay down on the dirty hobo covered asphalt. It’s the jam, that convinces you to keep moving and not put your face on that oh so nasty and dirty pavement.  It’s the jam that gives you the power to carry on and maybe sing a few lyrics and bring yourself back to the game….without further ado.
If you’re not running to Push It, you’re not running.

Nobody puts Coffee in the corner. Sleeping in 1 – Working Out 0


I am exhausted. All you people that work 4 10s (4 days a week, 10 hours a day) no idea how you do it!!! Or if you just work multiple 10 hour days – you’re insane! I’m so tired and I have an 845 – 8pm today. No workout happened this morning and my hair is in a bun. A stylish bun but still. I slept in until 6:30 but my body just needed it.

My weigh in will be tomorrow and I did a Monday check in and was down so I’m really really hoping that’s still the case. I really want to work out tonight (last chance) but realistically not so sure that will happen. Tune in mañana, interwebbies to laugh or cry with me.

I treated myself to half a bagel with cream cheese. Reward for long long meeting… You know my love of bagels and soft cheese.

<img src="" alt="20140226-095418.jpg" class="alignnone size-full" /
Almost as much as I love Dirty Dancing and wine.

Ok, back to the mission at hand. Weekly weigh in peeps! Mosey over and say hola
Here's some lovely link up lurve!

Wednesday Confessions
Applying and looking for jobs is beyond terrible. Why can’t someone just walk up and give me my dream job!!! Blargh!

I’m typing this post in a training. Don’t trip I’ve had it before and they’re out of coffee… Seriously, you bastards! I may run out at the break for more so I don’t die!!!! It could happen! Some people dehydrate, I decaffinate and it’s not pretty. I go all feral like raised in the wild… Rawr! True story.

I also have to buy my lunch today and need to keep the eating clean and tight. Which when you work on a college campus is NOT easy. I am surrounded by greasy pizza and burgers with fries…. Aghh!

Here’s some Hump Day Link Up!
There should be a photo of Ryan Gosling here but it didnt work out, yo. So use the old imagination.

Check out

Ok, back to pretending to be a grow up.


There should of also been a Footloose reference but it didn’t happen. Oh and I ran!

This morning I hit snooze for thirty minutes. It had to be done. I stand by my decision. Finally, I dragged my booty out of bed and against my will put on my running clothes. It was coldish, I was much too tired, and as a result I put on my adorbs Fila running jacket. Side bar, even in my sleep deprived state I knew that 10 minutes into my run I would regret this decision due to the fact I am a sweaty lil’ Mexican. This was one of those days where running was the absolute last thing I wanted to do. David Bowie helped some but I was still tired and didn’t really hit my stride. The 3.05 miles was completed and that’s all that really matters. Hashtag, beating everyone on the couch. Yeah…I don’t tweet but I like saying hashtag it makes me laugh. Plus, I need the frosh to think this old thirty something lady knows what’s she’s talking about.

I’m really itching to sign up for two other half marathons right now. I’ve done this one before and me and my sister had a ball! She did the 10k and I did the half – MERMAID RUN EAST BAY. It is the weekend before the Brooklyn Half though so that seems a little cray to the zee. I could scale back though and do the 10k which would be fun too. The other one is this bad boy – See Jane Run Alameda. They say SF but really this is an East Bay Run. Lies, I tell you.

I know…I know…I’m a maniac

It’s another long day of advising with my liberal arts bebes. This blog post is my short break before I jump into some committee work until 5ish. Eat my early old lady dinner and jump into advising until 8pm….sigh, make it stop. Tomorrow, is super cray because it will be 8-8 those bastards! They need to know about double majors so I’ll be hosting a little panel on that one. Nope, don’t make you more competitive for grad school or the work force. MYTH BUSTED!!! That’s a good portion of advising. Also freshmen don’t take advice from other freshman. WORD.

Tomorrow before my already mentioned twelve hour day I need to squeeze in my Wednesday last chance workout. BLARGH! Haven’t even looked to see what’s on my ondemand thing but I know there’s some workouts. Hopefully there’s some Jillian and we can call it a day. Also I’ve passed on two cookie opportunities and one donut opportunity so far this week. GO ME! It ends tomorrow – I’m having half a bagel because the morning meeting will be TERRIBLE and I deserve it! AGK!! Hate pointless time sucking meetings.

pug & bagel

Alright, I hope everyone’s workouts are going well and your work isn’t too cray!!

Let me know how life is going, Interwebbies!



I’m blessed because I have coffee and other ish to be grateful for…like running


Monday, you’re always a tough one. Today like every other Monday was filled with good and bad. I wanted to do a quick weigh in just to see where I was at as I head into this week of CRAZY FROSH PROGRAMMING. Being a College Adviser is not always easy, my interwebbie friends. Anyways, I was like “WHAT! SCALE, REALLY???” This little brown girl was down -0.8 lbs. Talk about an awesome morning! I quickly got ready and ran to 6:00am bar method – EEK! I had arranged to come into the office later since I have a program that will keep me at work until 7pm tonight.

After the morning workout I made my way to work with a quick Starbucks breakfast – plain coffee with whole milk and one of the artisan breakfast sandwiches (350). Not too bad considering I got a work out in but low in fiber. I had a morning training where I received an email letting me know I didn’t get the super secret job. I’m not gonna lie, it sucks. It really sucks and based on the email I’m pretty sure they felt I was overqualified. I managed to avoid the donuts at the meeting even with the bad news. Training lunch was catered and I only ate half my Boudin Turkey Havarti sandwich, ditched the cookie, and did eat the salty chips (only 140 calories). Once again, low fiber. I have my apple and carrots for a snack and when I head home I’m gonna make some kind of fiber filled dinner. Maybe a spinach, tomato, bell pepper, garbanzo bean salad with a TJ’s turkey meatball or two. I’m trying to stay motivated since I won’t be home until 7:30ish – 8ish depending on the program and commute.

Def feels like one of those days. Sigh, I need to really look at my job and see how I can make it better. How I can get more out of this position and my daily life. See what I really love and find the balance. I kinda always dreamed I’d be the person that lived to work ie LOVING LOVING my job. A real career type focused person. While I’m truly blessed to work in a setting that is not manual labor it’s still crazy and we are chronically understaffed. I need to find a balance where I let that stress go yet do my best and make the job work for my life ie I work to live (the life I want). Anyways, just trying to be grateful and adjust my mindset. But don’t get it twisted I will still look for other job opportunities.

I’m really falling in love with the run again and participating in races. I’ve got a few on my mind and I’m not gonna lie, I may register myself for something later as a pick me up from the job rejection email. I also LOVE LOVE Bar method. It’s a big expense but I’m worth it, my health is worth it, and it gets me out of my casita and off my booty.


The next three week are filled w/ programming for frosh dedicated to helping them find a major. I’ll be pretty busy so here’s my modified workout schedule based on the fact you will find me sleeping at the office.

Monday – 6:00am bar method class
Tuesday – 3 or 4 mile rule at 6:30am
Wednesday – some kind of Comcast 30 min workout via on demand at 5:30am
Thursday – 6:00am bar method class
Friday – rest day
Saturday – bar method at 9:45am and 6.5 miles at 2:00pm
Sunday – rest day

There are a lot of work outs scheduled above and we’ll see how they play out. The main reason is (like today) I’ll be forced to eat on campus A LOT this week and that’s never good for my nutrition or calories (BLERGH!). Especially with this pleasant surprise morning loss of -0.8lbs (WOO WOO). I want to keep that!

Alright, off to the salt mines.

Musing on Sunday



I was listening to an old Jillian Michaels podcast and it happened to be about the last ten pounds. Hellooo, that’s me! She reminded me that the last ten are really just vanity pounds. You’re healthy, happy, and in shape. As a result, these last few will require clean dieting and a commitment to your work outs. This work out thing I got but (long but) the diet thing is still a work in progress. I can’t really seem to get a handle on eating out or in social settings. I go all Cookie Monster except its food and booze monster.

This weekend I slipped and fell into some delicious Mac and cheese during Happy Hour. STOP. I think I’m going to limit myself to ONE happy hour per month. Okay, back to the weekend. My homie, A, had his 33rd birthday bar bash on Saturday. I told myself two drinks only ate super clean all day and had 900 calories available. Woo, thanks six mile run! Two turned into four and that turned into late night pizza with a side of carrots and spicy pistachios. BLARH! FAIL!


I guess that’s the big area to work on…. eating at parties or post bars – eek! I’m also playing around with my calories to get something that feels right based on my work out schedule and being healthy. I really liked the Fat2Fit podcast when it was online and they have a couple of great calculators. I’m going to use this one:
It places me at 1460- 1880 calories depending on activity which feels pretty reasonable.

Saturday I conquered the big SIX and it felt amazing. I felt confident and solid and just an overwhelming sense of HELL YEAH! It made me feel like I will ready to not only run the Brooklyn Half but rock it! It also got me even more excited to do the She is Beautiful 10k with my sister. I’m starting to get into race mode and dreaming about what other runs I’d love to do. I think I’m gonna need to add a race page to the old bloggy blog, ladies and gents. There’s a ZOOMA Napa half marathon in June and I think next year may be the year for that one.

This week will be hard. I have a relentless schedule with at least three 9 hour days but I’m determined to get my work outs into this lame-o schedule. We have three weeks of frosh programming lead by little ole me. It’s gonna be crazy but I will be so relieved when its over and then BAM it’s birthday time. I’m struggling with you, thirty three, I want to be excited but I also feel just lost. I don’t know what thirty three should look like but perhaps I thought it would be different. It’s overwhelming in a way and yet I feel crazy that I feel this way. I am beyond blessed but still thirty three is a little scary.

Alright Interwebbs, I need to prep for my crazy week. Thanks for listening to my adventures! What’s on your agenda for next week?


All bad decisions lead to happy hour… True story


Happy hour is the devil.

I’m gonna pretend my pint of Lagunitas and Mac and cheese was carb loading for my morning Bar Method class and six mile run…. Yeah.

But it’s a miracle I only had one beer and damn you, macaroni cheese! Nobody can say no to your cheesy goodness.

Sigh, tomorrow’s a new day right? I’m gonna drink some water that will help…. I hope.

Beer filled cheese besos,

Ps you can get the above sign on Etsy @ Kingston Creations

Pps Happy late night Friday!