The drug induced Wednesday link up – now with even more LURVE

ALLERGIES – million LBG – negative five

It’s time for some Wednesday link up LURVE

Weigh In Wednesday

Check out these heathy beeatches. I’m finally recovering from my allergies. Hellloooo Zyrtec! Not 100% but the Claritin was a waste of $20.00 at least with the Zyrtec there’s no crying aka teary eyes, way less sneezing, and only mild running nose. I will take it!!! So yea, no weigh in this morning and I ate a bagel. I promise my snotty booty will jump on the scale next week. At least I’m working out!! Small victories.

Speaking of victories, look who got all fancy on us!!! Kathy from Vodka and Soda! BAM an actual link up button! That’s sexy.

Vodka and Soda

These are my allergy, bagel eating, sick day confessions. Buckle up, peeps
1. Some people see Keifer Sutherland and they’re all – Dude, Jack Bauer ie 24 guy. I just see this.


Always and forever. Lost Boys. He’s just the lead vampire trying to make us eat maggots in the secret vampire lair. Little know fact – that’s the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk in the movie. I grew up going there!

2. You’re riding the BART ( Bay Area subway) during commuter hours and have no effing idea of what you’re doing. You don’t ask or observe and follow social norms!!! You just make my ass late! GOD DAMN! Or this!


3. When I’m running and I see a fellow lady runner and her ta-tas bounce. No, not a little shake like those ladies are having a run all their own. And I’m like Man, homegirl let me help you out. You need a new sports bra. I know what you’re thinking some ladies are SUPER busty and it’s an issue…Noooo!!! These are just C cup ladies running in god knows what??? Why??? Why???? FYI I think the Sports Bra would me a great name for a bar that focuses on lady sports like softball, NWBA, soccer, gymnastics and served delicious beer.

4. It’s a beautiful day in the 80s and I should be pulling a damn Ferris Bueller instead I’m taming the allergies. WEAK!!!

I promise next week their will be a full on fitness update and what have you. Also 2.5 weeks till Brooklyn I’m beyond excited!!! Let me know what’s going with your Wednesday, kiddies.



I couldn’t smell the Bog of Eternal Stench if I tried…. Sniffle… Run… Sniffle

Yep, this Chica ran 10 miles and it didn’t kill me. Dude, it was close though. First, it ended up being CRAZY windy and a high pollen day and the Claritin has yet to kick in. So no, it was not a pretty sight but I drug my body through the windy and sniffled my way through it.


Let’s take a look at the splits… Well because that’s what those runner blogs do 😉 I mean I made a serious come back at mile 5. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t breathing so great at mile 7 due to all the friggin’ pollen. I probably should pack some Claritin for NYC since I have no idea what’s blooming in Brooklyn.


I kept trying to remember what they say about racing during this 10er because I was NOT feeling it. You run one part with your heart, another with your head but DAMN what was the third part??? I straight up felt like Sarah in Labyrinth where she’s confronting the Goblin King and cannot effing remember! And you’re yelling at the TV “Girl! It’s you have no power over me!!!” Ok, well maybe that’s just my childhood.

Anyways, the quote goes that you run the first part with your head, second with your personality, and the last part with your heart. Whatever the Goblin King stole my baby with that run but it’s over so I’m cool. Sorry Tobey.

The other day I decided to torture myself and try on some wunder under lululemon pants. Now I only own 2 lulu items that were basically in their clearance section but they’re Lulu and far too fancy for clearance so they call it “we made too much.” I figured it’d be good to know my pant size in case a sale hits. DUDE, I see why you ladies buy these 90.00 pants they are the shizz and even more comfortable than my gap gfast 30 dollar sale pants (regular 55). I wanted to live in these pants. GOdDAMN it! I hate loving expensive things! I mean usually Target wins most things but ok lulu addicts I see (pant wise) why you are a cult – clearly a rich cult – but yea. I also dig the jackets there but $128 – damn! Not that much.

Alright back to being poor, I’m still having mild neck and shoulder pain so I might see the chiropractor but maybe should meet with my Dr. first?? No idea. I’ve just been becoming besties with the Icey Hot and avoiding the thought we might need a new bed because beds are HELLA expensive.

RANDOM unrelated note – I also am really digging the fresh squeezed juice from whole foods – I drank some beet, carrot, celery juice yesterday and I must say delicious and nutritious! You all need to get on that.


Last week I managed four workouts not the five I aimed for but not so bad. I’m gonna aim for five again and here’s the proposal:
Monday – bar method
Tuesday – bar method
Wednesday – run
Saturday – 10.5
Sunday – bar method

Fingers crossed, yo. It’s Monday and you know that means drama, kids. Here’s hoping you punch Monday in the face and not the other way around. Don’t worry I’ll still be here if you need ice.

Let me know what your weekend workout looked like or how’s Monday treating you.


Letters from an lbg

it was a LONG week and my shoulder is bothering me again and as a result I’m in bed right now. It’s time for me to check myself, get serious again about my health, and get back to the 2014 goals. Thursday and Friday I was a hot mess of stress eating and unproductivity. Despite the need to icy hot myself like the old lady I’m becoming I’m trying to put on the big girl panties and make some ish happen today.


The lbg’s big girl goals for pulling it together in MAY but in which we start today.

1. DRINK MORE WATER. Water keeps you hydrated, the wrinkles at Bay, and me from filling my body with crap. Six glasses a day, beattches! We’re gonna make this happen as I kick back on the latte addiction and this beautiful Spring time beer.

2. WORK IT, BEBE! I’ve actually done a good job of bringing back the fit this week. So let’s just keep at it. I’m slowly realizing that more and regular work out means sacrificing wearing my hair down. I need to embrace the hair up and figure out ways to give my hair a little steez. I might need to bring out my pin up bandana for all my red lip days.

3. CASITA CLEAN. I need to come home Monday – Friday and tidy up one thing even if it’s as lame as washing the toothpaste out of my sink. Work is sucking the life outta me but I refuse to let it suck up my life with exhaustion! Seriously I feel better when I’m not living like the rat king.


4. EAT CLEAN, MUNCHIE. Simply put, I’ve been the stress eating munch-inator. No tracking, no lunch packing, and making some straight up poor eating out decisions. Summer fruits and veggies will be here soon, hooraz. First step is limiting those bready pasta delicious carbs. I need to put some actual nutrition back in my mouth and tame the bloaty gut. Yea, that’s pretty sexy right.


5. GIVE IT AWAY NOW. By the end of MAY two clothes bags MUST go to Goodwill. The clothes hoarding must be tamed. I need let it go.

Alright, the manifesto has been set out. I’m off to add more Icey hot and hopefully work on 3 &4 of this list. Sigh, thanks for pulling me out of the gutter, Interwebby buddies. It’s time to get up, brush off the Girl Scout crumbles, and wash away the booze.


I just play a criminally insane adviser on tv

It’s FRIDAY! This week has sucked the life out of me and this morning there was all kinds of crazy pants news around LA OFICINA. Just gonna drink my coffee, see all the students, and run outta here at 5pm. DAMN, just realized I need to swing by the back for quarters. Apartment living problems. Thank bebe Jesus, I no longer live in SF and have to camp out at the Laundromat. Gross.

Here’s a little looksie at what College Advising is all about. I submit my facebook status from yesterday.

LBG – Just another morning as a College Adviser
1st year – Yea! You can do anything!!! This is awesome, you’re awesome! MAJOR IN EVERYTHING!End of 2nd Year – umm…so Computer Science is breaking up with you. I know..I know you love him but it’s not you, it’s Computer Science. There are so many good majors out there…look English is just waiting in the wings. Besides you’re better than CS

There we go. Pre-med is the hardest. Those kids are in cult like status. Straight up, pre-med or die. Luckily, they can add on a Post bacc or Masters in Science if they can’t get into MCB (molecular cellular biology) or hit the GPA as an undergrad. But me saying that does break their little hearts. I HATE BEING THE DREAM CRUSHER! But really it’s just readjusting your dream. You can still me a Doctor! Just not right after this BA, yo.

PS My make-up is looking so good today. Primer, you are worth every damn penny. I am now a primer addict. I hate being addicted to nice things!!! Sigh, but this helps my oily little Mexican face keep all the make-up put and beautiful. I am soooo-oooo oily. It’s terrible except for the fact that ish moisturizes and no one ever thinks I’m 33. Thank you for the good genes, baby Jesus.

I just discovered True Detective and that ish is GOOD! I plan on watching the other 5 episodes this weekend and wiping out Season 1. Matthew McCona – no idea how to spell the rest of this and Woody Harrelson (?) also unsure but all 5 of you know who I’m talking about. Anyways, who knew from Dazed & Confused & Cheers respectively, you all would true out to be HELLA good actors. MIND BLOWN. Way to have range, sirs.

Also because I started this blog to get my ass back on track to sexy forever. Here’s how the workouts have played out.
WEDNESDAY – low impact – 5 mile walk
Thursday/Friday – rest

Hoping to hit all 5, peeps. I will keep you posted especially since last night was Pizza, Beer, and Girl Scout Cookies. Yea, that happened.

Anyways, have a kick ass weekend. Let me know what you old ladies got planned. And any young folk, drunk comment me with all your bad 3 am decisions…good times, good times.


Just put a blazer on and make it happen

Welcome to Thursday Rant. Sit down and pour yourself a cup of joe. Go ahead add some cream, life is bitter enough. Oh wait, you’re at home reading this? Dude, just open up the red. Yep, let’s do this!

I am so over all the bad scheduling at my oficina. It makes me want to just scream. Instead I walk into one of our advising offices where they have this little peanut M&M gumball machine. I eat like 5-7 peanut M&Ms and go along with my day. So much for getting over my Easter candy addiction. I mean there are peanuts in them so they’re better than other candy right? It’s not like a starburst. That’s the rational I’m sticking too! Peanut M&Ms practically a nut!

I feel like if I put on a blazer it instantly makes my outfit professional and me by default a grown-up. Even if it’s with jeans. It’s like BAM grown-up! Kids don’t wear blazers nor do slackers. Yep, eating M&Ms in my blazer. Speaking of winning. THIS.

I’m already over this week and just focusing that I will be AWESOME next week to make up for all the un-productivity. I mean I’m gonna do Friday laundry. WINNING. There will be wine and probably also some movie watching. Hashtag Fridaysinyourthirties


Today I actually requested VACATION! Fingers crossed it’s approved and then the TICKET HUNTING CAN BEGIN! Hawaii is still on the table, we just let Tulum, Mexico jump back on, and there’s also Zihuatanejo, Mexico out there too. Hooraz….so fun!!! Too bad I’m eating thai food and M&Ms like a woman ready to rock the mumu. I want to be sexy and eat my chocolate too!!! Next week, next week.

At least today and yesterday I’ve been drink water. It’s a small battle and I’ve won, holla.

This post is really about me pretending to win everything but just kinda failing. Fake it ’till you make it, interwebbies. That’s the philosophy of the day. Grey’s probably won’t even be very good tonight…sigh, Thursday unsave-able.

Let’s here your Thursday rants, buddies. How’s this crazy week treating you all? XOXO

I get around…round and round….like 94′ around


Weigh In Wednesday

Easter eff’d my ish up. Or to be more precise, Reese’s. Those bastards with their delicious little bags of Reese’s Peanut Butter eggs. Apparently, I consumed + .3 lbs of Reese’s eggs…ok… well…there was definitely a fair share of beer in there. All and all not a terrible gain nor unexpected but still. BLARGH!


Today I’m subbing out my short run for a walk – still 3 miles but just because I have old lady shoulder pain. However I am kicking ass with the workouts and feel like I can tackle my 10 miler on Saturday.


1. When people text you “Did you call me?” It’s 20 effing 14 your phone does not lie. I called you. Sure, you can text “Hey I missed you call. What’s up?” Unless your name is something with an A and you are getting everyone’s butt dials – no excuses!!!! I called you!! It just wasn’t worthy of a message or me singing like Stevie Wonder ” I just called to say I love you.” Wait..or is that Lionel Richie?
2. As much as I love my boyfriend sometimes I want to just punch him in the face. I’m sure he has these feeling too but still it sucks. Just a big ole BAM! No idea what this says about me but since I don’t actually act on it, I’m gonna file it under non-psycho.
3. The more I workout, the more I buy workout clothes, the more I just want to LIVE in my workout clothes. THEY’RE SO COMFORTABLE!!!! Too bad that’s not fully acceptable. A girl can dream though.

4. I hate seeing SONIC commercials because to my knowledge there isn’t a SONIC near my casa for miles and miles!!! I want one of those damn shakes!!!! Why do you continue to waste advertising dollars on a region that you are nowhere near???
5. I have a laundry pile roughly the size of a kindergartener….it’s frightful. It’s like a little blob of a pile taking over the corner of the bedroom.
6. I am over this week and it’s only Wednesday…that doesn’t bode well for my employee output or for my partner getting some… I’m just so ready for it to be Friday night. I already feel like I deserve some mac and cheese. The dinner of poor, broke, slackers.


Yes, that’s an image from Reality Bites. You should rent this movie if you have not seen it!!! It’s all the 90’s angst and recession-ness. Plus Lisa Loeb! Here, for your viewing pleasure.

7. I HATE WASHING MY HAIR! I think I only it wash it like 3x a week and if I could get away with less I would. I have long, thick hair and it takes a million years to dry. It’s a pain but I look like I’m 12 with short hair. Yea, that whole professional short bob makes me look like a haggard 14 year old freshman. I try to utilize the dry shampoo but sometimes it just need to be pulled back. I’m not about having a stinky head.

Holla at me with what’s ailing you on the humpy to the hump day, kids. I am just trying to keep my head up as Tupac says. Uh-huh, I brought back the 90’s like that.

Just another barre check in and blog love

It’s 3:45pm and I am done. ALREADY? Maybe it’s this whole 2 days of working out in a row. Bar Method has been particularly kick ass in the past two days. Monday, that little white ball of torture came out. I effing hate that ball if it didn’t make my thighs look so sexy. We also did fold overs….my body was displeased to say the least. Sure, it looks easy but your bending your leg and foot and working your glutes – TERRIBLE!
via via pinterest

This morning I hit up the 7am class since I work my 11-8 (hello frosh dorm advising) and they busted out arabesque. Those bastards! My leg was shaking so badly. ARGHHH…Mine doesn’t quite look like this.

via bar method

Well, at least the work outs are happening because I am taking some kind of August Vacation that will require a swimsuit!!! Still working on those dates…the joys of coordinating with your significant other.

DUDE! Starbucks has instant vanilla lattes??? When did this happen and are they any good?? Please let me know!!!

My Brooklyn registration for Bib pick up with my wave time was available today – WAVE 2 – 7:45AM! Makes it real!!! Cannot believe I’m getting to do the Brooklyn Half?? Destination racing, who am I? I’m just some little brown girl who grew up in the SJ. Feeling kinda awesome. Speaking of Brooklyn, anyone heart/read/follow Sheryl Yvette? Her blog is awesome. She’s taken some time off but kept quite a few of her posts up on her site. Anyways, she ran Brooklyn and completely inspired me…like two years ago – here. I wanted to run it last year but my bestie tied the knot that weekend so it was out. Being the blogging nerd I am….I messaged her via facebook to see if she’d be running. She responded BACK! And she’ll be there….I’ve yet to write back but she’s awesome and I seriously hope I get to run into her. Hehe…like what I did there? Yes, I am that lame.  Damn, Brooklyn is getting so real. Cannot wait. Also if you have any NYC tips holla at me!! So far besides the race I have Brooklyn brewery on my list with Central Park and maybe a lunch at Tavern on the Green. We might try to hit up a show but it’s yet to be determined.

I also am kinda toying with the idea of continuing to increase my mileage post Brooklyn. Like…marathon mileage. There are a couple of October California Marathons I could do. I’m not sure yet…it’s a big commitment but just day dreaming about it. Also does anyone use compression socks? I’m thinking of getting a pair. I also think they’d be good on the LONG flight back from NYC. Hopefully I’m not too sore. I have my 10 miles this weekend since Easter interfered and I just did a quick 6.

Alright my lovelies, we’ve got a weigh in tomorrow and confessions w/ Vodka and Soda! I need to work on what crazy ish I’m confession tomorrow. I should of saved the whole nerdy blogger contacting Sheryl thing. GODDAMN! Oh well, trust this old lady has plenty of material.