Rolling with the homies and the catch up post

My posting has been sporadic and I apologize, Interwebbies.

Let’s just do some listing so we’re all caught up and my next post can be evil and hilarious.

– 21 Day Sugar Detox is dunzo! I’m hella glad that I forced myself to do this little program. I’m happily cooking again, bringing my lunch, and a nice little bonus was I lost three pounds. Ok, only 2.5 but it’s funnier when I say three.
mean girls

– I love teaching my freshman seminar but trying to do my regular job and that is finally kicking me in the face. HOW?? Sigh, I feel like I am chronically behind and having the Veteran’s day holiday off on Tuesday just effed with me. My body was like NO! Why are we going back to work???


– Thank you Veterans for your service.

– I went to a Proaction Athletics bootcamp class and I felt like I was being coached my Jillian Michaels. Forty-five minutes into the class I thought I may puke. Thankfully I did not but DAMN! It was a good workout but more cardio based than I hoped for so I probably will just use my other pass but not sign up as a member. However if you have some serious weight to lose this would be the class for you. I just want to keep working on my body composition…ya know since I lost those three pounds đŸ˜‰

– I have another meeting next week with a colleague to discuss her job and her previous position with the Academic Senate. I’m pretty pleased with myself in terms of keeping my career development on the forefront.

– Do you ever feel like you’re kinda drifting away from friends but it’s not personal. You just want something different for your life and their lives are on a different track. Maybe you just feel like they understand you less but you still love them. You’re trying to create a certain life or achieve certain goals and they are kinda less of a priority?? I dunno. Let me know your thoughts on this one, Interwebbies.


– The boyfriend is gone until Monday working his brains out on a project. I am enjoying making the bed everyday WAY TOO MUCH. I get up first and he’s usually just getting up when I’m leaving and that jerk face love of my life never makes the bed. It’s the little things but I do really miss waking up to his sweet face.

– So far we have three confirmed weddings this year. My NJ bestie, the boy’s Oakland bestie, my homegirl from SF, and possibly the boy’s bestie in Budapest. Yes, I said Budapest. He’s been living and working there for 2 years and just got engaged. This is where it get’s tricky. NJ bestie is getting married on a Thursday in Waikiki during of course the one week of the year my boy can’t go. IT HELLA SUCKS. On top of that his Oakland bestie is getting married the following Saturday. So pretty much I’m just doing a quick Aloha to get back for Oakland bestie’s wedding. Thankfully my SF homegirl is getting married near SF in Feb so no problemas there. Now my boy’s Budapest bestie just got engaged in Rome last weekend and there’s a possibility they may tie the knot on July 4th. I really want to go and I have to go to Hawaii for my girl. I’m thinking I may only do four days in Hawaii to help spend less to save for Budapest. The other thing is I am determined to NOT put any more debt on my credit cards. So even if it means paying them down a little less, I will not accrue more debt. The Interwebs as my witness.

Alright, I need coffee and you need to stop slacking on the Internet đŸ˜‰



Tuesday’s Blind Audition & I choose….I choose GWEN!!!

Dear Tuesday,
It’s not even 9:00am and you’ve already thrown me a curve ball. It’s cool…I’m not tripping. It’s just I really need to start going to bed like the old lady I am and running into the City after work is not conducive. You get? Not to mention I have to do the readings for my frosh bebes and grade their papers. A’s for everyone!!! I wish, sadly that would be frowned upon. I guess there will be no running tonight so just move it onto Wednesday.

Yes, Tuesday. I am a whore. But I have to make time for the besties and this includes running into the city like a mad woman.

In other news, my desk got half way cleaned yesterday. HOLLLLLAAA BEATCHES! The other half is staring me down and I still need to tackle this obstacle course of wires…Damn, IT. Who lives like this!!! Oh that’s right, you do.

My San Jose Rock N Roll Half is on Sunday!!! EEkss! Monday, I did some stretching and calisthenics for about 25 minutes just from a little pinterest workout I pinned. See, I do that stuff! Wednesday & Thursday, I’m hoping to get two three milers into my schedule. On Saturday I will probably do a little elliptical just to keep warm and ready. This is gonna be my slowest half of 2014 – TRAINING FAIL – But hey I’m still showing up. I’m gonna try and sign up for a Turkey trot and maybe a Halloween 5k once I get paid but until December they will all be 10ks or less. Hopefully Santa will bring me some new running kicks.


I’m getting addicted to the Voice this Fall. Pharrell and Gwen – I HEART YOU!!! Seriously, Pharrell is just so genuine, it’s nice to balance out Adam Levine’s chatchy-ness. I’m like simmer down, homeboy. Don’t get all sad because everyone loves Pharrell. I’ve never really watched The Voice but I couldn’t pass up this season. I also enjoy Blake Sheldon(?). He’s pretty damn funny. My sister informed me that he and his wife are basically the Bey & Jay of country music. So there you have it.

Also I woke up this morning with this song going on in my head. Why? So Random. There’s not really a video but here’s the song. Also my apologies, there’s a commercial. BLARGH.

Sorry one last Voice obsessive comment. I really CANNOT stand Carson Daily. Granted he seems to have grown up quite a bit from his radio host & TRL days but still the man screams fratty jerk face. I just want to go all Danny Castellano on him because he’s that guy. Carson Daily just seems like that dude that really should of gotten his ass beaten and never did and now he’s outta control.

I’ve started a little Tuesday Bruno Mars dance party in my oficina right now. Damn, this dancing reminds me that we all haven’t chatted about GREY’S!!!! Such a good return episode even though it looked like it was shot against a blue screen. Weird.

Let’s pound our coffee as Bruno sings that young girls will be the death of him. What about the old ladies, Bruno? I guarantee I will BRING YOU DOWN đŸ˜‰ I kid, I kid.


Tracking my Coffee Intake and getting all Kung Fu on mi vida – I’m back!!!

I know I disappeared like that guy in College that skillfully employed the fade away and you didn’t even realize it until you wanted to rock your striped cardi. Anyone?? Maybe just me. I wish it was that simple, my interwebbies. In reality, last week straight kicked my booty. It was one of those weeks where my 8:30-5pm was just effing hard. I didn’t stay late but the minute I got home exhaustion set in and I crumpled into a million little pieces on my couch/bed/floor. We’ve all been there and now I’ve gathered my million little pieces of self and am attempting one of those every other month come backs. So hop along for the ride, k.

My desk at the office is the OG Hot Mess Express. It hurts to look at it. This is partially my own fault and ITs. Those beeatches set up all my new ish in a crazy fashion so everything is looking straight up jacked. I will work it out…that’s on today’s to-do list. Getting my desk to really not look so whack…sigh.

HAPPY NATIONAL COFFEE DAY!!! I love that it’s on a Monday. It just feels right. PS Whole Foods is giving away a free cup of joe today. Starbucks, those bastards, offered me nothing except the did bring back KIND bars! Hooraz! Those new bars from their own line were nasty.

The other news is a spent a small chuck of time this weekend considering getting a health device. I narrowed it down between the Fitbit Flex and the Garmin Vivofit. I’m leaning towards the Vivofit because you can sync it up with a heartrate monitor and that seems pretty damn cool. I’ve wanted a some sort of heart rate device for a while and this seems like it’s the best of both worlds. We will see….damn you Vivofit and your Biggest Loser advertising!!!!
I promise the few (and awesome) peeps that kick it this way that I am alive and will be so much better at blogging this week. Especially since I have my half on Sunday!!! I’m gonna be super slow but make it happen – HOLLA. This little turtle will conquer all!!!

It’s Monday, so let’s all put on the Big Girl panties and take some names. I plan on attacking this desk like Mr. Bruce Lee after I wrap up this post. Wishing you all a coffee filled Monday!!!

Say Yes To The Hump and other old lady addictions


Dun na…na..nananana….yep, we’re gonna taking this Hump straight into Hammertime! Get cozy in your hammer pants ’cause it’s the Humpty Hump Wednesday!

You know that means we just let it all out with Kathy from Vodka and Soda with her very sexy Hump Day Confessions. Click that button, you know you want to. WAIT!!! I mean read me first and then click the button. Thanks!

Vodka and Soda

Ok, what have I got for you this week my pretties…

1) Let’s just confess that I’m kinda walking a fine line with my mean girl this week. Maybe it’s that the ladytime is in town or that I’m exhausted from work. But it’s like my mouth opens and mean girl just straight pours out…..I mean more in a Regina than exploding Gretchen way but you get it. I gotta check that shit. Or at least reign it into some Cristina and Mere – honest mean girl.

2) My Vanilla Latte addiction is back but now it’s in the afternoons. I need to kick that shit out because I don’t need those foamy vanilla-y extra calories. I broke up with your Skinny Vanilla ass in the morning but now you’re back like a bad ex. Seriously, Vanilla latte we need to only kick it during the weekends. I’m sorry but you’re not the one. You can’t be creeping into the week days. I just can’t have it.

3) I’m ready for this work week to be OVER!!! I haven’t fully given on up the week of July 14th but in some ways I have. DUNZO!!! Like can I just take a rain check and show up shiny and new on Monday? I was supposed to be all happy pants but clearly that has worn off….sigh, maybe more coffees that aren’t vanilla lattes. I’ve been using the latte to feign inspiration and rah rah…I need an intervention….I hope I get sent to Malibu or one of those fancy rehabs with tea and yoga.

4) I am loving my morning workouts! Thanks Kathy for being so inspiring and shit. I love reading about other peoples old lady routines – bed early, wake up early and do something grown up and productive. I feel like we need solidarity in our old lady-ness. Of course, occasionally you need to rally and do something crazy like your 23. If not for any other reason that to say “DAMN! This is why I don’t do this shit anymore but that was hella fun!”

5) I confess that I’ve been watching A LOT of Say Yes to the Dress on Netflix because it’s so fun and easy. I can turn my brain off or use it to do sit ups or dedicate 20 minutes to putting my clothes away…you know like hung up in the closet instead of on my desk. I hope it’s not scarying my boyfriend. But know what? EFF IT if it does because I had to watch like 3 consecutive days of Lebron Watch on ESPN and that made me what to shoot my face off. HASHTAG keeping it even!



I’m the downtrodden, alcohol craving, exhausted Disney Princessa


Except for I do not have a martini…just a camelbak of water…even sadder.

I am at work though and drinking is frowned upon. Sadly.

Thank you bebe Jesus that the frosh have all been seen and I can now catch up on work with our other gajillion students….catching up. Makes me feel just like a little like this.


Also DON’T EAT THE EVOL CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA!!! It’s not that satisfying…decent, sure but not $5.00 worth or as delicious as the others. Thank goodness I only bought one. Yea, I just ate it. This post is all of five sentences yet has taken me several hours to write…multitasking…goddamn lie.

Last night, I managed to be in bed by 10:15pm and actually sleep!!! Hooraz! I was still a little tired this morning but my sleepy ass ran. I get to sleep in tomorrow because I have my 8:15am meeting which requires me to be on time (aka no running). I do think the ole’ legs need a rest so this is definitely a good thing. Not to dwell but I’m hella sad my evol masala was crappy. Sad face.

Word, Bridget. Word.

Today feels like it should be a Friday and I’m going home for two days of rest….I don’t know if I can salvage Tuesday, peeps. Very very unsure…maybe more coffee….it seems like a good plan B. Maybe right before I hit up my student appointments I’ll grab a hot cup of joe.

Oh, I liked this article from XOJane on swimsuit bodies! Check it out!!!

Hmm…what else did I read that was fun on the internets this week.
I LOVE THIS TUMBLR! You have to check it out but here’s a tasty little sample.

Ooohhh!! Alright so not something I read but an email I got. Hold up! Let’s rewind. So I did the Brooklyn Half Marathon this year and it was EPIC. I had a complete blast, kicked it in NYC, and visited with my best chica in Jersey. This was my first destination race and it was FABULOUS! Also an amazing race, water/gatorade at every mile, great energy, and ended at Coney Island. So back to today – I got an email from Disney about various races and noticed the Tinkerbell Half (Disneyland) goes on sale in August and is for May 2015. The timeline is good for work but damn home skillet the half registration is like $200! I’m also am pretty sure that doesn’t include entry into the park. Anyways, this is where you all come in. Has anyone done/participate in a Disney race? Is it fun? Is it worth it??? Damn, $195! That’s a grip. I mean my sister LOVES Disney and she would be down for a weekend adventure/destination she would probably rock the 5k though and that’s on a Friday (half being on the Sunday). I do have some time to ponder. It’s a hefty price for race entry though…Thoughts/ideas? Have you done or your homie done a Disney race?

Alright, nice. I’m back to being a fountain of positivity. Instead of this:
Hehehe…couldn’t help but use that one.

Photographer to the stars and other bloggy blog thoughts

Dear Monday,
Let’s just start off the day right. Me and you are cool. I don’t have any issues with you. In the past, you’ve been kind of a jerk face and I think that’s fair to say. Let’s just try and make today different, ok? Feel me?

That beautiful view is from my Monday morning run which was lovely. However I could not for the life of me pass out. I even managed to be in bed by a decent old lady time of 9:30pm last night. Instead of sleeping, I tossed and turned and eventually cracked open my ipad at 10:30pm because laying in bed and not sleeping is BS. I didn’t hit the pavement until 5:25am which means I got into the office a little late. My bad. However my body (and yours) is a priority. The office will not make sure you are stress free or an old lady that can walk unassisted, so make some time!!! That was my Jillian tough love impression…cannot wait to catch up on her podcasts!


This morning there was a crazy sprinkler situation near the lake and I was terrified I would get wet. I mean it was 57* and it was the beginning of my run where I am pretty much sleep running. Crisis was averted and I attempted to take a picture of the sprinklers of terror for you all but this is what happened instead. I’m a regular Ansel Adams, clearly.

*I’m from California and anything below 65 degrees is considered chilly. Hashtag Cali Problems.

Post run I hit up my neighborhood Starbucks and grabbed a medium cup of joe. I open up the old facebook on the walk home (aka cool down) to see what’s going on while drinking my coffee. In doing so, I stumbled across these two little memes/posts and thought of the Interwebbie-sphere. Screen shot save for my homies!



I know cheesy but hey at least I thought of you beeatches đŸ™‚

Also here’s some WEEKEND UPDATES, just in case I decide to reference any of this ish later this week.
* DIM SUM ON SUNDAY! I love pork buns soooo delicious!
* SATURDAY – I actually ran 6.3 miles – BOOYAH! Bringing the long runs back….which is pretty much necessary since ya…October Half in the SJC.
* FRIDAY – PIZZA……PIZZA……so yummy.
* I sorted my small kindergartener pile of laundry and did two loads. We also cleaned 75% of the apartment. Hooray for being grown-ups!

Alright my internet loves, I need to do some work and hopefully the truce with Monday will continue. Hope you’re getting your Monday on…in a good way.


This pretty much sums up how I feel about you Monday. Of course, we have grey overcast Bay Area weather today. C’mon some sun would of been helpful!! Instead I’m debating on whether or not I need more coffee before my 3:00pm orientation program…..probably yes.


In other news, here are your LBG MONDAY RANTINGS!!!
1) On the Saturday (of a friggin’ holiday weekend) our building notified us that Monday (today) we will have no water from 8:00am – 8:00pm with a slight chance of it being back on at 5:00pm. This seems like an inhumane amount of time to NOT have water. Also there’s a lady on two that runs like a daycare center…how’s that supposed to work???? I am basically using this to rationalize that we should go out for dinner tonight BUT we should first go home and check out the water situation.

2) I am going to start doing some ab work since Mexico is next month, eek!!! Love the body you’re in, beatches!!! That’s the motto but I’m still gonna start to plank, sit-up, and crunch in the evenings.

I know, Cristina. That’s exactly how I feel about working my core but this ish needs to happen.

3)I am tracking my food this week…in attempt to find the culprit that is making me gain weight…I have my suspicions. It could be beer…although tortilla chips played a very big part of this weekend…and then that damn Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cup appeared as a dessert post burrito. I really may have to blame America. This whole celebrating freedom and independence seems to mean we eat whatever we want…ya know because we’re free.

This video seriously CRACKED ME UP!!! Enjoy July 3rd, Interwebbies!!!

Ok, I’m actually going to prep for Orientation right now and fingers crossed that my students are nice and easy going and only have like 3 questions.