On Fridays We Link Up, get DIRRTTY, drank all the kale, and pop almonds!

FRIDAY, FRIDAY!!! This week has gone on far too long and now we just have to make it to the magic hour of 5pm. These first three weeks of school have flowed into one another with student appointment after student appointment. There’s no time to tidy my desk, finish my coffee, or even get through all the emails that are stuffed into my inbox. Poor little inbox.

Still it’s Friday and that’s something to celebrate. Let’s break out the bubbly and begin our weekend shenaningins with Amanda of Meet Me At the Barre and her FRIDAY FAVORITES!

I cannot get enough of PBS. I’m so excited for Downton Abbey to return this January. Woo Woo! I’m mid way through the Robin Williams tribute and so far – lbg approved. Last Tango at Halifax was wonderful!!! Anyways, watch some PBS. They have an app for your iPad and I promise you it will be worth it. Hashtag Nerd for life.

Green juice with kale is just part of my jam. When I drink this ish my body gets all happy. I feel like it’s saying thanks buddy, I feel refreshed. Get yourself (even just a small cup) and I promise you will be feeling fabulous just like Bey.

Loving this face cream!!!! Sentimental note, this was my Grandma’s face cream and she had a unopened jar when my Mom was going through her stuff so I said I’d take it. It’s silly but it makes me think of her as I use this. So who knows, I do think my skin looks great but maybe some of it is just Grandma Love.

I’ve been exhausted this week so I think this one is self explanatory.
Snacks for healthy people. Although I’m torn because almonds need a LOT of water to grow and we’re in a drought. DAMN. But I bought them at the farmers market so 100% of my funds went directly to the farmer….I dunno…eats some more almonds. Also ladies, almonds have calcium. Holla. Lord knows I need to preserve all my inches ( 5 feet nada) and osteoporosis shrinks a lady. Getting my calcium with these bad boys.

Ok, we’ve dished about our favorites. Let’s get to the dirty, like Christina Aguilera says, and talk about the fitness.

Aubrey from ALG Uninterrupted is here to bring us back to fit with her lovely link up.


This week was not ideal but a HELLUVA lot better than last week.
*WATER – I drank more water but still am not drinking enough H20. Hydration gotta keep improving.
*WORKOUTS (Friday – Friday) – I exceeded my goal of 140 minutes of exercise per week but did not work out for 20 min a day. Saturday, I did my 7 miles (70 min). Sunday, I hit up a bar method class (60 min). Monday, I ran another 3.3 miles (40 min). The rest of the week was rough. I worked from 8:30 – 7:30pm yesterday. I was also having lady time so that pretty much makes me want to be a slug. Tonight, I’m going out but I have plans for another long run on Saturday and some kind of working out on Sunday before seeing the SF Giants play.
*EATING LESS WHEAT – I’ve been doing pretty well at this one. I’m hoping next week will be even better and I feel like my veggies and fruit intake is looking good. Holla!
*WEIGHT – Down a little over 4 lbs. Woo Woo! I was in the top of my comfortable range last Friday so feeling better about this loss. Butttttt some of that was vacay and just lady time bloat. I know super sexy, right?

Alright, my interweb homies, I’ve got to make it through the rest of Friday and kick some ass. Lunch time Mexicana style is making me feel super sleepy though. Send your fav sleepy Mexican some good energy, will ya πŸ˜‰


Coffee, lounging around, and being a warrior princess

This lbg laced up her running shoes with a fierce determination to make some miles happen. Also there was some serious fear of the looming 13.1 for the San Jose Rock-N-Roll race on October 5th.
sat run

I also have a 4:15 bar method class for today which I am purposefully blogging about so that I get my booty up and attend. Making the fitness happen, beatches! Woo woo! I hope you all are invoking your weekend warrior princesses…yes, I mean ….

XENA! Warrior Princess. Yep, went there.

Now I’d like to take a moment to talk about the dark side of running. Deep breathe. Running is hard on the tootsies and I can with all honesty say that running has made my feet uglier than they already are. I mean let’s just be honest no one really has good looking feet. Feet are just an unsexy part of the human form. To further worsen the situation we add running (of course). This is at least my rationalization for pedicures. I need someone to really scrub my feet and just make them look suedo human again. It’s 20 -30 bucks or so that I need to incorporate into the budget every month and a half or so. Oh yeah, I make those pedis stretch. I usually try and bring in my own polish so I can do my own touch ups and what have you. Damn, you running!! Not gonna lie though completing those 7 miles mad me feel sooo epically good. Hooray for resuscitating the long run.

I’d like to get in three short runs during the week and maybe another comcast yoga workout and a bar method class. We’ll see how it shapes up. Just trying to make each week in September have a little bit more fit and healthy eating than the last.

Speaking of eating healthy, Friday was a big fat FAIL and Saturday was kinda normal weekend good/bad combo. The boy made spaghetti and garlic bread which is just something I cannot turn down. I am so weak!!! Damn my Mexican culture for equating food with love!!! However I should have said no, sir. I do not need that carby deliciousness. After really not eating any wheat during the week that bread and pasta did a number on me. I felt like I was carrying a food baby around all night…blargh….revenge of the heavy ass dinner. I need to buy/ find a good deal on one of the zucchini noodle making devices. Any suggestions or recommendations would be welcome, Interwebbies.

There’s just something magically about laying around in your sweats and drinking coffee leisurely on a Sunday. It makes waking up by 9am so worth it. My boyfriend woke up at 6:30 since he was full of a child like joy due to the start of Football season. He will be camped out on the couch every Sunday from now until Superbowl. Hash tag football widow.

I think I need to try and get a November race scheduled so I have something to keep working towards post half. Time to get on the Active site and do some searching.

Alright chicas, enjoy the rest of your weekend!
coffee slacker

Spicing it up and listing it out during the cray of the school year

The post where I list style everything because there’s TOO MUCH!!! Too many thoughts, too much work, and I’m still trying to switch gears from lady of leisure mode to the working girl I need to be. I mean I missed the Hump with Kathy (sad face).


Thankfully, my soul still has the spirit of Zihua and I’m kinda wandering through day to day with some beachy casualness. It’s the first week of school at Big Tier One Research University so I’m taking it all in stride but the minute I get home an exhaustion sets in and I just plop on the couch or bed. Of course we had serious computer issues, my inbox was busting at the seams, and oops I agreed to moderate a panel, and be on a panel all this week – EEK! Did I mention my dress ripped at work the other day? Oh yeah, that happened. Of course it was the day I was moderating and would need to be walking around. I’m blessed in that my bf was working from home and brought me a new dress. That’s love, peeps.

PS Yep, sunset from our little patio on vacay- LURVE
photo 2

Like I said I haven’t truly moved from vacay to real life and I’m still eating like every day is a treat. Sigh, that’s not good….for my pants…or apparently dresses. I felt really great on vacation and you know I’m camera shy about putting my face out here but I do have a little hammock tummy shot for you all. I got to the beach and felt really strong and confident. Paddle boarding was great and it really made me feel like I was in pretty good shape to be able to do that HOORAZ!
photo 5
There it is, peeps. A weird little body shot but there it is πŸ˜‰ Mad props to all you who post your beautiful faces and working out shots! The internet can be a creepy place so..yeah. It also can be a place where you meet cool people and when they post on your blog your little bloggy heart explodes…so good and bad. Just like life.

Sorry so distracted up there! The first week of school has derailed any real working out but today I was able to attend a bar method class at 7:00am and damn ass kicked! I need to get a run in this weekend like HARD CORE! I have my October half marathon so this needs to happen. I’m scheduled for like 7 miles but if I can somehow manage 6 I will be beyond grateful. Next week is really all about getting back into my early morning running routine and a few evening bar classes. After this month, I’m going to cancel my membership. I suspended it when my Grandma passed away. It’s time to start chipping away at my credit card debt (blargh) which got a little out of hand during that time….buying food/house items for all funeral related events, a few funeral items, and some really unnecessary shopping therapy. At least I have memories of this to keep me sane.
photo 3

I have soooo many student appointments this week that there’s really no time for my other work. That gives me the overwhelming tingle of stress in the background but I’m trying not too worry to much. Plus the freshman are so sweet and excited that it makes me stoked to be there as they enter this phase in their lives. I still am unsure where to take my career next or what I really want…ya know like the Spice Girls say “Tell me what ya want, what ya really really want?” I’m thirty three with already one career change under my belt but I find myself craving a flexibility that my office currently doesn’t provide….maybe new office? I have hit up two different training sessions, one on myers briggs and another career inventory. I seem to be in the right field (broadly) based on that but I don’t know…I guess I struggle with am I working to live ($$$ and enjoying life) or to I live to work (my job as my passion). Anyways, just something I struggle with. How about you? Is your job your passion? Or well paying to make your life super enjoyable? Ever had a career change? I want to know!!!!

I’m getting this lion’s mane cut this weekend. It’s a little out of control but am so looking forward to having my fabulous hair stylist tame this mop! Plus her salon is right next to Marshall’s so I always do a lap because DEALS! Thank you for the long weekend – haircut, check in with my Mama, and time to restock the fridge with HEALTHY food ie stop eating ice cream for dinner (true story).

Alright kiddies, I’m taking off to get in the shower and head into the oficina. I have another panel tonight for the bebes. I will leave you with this lovely vacay shot.
photo 4


Monday Running Endorphins, Faking it, and Calling out my students

Dude, it’s Monday. It hasn’t been half bad but it’s still early. Damn, I hope I didn’t just jinx myself, interwebbies.


Yours truly woke up at 4:45am and got herself outta bed to hit the pavement. My knee was a little wonky so it was a slow and steady 3.3 miles. I have to figure out how to get a little map my run app action widget. I also did a 3.5 miler yesterday – Sunday Runday. I need to also go back to bar but in Summer my schedule has been so crazy it’s been hard. However it really works the ole core and arms. You can’t have a sexy vacay without sexy arms. It’s just the way it goes.


I have 9 weeks aka 63 days to get sexy. I have been “LOOSELY” tracking. Hey it’s better than nothing. I’m trying to bring exercise back which I write EVERY DAMN WEEK but hey it’s coming. I think there’s some phrase about breathing ish into reality. Well, I am writing it into reality.

I just did a little presentation for the transfer students. Sigh, degree requirements are so BORING but critical. You just can’t make that shit exciting but it’s the type of knowledge that will save your ass. I also called out a student for sleeping which was awesome. If I’m awake, you’re awake, beattches!!!

I have to table during lunch so I am trying to resolve my lunch dilemma. It’s not fun to eat and table and talking with one’s mouth full is so gross. I should probably just eat before and snack in early afternoon since tabling is throwing off my eating game. BLARGH, I just want to eat at normal times!!! Is that too much to ask? Sigh, the things we do for the bebes.

I did some real cleaning of the bedroom last night. I have also been keeping my kitchen pretty tidy. Emptying and loading the dishwasher every night helps or just packing it because we are in a drought!!! I’m gonna try and do some more cleaning tonight, my bathroom vanity area is a HOT MESS. I also want to try to hit the hay at an old lady hour so I can get my morning fit in. I have been running around my lake with an end date at Starbucks as a little treat. However it’s just a plain cup of joe to keep my calories in check. No idea, how you scheduled early risers manage but I am desperately trying to be one of you!!!


How many early mornings until I can sit with you all? You organized people that can wake up and make all your ish happen. JEALOUS! Then you can tell me all the secrets of being a grown-up! WAHAHAHAAH (that’s my evil laugh).

Alright, chicas! And chicos! I’m off for early lunch and to continue to make Monday happen! Or at least tie with Monday, ya know World Cup style.

lbg, expecting to crash from my early morning at any moment!!!


Losing my mind…confessions from orientation

A tale by the lbg

It’s crazy over here….so much work…so little fun. I am surrounded by paperwork and eager freshman. Most of whom are truly adorable and willing to listen. They are like new little puppies.
Puppies that want to major in Biology, Computer Science, and Media Studies.

I feel like I haven’t got to post at all this week because of these new little pups – BLARGH!!! I missed Kathy’s Confessions on the Hump! I had dismissal review so instead of posting I was busy making recommendations for those students who need to have a little reality check and take some time away from the University.

Yo, you can’t get two semesters of F’s and still expect to kick it.

Love, Me

But I love the Humpty Confessions so here I am with my hella late post. You can mark me down a grade. I understand.

Vodka and Soda

1. Students that have bad schedules. This is my job. I am a professional adviser. I give advice and I am good at it….what’s not to understand. Luckily, I only had one or two student schedules that caused me to look like this. Most of my frosh listen but if you don’t, trust I make note.


2. Working late and eating out have made this a really unsexy week. So Sunday I need to prepare this ish out of it if I’m at all gonna be successful. Orientation is a beast that makes me gain some weight which is so unfortunate because it’s SUMMER!!! You cannot solve a College’s problems with coffee, baked goods, and pizza but sometimes it feels that way.


3. It’s 2014 and 90% of the petitions, etc is done with paper. This makes me so angry. It’s not 1965 or even 1999 (when I was in College) there is NO REASON FOR SO MUCH PAPER! Plus, guess what???? Paper gets lost and then I get in trouble. I’M SORRY IT’S PAPER I FORGOT TO MAKE A COPY AND I PUT THE ORIGINAL IN CAMPUS MAIL. Campus mail which is basically linked to eff’ing Hogwarts Room of Requirement. I have no idea where shizz ends up. IT’S 2014!! UNIVERSITY GET IT TOGETHER!! Or give me 1000 bucks so I can just make a Computer Science major do this! It’s not that hard to put shit online. End Rant.


4. I fantasize about three day weekends where I can sleep in, clean my house, get all my laundry done, and work out. I’m so effing old. Seriously though having a kick ass apartment I love and being able to order delicious take out with my boyfriend is one of my most favorite things. Being an old lady works for me. Most of the time…except when I want to eat an entire pizza because in your thirties that gives you a food baby. In my twenties, I’d have a beer, put on a bikini, and head out. You 20 something bastards! Enjoy it thought because I did, holla.


5. I ate vanilla granola with greek yogurt in bed last night and watched Carnival on HBO GO. I’m not ashamed. I’m hella hella tired and I feel like that it a better dessert than chocolate cake.


6. I signed up for two races that are not in my budget but I needed a pick me up and it was National Running Day. Poor financial choices. SUCK IT MONEY!!! Plus I needed the motivation and I am realizing Mon/Wed Bar is unsustainable since Orientation has me getting home between 6-7pm on those days. Well, maybe just Mondays….Wednesday might get better but I have gone to zero bar classes this week!!! SAD FACE!

Thanks for listening to my crazy. Anyone that’s still out there….following this hot mess of a blog. I heart you, interwebbies. This one’s for you.


On Fridays we link up….or you can’t sit with us



I said I wasn’t but how can I resist. Let’s kick it w/ Amanda and her Friday Favorites link up, shall we?
Friday Favorites

1. FAVORITE DRINK OF THE WEEK – COCONUT WATER! Surprise it’s not booze but definitely helping me bring sexy back. Water is so critical to getting healthy it’s just not even funny. Downside, I have to pee all the time! My body is readjusting to this whole hydration with water as opposed to beer thing. Thank you, True Burger for letting me run into your bathroom because I would have not made the walk home from the train. I owe you.



So cute! Not to mention – wayyyyyy less slipping and that little cushion on the back makes my leg feel so much better on the barre. Way less pressure. Hooraz, I love you pointe barre socks πŸ™‚

3.FAVORITE RANDOM OLD VIDEO – MICHAEL JACKSON’S LEAVE ME ALONE. This video is just really effing cool. It’s weird, artsy, and Michael. From the vaults, beattches! Enjoy!


4. FAVORITE FRIDAY CLOTHING ITEM – MY BROOKLYN SHIRT!!! Reliving all the magic of the fact I ran the Brooklyn Half this year!!

Hmmm…that about wraps up my favorites for the week. I’m very impressed I didn’t write a Friday Hate List but I’m trying to put out all the good energy…hopefully that hippie magic works πŸ˜‰ I kid, I kid….kinda.

Today we’re also gonna holla at ALG, Uninterrupted for her Fitness Friday Link up!
Fitness Friday

This week I have rocked at the drinking of water. On a related note my body was thank you baby Jesus. I also have attended three bar method classes this week! Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday!!! I have one set for tomorrow morning too! That will be 4 workouts this week. At the end of the day, you really need to prioritize your fitness and health. That is easier said than done. One of those days I had to leave work early to ensure I would go to class. This isn’t an every week kind of thing but for me when you’re getting back to it, stuff like that is mandatory.

Next week, it will be water, workouts, and tracking. I effing hate tracking but it will give me an idea of where I’m effing up.

It’s the Summer of Sexy, kids. Let’s all bring it!!!

Have a kick ass weekend! Get your fit on and don’t have too much fun!! Let me know what you old ladies got going on!


A little barre love and some ranting


Alright kiddies, let me break it down. If you are taking the BART train (like the BAY AREA SUBWAY) during commuter hours these are the escalator rules! Apparently people can only be socialized in the wrong ways and not the right ones like following the commuter guidelines. The right side of the escalator should be boarded single file when going up. If you stand on the right side of your moving step you are enjoying your coffee, leisurely waiting for the escalator to get you to the top. If you board the left side of the escalator it means “BAM, GET OUT MY WAY!” like Ludicrious. You are late, about to be late, about to miss another train. You don’t have time to leisurely drink the coffee you need to run up the escalator. Simple, right?

Apparently not. Dude, if you have a friend it’s not complicated. Merely stand on the right side SINGLE FILE and talk to your friend that way. DO NOT CROWD THE ENTIRE ESCALATOR STEP! IT IS COMMUTER TIME! I want to shake these people and say look at everyone else??? Also even if you don’t have a friend – why are you STANDING to the left??? Didn’t you see all the people in front of you frantically walk up the escalator?? Sigh, I just don’t understand Interwebbies. I just don’t.

This message was brought to you by un-caffeinated commuting little brown girls and Luda.

Sorry that was clearly the R rated version but I trusted you all to click it off if you were horribly offended by Luda. It just expressed my angry commuter rage.

I am drinking my Starbucks coffee and feeling much more pleasant now. The latte strike is going well. I need to think of Mexico and how sexy I want to be. Like Prince, Get Off sexy! That’s a Prince song for all you non-fans. There isn’t a video. I checked because my blog is pretty much 50% musica from the 80s & 90s.

Pretty much me and my feelings about Prince.

Anyways, I have another bar method class tonight. Woo Woo!!! My water consumption is getting back to where it needs to be – holla. Well, NYC pretty much placed my water consumption as “beer has water in it right? That counts.” True story. Speaking of health and water, we did this wicked fold over exercise with a mini mat bent behind our raised leg. TERRIBLE AND IMPOSSIBLE. I mean like I wasn’t even doing it fully correctly because my mini mat kept falling out and it still kicked my ass.

So where that ball is (see above) is where we had a bent little mat that you were supposed to keep in place while raising or pulling your leg inwards.HORRIBLE!! But that’s why this ish hella changes your body…I mean..you just have to actually go to class πŸ˜‰

I also bought these awesome barre socks online from Pointe Studio because they had a FABU sale and I basically got four pairs for $30 dollars. HOLLA! I have no idea why barre socks are so expensive but they are. Anyways, I love these little socks…I actually slip less in bar method and they’re so cute. Β Of course, now I am addicted and want MORE!!!! I think another pair is in order so I can at least make it to laundry day πŸ˜‰





I’m also on the look out for Summer and Fall races I need to get some more ish on my calendar. Especially since the only race I had scheduled, I’m missing due to vacation. Sad face. I was pretty damn excited for that half but trust, Mexico is far more exciting!!! Next week, I’m bringing healthy eating back. This week is JUST workouts and water or my head will explode.

This chica’s gotta do some advising so I will catch you all on the flip side. I want to do Friday Favorites with Amanda but I kinda hate everything so we’ll see. Have a great day, peeps!