Sadly, I’m still at work on this sunny Friday and staring at my mile long to-do list but whatevs! Boss lady brought in bagels and I had enough self control to only eat half of one. Small victories!!! I also brought my lunch of healthy kale salad and an apple snack. Go me!

Once again, I needed to run to the bus stop on my morning commute because I completely forgot about a meeting and that just made my morning cray cray. Usually when this happens I can only run half the way and then speed walk the rest of the way. Today I ran the whole way! Woo Woo! NSV, peeps!

Since it’s Friday and that generally means distractions, slacking, and watching the clock, I’ve decided to do a FRIDAY FAVORITES POST. Stuff that I am loving, wanting, or hoping to try because it’s all about the day dreaming.



I love love love my camelbak! It has helped me seriously up my water intake and I take it everywhere with me!!! It’s seriously my bestie. I have a UCSB one (my beloved alma mater) and when I thought I lost it I was devastated for a full 24 hours. No joke.

OK, strike this whole Friday Favorites. I haven’t put enough thought into it and I need to save more, spend less and this just makes me want to BUY ALL THE THINGS!!! Plus, you know I’m dealing with this bar method addiction and I have yet to bite the bullet. See yesterday’s post if you’re like this lady is cray and I have no idea what she’s talking about.


Plus, I am trying to plan a Ladies LA weekend with my College buddies and I need to fork out the money for plane tickets! Sigh, flying so quick and easy but sadly expensive.

Alright I need to do some work! Enjoy your weekend, peep!




The Not So Secret Life of the LBG and other 1980s fairy tales

Brought to you by the letter C for Coffee!


Today I slept in until 9 and am now drinking coffee in bed as I write this blog post. LOVE! I did not love working an 8-8 day but this is pretty damn wonderful. So let’s get to the updating shall we?

– I gained this week… It sucks and think it probably had to do with all the weekend eating out plus this whacks doodle schedule (No, autocorrect. It’s whackadoodle.) Who actually whacks a doodle? PS what’s a doodle? Anyways, the gain was small + .1 lbs. Maybe next week I’ll see better progress but in the meantime, here’s how I feel:


Profound, right.

Moving right along BAR METHOD UPDATE
-I’m seriously falling in lurve with Bar and I’m torn about it. I mean really any workout that involves your bf/partner/familia/dog ( all completely interchangeable) noticing changes in your body should be kept, right??? But the thing is that Bar is not a cheap-o investment. Here’s my studio’s membership options because my amazing January $80 trial ends on 2/7…SAD FACE!

Sign up for our Monthly Membership program and take unlimited classes for only $175/month. This membership makes it even easier for you to take the optimal number of classes to see the best results for your body.
Significantly reduced per class price for those taking class consistently (see below
No minimum time commitment, simply provide 31 days notice to cancel
Suspend your package at any time for up to 6 weeks for $25
Visits/Cost per Class:
$19 โ€“ 2 classes/week
$13 โ€“ 3 classes/week
$10 โ€“ 4 classes/week
$8 โ€“ 5 classes/week

Membership options
Drop-in Class – $24
5 Class Package – $110
10 Class Package – $210

Clearly, unlimited makes the most sense for me since I’m hitting about 3x a week but the price tag makes me GULP. Sigh, I really want to get in shape and at the end of the day (or in one or month or more) I’ve bought a $60 pair of pants and had a $75 dinner with the boy. This isn’t that much more and it’s for my health, MI VIDA if you will. I’m 90% sure I’m gonna bite the bullet for Feb and see how it works out with my budget.

Coglans Law – spending this kinda cash better get your booty to the gym (Yes, I just referenced Cocktail. I’m old and love Elizabeth Shue)


This weekend’s long run will be 4.5 miles -eek! I’m also still figuring out what day I’ll be doing my short run. Ideally Brooklyn half training will be three days of BAR and two days of running. Once I get closer maybe end of March, I might add another day of running in there.

Ssssshhhhh, Interwebbs. This lbg may have an upcoming interview so light your candles, dance for rain, or whatever prayers rock your boat!!! I will take ALL the good energy. Also I made it through/ran a meeting yesterday without looking like a total idiot and am REALLY grateful! Shout out to Baby Jesus or maybe super fit Jesus from the new movie. Seriously, I saw a preview at the Secret Life of Walter Mitty which is an amazing movie and you should all see! Or just you, one visitor but I like you and wouldn’t lie.

In other news, try and not get too cray cray with the Super Bowl treats, peeps!!!! I’m gonna try and work out in the morning preemptively. I would say drink water but that won’t happen for me…. I just referenced Cocktail, I’m not fooling anyone ๐Ÿ˜‰


Better late than never…your almost forgotten Tuesday Blurb


The bebes are back and my schedule is all wonky this week because of extra programming. Obviously winter break is OVER and I’m back to my cray cray 11-8 Tuesdays so I can meet the kids in the res halls. Sooooooo I need a new work out schedule after this week that is maintainable.

I’m experimenting which makes me feel all mad scientist like….WAHHAHA (too much?)

POSSIBLE SCHEDULE (after this week – where my workouts are all WEIRD)

This seems like a lot of working out but I’m really diggin’ Bar Method but am obligated to train this booty for Brooklyn so I don’t die. That would suck.

OH MY GOD ITS 7:26PM AND I’M STILL AT WORK!!! Exhaustion is kicking in and tomorrow I have an 8-8 day…baby Jesus why do I do this???? For these crazy college kids, sure. …But I do really need a new job. If the office ran smoothly sure this ish would be no problem but the mental exhaustion is killing me…. Trust, ending my day w/ bar method makes me a nicer and kinder girlfriend.

The other day I was day dreaming about being a Lady of Leisure. You know, work out in the morning, grab a coffee, freshen my lovely self up, tidy an amazing apartment, meet friends, and throw fabulous dinner parties. Of course, those people are usually mean and snobby. Not fun and ridiculous like all us working folk. Well anyways, don’t you hope that?






The Nutz Over Chocolate Luna Bar is totes my “I’m running late but must have breakfast and I have 6 1/2 minutes to make it my bus stop and be on time!” breakfast.


It’s really delicious and there’s fiber in there and the calories (180) aren’t terrible considering it’s all I get to eat for breakfast on these late type days. Yep, today was one of them. Sweet potato and egg is probably my breakfast of choice though….yummm.

Getting in shape is clearly one of my hot mess 2014 goals so this forces me think about behaviors that are less than fit-tastic. This weekend I realized that last minute plans that involve boozing and delicious food don’t bode well for me. First, my calories usually aren’t portioned in a way that I can squeeze in some extra extra. Also I got really excited and just tend to order the most unhealthy thing on the menu and add a round of cocktails. Blergh….not well played, lbg. Pork Belly Hash is unhealthy you say? No idea, none what so ever.

I obviously need to work on making better choices like the Biggest Loser restaurant challenge they typically hold ever other season. Also I cannot NOT cry during make-over week. It’s physically impossible. Just straight up sad bastard tears.

My week is all wonky because of programming for the Undergrads so that means I have to change my workout routine for the week! EEK!!!! Ok, so this is what I will be attempting, my pretties.

MONDAY – 6:45pm Bar Method
TUESDAY – 7:00am Bar Method (So now that the kiddies are back in school, I’m back to my 11-8pm Tuesdays w/ evening advising in the res halls)
THURSDAY – 7:00am Bar Method (b/c of a Wed night event, I will be only working 12-5 on Thursday so best to get my workout in)
SATURDAY – 4.5 Mile run

I might add a bar method class on Saturday but am uncertain. I think it’s the smart thing to do because I’m actually digging waking up at a decent hour on Saturday, getting my fit on, and actually making it to the Farmer’s Market (it’s on the way to the Bar Method Studio). Hmm…this is what a grown up would do.

Ooh I just won an amazon gift card at work for filling out a survey! Sheesh! This never happens!!! Ok, I’m buying myself some workout pants – Hoorah!

This posting was kinda lame-o but I just wanted to discuss my issues with last minute get together that involve eating foodz….sigh so good. Also this weekend was ROUGH, ROUGH, ROUGH so I hope I manage to eek out a loss this week. Or at least maintain, maintenance is muy importanta, peeps. Wine, we’re so frenemies!!!

What’s your workout plan for the week, Interwebs? Anything new or exciting?

Alright, besos on this maniac Monday,

Week In Review – Making The Fit Happen



Monday Night – Bar Method
Wednesday Night – Bar Method
Saturday Morning – Bar Method
Saturday Afternoon – 4 mile run!
Sunday Morning – 3.2 mile walk with my friend!

Weight loss -0.6 lbs
– Only 8.4lbs to go!!!!

Today I gotta get my ish together for my weekly lunches and I’m working a weird work schedule so I need to figure out where to get my workout in!!!

Ok, my nasty kitchen is mostly cleaned and now I need a shower ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Sunday!

Detoxing Cheese and Other Recovery Methods

Dude. I was a BAD lbg yesterday. There was lunch with coworkers with LOTS of fries and hummus (plus falafel and then some)… It was tasty delicious but then HAPPY HOUR hit and let’s just say by 10pm I was sharing a small rib plate and some cheesy Mac-n-cheese….. Damn you bottle of wine!!! Damn, you!

So I put on my big girl pants this morning and dragged my winey, Mac and cheese tummy to bar class. It was rough but I did it…. And drank a TON of my new bestie, h2o.

I see why alcohol leads to healthy eating failures BUT it was sooooo good!

I’m exhausted its like noon. Sigh, paying the price, my friends, paying the price.

Ok I need a nap.

The road to recovery is long and hard and full of delicious off roading ๐Ÿ˜‰

Bad lbg

I only play a professional blogger on tv, happy hour, and musica made for dancing in my MIND!



I’m gonna get some happy hour on today with my prima! Super excited to have a much needed catch up session with her on all things life, engagement (hers), and suedo new job . I did bring my lunch today but might be making an exception of having lunch w/ a colleague that I don’t nearly get to kick it with enough these days. My goal is to keep it healthy because happy hour is gonna be the splurge. Send me accountability prayers!


This week I hit my workouts like a champion but it really helped having MLK day off. Four day weeks making my life lovely. Anyways, the weekend workouts are looking like this:

Saturday – 9:45am bar method class & 4:00pm 4 mile run

Sunday – 9:00am 3 mile walk with my chica

If I follow the above plan I will have worked out 6 times this week! Whoa, that’s like Jillian Michaels status! CRAZY!


HERE’S SOME FRIDAY LINK UP LURVE – these lovely ladies do update posts but my update was yesterday so sorry you’re stuck with this, Interwebs.

UGH… I am ready for it to be 5pm. I need to pull myself up and actually be a productive worker bee today. Sadly, I am still in a MAJOR MAJOR job rut and really uncertain about my future here. That is not an excuse however to fail and I kinda feel like I’m failing at my job. But I’m really not very happy here, kids. I havent’ been for some time. I applied for one thing and have yet to hear back. I have two other possible positions I could apply for but haven’t researched or started updating my cover letter. The good thing is that I’m focusing on my health and that’s making me really happy. I’m full on in love with Bar Method and very excited about the Brooklyn Half. I’ve been rockin’ my fitness pal and updating my food and water regularly which is so helpful on that front. I’m trying to create changes in areas of my life that I can and I feel positive about that. Sadly, work still brings me down and sometimes creeps into that. I’ve never really wanted to leave higher education (in the last 6 or so years) but for the first time I’m thinking about it.

Alright, it’s Friday. There’s no room for Debbie Downers. I’ve got a happy hour to look forward too and my first half marathon training run on Saturday. You know what cheers up this lbg…C’mon I post muscia ALL THE TIME. This Friday is no different and it’s just gotta be Pharrell. Yep, REPEAT! My bad, but not really b/c ย “IT’S MY JAM!”

I’m running to the dance floor in my mind!

Friday Besitos,