Sunday Grown Up Sunday

Making it happen on Sunday is hard but seriously worth it. It’s a chance to put on my big girl pants and tackle some casita stuff that otherwise would not get done. I’m finally feeling a little better today from frosh outbreak 725 so that made a difference in getting the kitchen done and all our towels washed and dried. Ya know all the clean up that comes from having a house full of guests.

However time was still made for bottomless mimosas with my chicas, a good haircut, and of course Catching Fire, Hunger Games. I was really impressed with Catching Fire. They of course had to change the book a bit but overall well done. I don’t want to include any spoilers but for sure add it to your holiday movie list.

Running, sigh. Friday and Saturday I felt pretty lousy and was back on a cocktail of mimosa and DayQuil with a dose of Tylenol. This afternoon I started to feel better with much less coughing. Depending on how I feel after working a full day I’m hoping to get a run in right after work. I need to get better and put some miles in before my 10k so fingers crossed.

Tomorrow is another slow beginning of bringing back health and fitness. Blergh..I don’t wanna!!!! I want to eat fries!!! No, but I know I will start to feel and look 100x better and I need to bring the sexy back. I’m going to start tracking myself too. I know you’re thinking but Turkey Day is around the corner! It is and I’m still planning on enjoying it! I just can’t put off starting though otherwise it’s just another reason not too. I have no idea if that makes any sense but its how I’m feeling.

Alright time for a shower and some NyQuil to help me sleep. Say some prayers that this lbg wakes up healthy.



Gladiators of Crazy with a side of Cough Drops but hold the Bangs!

Day 500 of the sickness….

No, it really hasn’t been that long but doesn’t it absolutely feel that way when you’re sick? I hate, hate, hate being sick! But at least I’ve (mostly) kicked the Dayquil. Now it’s mainly the cough drops. I’ve traded one sicky addiction for another but it’s keeping me going. I’m hoping (fingers crossed) to make it to the track with my sister on Saturday for my first run back. Hello running! Hopefully you missed me and will be gentle and not kick me in the face.

I have spent a significant amount of time online looking for a running jacket that is bright, stylish, and keeps me warm. I know..I know it’s California how cold can it get??? This lbg is Cali born and raised so I’m very sorry but 47 degrees is cold to me!!! I saw this little number  Kohl’s Fila Running hoodie and was so depressed when I realized they had none in XS! Bastards!

I need to beat this compulsion of looking at the Want Ads. I guess they’re not really the Want Ads anymore – they’re Craigslist, NorCal Herc, Idealist, etc. But still it’s getting outtahand. I need to obviously keep looking but make the best of the current mess of an employment situation. Make lemonade…..but my heart says just add the vodka.

A while ago I made the decision to get some Zoey Deschanel bangs and this was a BAD idea. They actually were kinda cute when styled properly but that hardly ever happened. It’s also so windy in the Bay at times it seems pointless to have bangs. They just got blown all over the place and bleh!


Clearly if they looked this cute, I would have kept them. Instead here I am still growing out the damn things. Anyways, I’m getting a haircut in the hopes of them blending a little bit better and possibly adding some layers into my hair to make that happen. Bangs be gone! That should be a product.

Oohhh I’m all signed up for a 10k on December 14th! Running really need to make a comeback this weekend because this bad boy is right around the corner  – Summit Rock 10K

Alright kiddies, hope you’re having a fabulous Thursday! Thursday is all about Scandal for me! I cannot get enough of Olivia Pope aka the fabulous Kerry Washington.

Olivia Pope

I need Olivia to walk into this office with her gladiators and fix this hot mess of a situation. As one colleague told me “It’s time to update the LinkedIn!” There you have it, the peeps in the office are looking to fly the coop as well. Sigh…I want to love my job. Am I some kind of crazy fool??? Or something where I can at least create some work/life balance. I need that people!

But I’ll settle for a glass of wine and some yummy olives.



Running will return once the black plague exits the building

There has been zero running because the sickness aka the black plague has taken over my life. I’m sneezing and hacking and getting exhausted roughly by 4pm. I was gonna bring back the run on Tuesday (ya know my late day) but it rained really hard so I decided against it. However in a strange twist of fate I was late and actually ran to the bus stop. Running for six minutes resulted in a massive cough attack but luckily I didn’t die. It was pretty nasty though.  Hence running is temporarily out of service due to my body succumbing to freshman outbreak #1117.

I’m working only a half day due to the black lung today and the rain continues on. Here is a little sample:


At least the campus is gorgeous and the first rains are always so pretty.  Yesterday, post hack attack, I walked to frosh advising. The Marching Band was practicing a lovely little salute to Justin Timberlake. There’s nothing quite like hearing a Marching Band cover “Sexy Back” followed by “Mirrors.” Easily the highlight of Tuesday. Of course, the job search continues.

I have been reading this book and it is SERIOUSLY SOOOOO GOOOD!


It takes place in San Francisco and Berkeley and I LOVE reading about places I have lived. It makes it just a little bit cooler to read about places you’ve been. It’s a tad sci-fi, nerdy, but also has some unexpected twists and turns. Buy this book! You’ll love it. If you don’t…well…you probably won’t enjoy reading this nerdy blog anyways. So my bad.

I ate a healthy lunch and breakfast today so that’s a big improvement. Having the in-laws over basically threw all eating healthy options out the window. I really need a to-do/get back on track post because the HOT MESS is even messier and hotter than usual topped off with a cherry of me being super sick. BLERGH!

Also I need to actually do some work today instead of just “pretending.” The students must be advised!

I would say besos but I’m the outbreak monkey so abrazos from a distance,


DAYQUIL shots on the house! And other tales from Manic Monday!

Sigh, I think I need a new job. I love my students. They are fabulous, eager, nervous, and little young people but there are too many other really crappy parts of this job. If it was just these kiddos, I’d be here forever.

I guess I’m actively looking as of this week. There was one event last week that brought me to this point and I can’t deny it any longer so it’s time to dust off the resume. I’m starting my day with a few websites, craiglist, and idealist to see what’s out there and just know it’s time to start applying. I hate having to look for jobs. Interviewing & researching and updating my resume – fun! Yes, I’m that nerdy. This is why I work as a College Adviser, people! NERD ALERT! I have a magnet that says I hella heart the liberal arts on my fridge.

It would be nice to stay at my Dinosaur Tier One Research University but the funds aren’t what they once were for this crumbling monolith and my oficina isn’t doing me any favors for my mental health or work/life balance. How are some people so balanced and not all hot messy. I would love to hear your secrets! TELL ME!!!

Anyways, today is a little rough. I’m very distracted, still slightly sick, and tired from all the shenanigans with the suedo in-laws. Luckily, no suedo in-laws were harmed this weekend. Additionally, no lbgs were forced into binge drinking unless you count the one night I was mainlining dayquil and rum. No one’s family is perfect, I just prefer the crazy of mi Familia but hey that’s usually the case.

Tonight if I’m not still dependent on the Dayquil I may try to run. But if I still need it to breathe, I may forego. I really like running though so I gotta make the time because my job is killing my soul a little bit right now. The soul needs be replenished in some way, peeps. I’m sure I read that on a Starbucks cup once so there you have it.

Thanks for hearing me out on my case of the Mondays.



I don’t get points for not punching people in the face – sadface

I understand mi familias crazy. It’s the crazy I’m directly from and have spent decades developing my own response mechanisms.

Now part of being a good girlfriend is dealing with other people’s crazy family. For like 3 days and not trying to kill yourself or punch your significant others family in said crazy faces.

I am being a good girlfriend.

It is slowly killing me.

This is why I have been hidden away, Interwebs. I have been “hosting” aka not killing.

Please send drugs, Interwebs.


Fist fights, croissants, and other ways I manage to get sick

I need a win today.

I woke up with a cold, all stuffed up, and feeling lousy in general. Boo. With the Boy’s familia visiting this weekend, I’ve given up on getting a run in since there’s still  A TON to clean. I woke up today and did some cleaning this morning since cleaning the kitchen is not a regular activity for the Boy.

Ugh…I also have my performance review which is never bad but I start to worry and get all nervous that I will be walking out with a pink slip and a cardboard box. This is ridiculous since the University NEVER fires anyone. But that would be some serious irony if they tossed me out, so I worry.

I’m realizing I’m not so much an emotional eater as someone that eats to not punch people in the face or just yell “REALLY” or “C’MON! ARE YOU SMOKING CRACK!” Hence, I show up to meeting and tastefully bite into croissant or sip fancy starbucks coffee when things that would require the above responses occur. It’s actual a public service. No one want to see a 5 foot nothing lil’ brown girl walk up and smack a big old pompous white man in the face. Or maybe they do? Hmm, that would fall under the pink slip category for sure. I’m better off with the croissant.

My nose is going to be so red tomorrow, just call me Rudolph Jr.. Tissues all over my desk because of this damn cold. Fingers are crossed it’s not the flu because I’ve been way to busy to get my usual early October flu shot. Damn Undergrads! I swear they’re like mini outbreak monkeys.  “Soooo I was feeling (sniffle, sniffle) really, really sick today. I decided just not to go to class but figured I should (cough, cough) come in for advising (more sneezes).” – Undergrad 510.

REALLY! You’re hella sick and instead of going to class you decided to come to my office and sneeze all over me. Wonderful. Like I said, I need a win today.

Oops, time to let Sneezy Undergrad 20 into my den of sniffles.


lbg, I should own stock in Kleenex



Old ladies attending Boarding Schools without lawns or McDreamy


I hate having to kick kids out of classrooms. I feel like such a mean old lady making me one step closer to becoming the spinster that yells ‘Get off my lawn!” But then I remember I live in the Bay Area and I will never be able to afford to own someplace with a lawn let alone pay off the massive student debt I’m carrying around.  Somebody get this old lady without a lawn a drink.

It’s super dead at my dorm advising session leaving me to create my own trouble. Catch up on my blog reading, facebook, and create posts on not too much. I don’t know about you but I get all angry when I have down time and there are no new blog posts from my favorite fancy pants bloggers. C’mon it’s your job to keep me entertained with your witty antidotes!!! Then I remember – oh shit, some of these people have actual real jobs besides keeping me entertained.  Sadly, I am not a Queen and no one is assigned to the role of  Jester in my life. Really though if I was a Queen the first person I’d hire would be my personal chef and then trainer. Jester would be wayyyyyyy down there. Personal bartender would be fairly high as well. I mean, if I was Queen, I’d just buy a vineyard.

Today I worked hard like a productive member of an advising team. Honestly, I think this three-day weekend finally helped me catch up on everything after my Grandma being in the hospital and me working from the SJ (San Jose)/helping out the Mama bear. Life is so crazy. It makes me realize I have no wonderful children to take care of me so I just need to die before I run out of retirement or need extra care. Life’s tough for us in the middle. Hopefully Interwebs, you have some bebes to take care of you in your old age.

Also can we take a moment to talk about how good American Horror Story: Coven is???!!! I mean I have never watched AHS (That’s what the cool kids call it) before but I am digging this whole witching boarding school plot. I should preface this by saying I love all boarding school/East Coast/Coming of Age films (yes I just made that a category). Let’s highlight a few:

  • School Ties!
  • With Honors (this is like one of my favorite movies! PS McDreamy before he’s McDreamy)
  • Dead Poet’s Society (Obviously)
  • Scent of a woman (Al Pacino is amaze-balls in this! And a young Chris O’Donnell who will later be a sexy vet in season 2 of Grey’s)
  • Mona Lisa Smile (I know, you thought I forgot about the ladies)


Ok, enough for now. I could also add Harry Potter to the above list and still feel totally legit.  FYI – I just realized I would excel at a 6 degrees of Grey’s Anatomy type game tying everyone and thing back to that damn show. I loved Greys, still do, even though Shonda is clearly spending all her time on Scandal. Grey’s is just not as good this season and I’m starting to feel as though it’s your pet getting really old and sick and we just need to put her down. Anyone else?

Alright with that my peeps, I should pretend to be doing some kind of fancy remote advising. If we’re honest most of my University’s technology is set to 1982 DOS but I’m just a lowly peon of an adviser. What do I know about investing in future technology instead of someone else’s older rickety model. Investmest, Sheshment.


lbg, busy as a bee advising…..ghost students…yea