Kale is no substitute for Tortillas but we all must make sacrifices




This is how I feel EVERYDAY!

I really hope this picture comes out a normal readable size since I’m still trying to master this whole blogging thing. Hello Bloggy World! Tuesday is always so much better than Monday, I have no explanation for this. Perhaps, because I’ve been beaten into submission by Monday but who knows?

This is a little shot of my lake as I waited for my bus this morning. My fellow commuters and I get to wait by a pretty gorgeous view right?




LOOK! Ducks! Take two!




Let’s chat about the New Year’s Goals, shall we. I hope you said yes otherwise you probably just clicked my shit closed. Anyways, bringing my lunch to work, peeps. I am really focusing quite a bit on this one. However it’s not enough just to bring my lunch. I personally find it needs to be tasty or I merely end up buying something else or quickly saying yes to a lunch date and standing up said home-made lunch.





  • Raw Kale
  • Massage that raw kale w/ some olive oil and splash of balsamic
  • Avocado (1/2) break up and massage into the kale – making it all gooey and coating that kale
  • Campari tomatoes (2)
  • White button mushrooms (2) sauteed w/ the deliciousness below
  • Italian Turkey Sausage (from Whole Foodie, of course)

OMG I love this salad and that’s how you serve up a tasty lunch, kids. PS My thighs are totally killing me today from bar method. I am slowly beginning to loathe this damn little ball that they use as a torture device in the bar method. You hold it between your thighs and have to do all kinds of terrible things that make my entire body quiver…yes, I said quiver.

bar method ball

Hmm… hope that worked…it’s from another site. I have no idea. I’m sure you can google it.

For breakfast I have no photos but I did have a pretty healthy breakfast. I scrambled two eggs with a little salsa and ate that ish up w/ a trader joe’s homemade flour tortilla.  I thought about not having the tortilla but I’m just not there yet. Plus my DNA practically requires me to eat tortillas, I mean what kind of Mexican doesn’t eat tortillas. I’ve never met them…simply they don’t exist. But yeah, less tortillas would probably be a good idea. Sigh, now all I want is a tortilla. Jesus, they are so good!!!

Instead I will drink my water and try and save my tangelo for 3pm when I always get the munchies. Never fails 3pm is snack time, it’s like I’m 5.

Enjoy your Tuesday!!! Lunch break is almost over!



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