The Weekend Ran Over Me…..

Holla Peeps!
This Monday will be spent at the Doctor’s and the Dentist’s and popping onto the computer to do some emailing. First, I needed to check in over at this corner of the Interwebbies and see how we all were doing.



Trust, I know we gained an hour but I just want SLEEP ALL THE SLEEP. I went to bed earlier and woke up a little later and yeah, sleep. This may also have to do that I have been running around like a much younger woman since Thursday where me and the boy stayed out until 12:30ish. AGHHH SOOO LATE. We went to an AWESOME spoken word show. Yes, I am one of those nineties people that loves poetry, spoken word, and SAUL WILLIAMS you were AMAZING. Friday, I pulled my tired self together and me and one of my chicas headed to a Halloween party with some peeps from work. This party was hosted by a friend that is super PRO-ANIMAL. She’s a vegan and fosters animals, all that good stuff. Anyways, people were encouraged to bring their pets which seems cool until you see two dog fights during the night. DAMN! That’s just too much for me. I mean I guess this shizz happens all the time at the dog park but man, who knew so cray cray. Saturday, I headed into SF for a book signing and some Target shopping. Plus the Ferry Building so so lovely. Sunday, I hit up my great Auntie’s 100th birthday and got back into Oakland by 7:00pm. Homegirl is tired.


I hit up the lovely Ferry Building this Saturday and it was one of those perfect SF fall days. There was that cool ocean breeze but blue skies and temperatures in the high 60s. Sigh, I always miss living in SF when I’m having a little adventure. I went to the Mediterranean Paleo Cook Book talk with Diane Sanfilipo (Balanced Bites blog & podcast), Caitlin Weeks (Grass Fed Girl blog) and Caitlin’s husband (The Chef). First off, Caitlin’s husband was hilarious and awesome. Just a random guy that loves cooking and wife’s a nutritionist so he ended up cooking/being paleo without even knowing it. Diane facilitated and she was just like her podcast but ya know…in person. It was pretty cool and the waiting to have your book signed took forever but it was beautiful so I didn’t mind. The book is BEYOND beautiful and even my boyfriend is stoked to cook some of the recipes. We haven’t tried any yet but if you love beautiful, informative cookbooks, you should seriously buy this one.

Alright, that was the weekend rundown and now it’s time to start the week. Have a good Monday, kiddies.

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