I’M BRINGING HOLIDAY BACK!!!! Just add booze and you too can have an office party!


Welcome to the lifestyles of the under funded.
Our University budget included Chinese food for the staff. Holla. The party will be on campus (unsexy) while booze (thank you, Jesus) and desserts are provided by the goodness of our staff. I’m still grateful we get to stop working at 12:30 to just kick in and drink in a dark room across campus. No, it won’t really be dark but there will be jams off Spotify. Anyways, as ghetto fab as our Holiday Party may be it’s still time to celebrate. So without further ado here are some of my favorite, misguided, hilarious holiday favorites!!!! IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER (Yes, I am yelling & dancing!)

I cannot get enough of this 80’s classic. Also George Michael. I may need to do an entire post dedicated to fabulous George Michael videos. I’m giving my Christmas to someone special, bitches…..

I’m all about the classics. Bring on Bing, Nat, and Frank and that is the holidays for me. I want to feel like I’m in madman with my sexy apron on and pouring too much booze into my cocktail. Not to mention that the “Sisters” song in White Christmas is me and my sister’s jam. Clearly there are not true music videos from back in the day but I did find this gem for all you peeps. BING & FRANK!!

I can’t explain why but this jam just cracks me up. Rock on Horatio, rock on. Hearing those Christmas bells ring, ring a ding, ding. I wish it was Christmas today!!!

You can’t have Christmas without some hella melancholy music. Nat brings it with this song. Its kind of magical, sad, lovely, with just a touch of somber. Plus it’s good for you to watch shizz in black and white to appreciate HD, airbrushing, and all that television magic. You may not believe it kids but long ago to had to have actual talent to be a star. Heart you, Nat.

This was just fun and dude, Kermit makes a cameo at the beginning. Plus a little role reversal.

HAPPY HANUKKAH!!! PS It’s true all comedians want to be rock stars.

Not completely related but we know I love me some Jimmy Fallon. So let’s just throw in a holiday parody.

Since we already covered Mariah’s version of All I Want for Christmas is you, we will do the next best version.
This is one of my favorite Christmas movies. I watch it at least ONCE every holiday season.

Alright my peeps, don’t dance on tables or make out with anyone in closets! Those are my sage office party words of wisdom. If any of said events does occur just spend a few days during Winter Break updating the old resume.


Tuesday A LA MODE!!!!

Dear Tuesday Alarm Clock,
It’s fully your bad that you let me turn you off and failed to spidey sense that you should go off in another 30 minutes or so. Your poor decision making resulting in me running out the door like a mad woman and barely being able to make my first student appointment of the day. I did however despite your slackerdom make it happen.
Of course these actions lead to me requiring a peppermint mocha the minute my next student no showed for her appointment. Sigh, I have never been so happy for a no show until I desperately needed coffee in the way you need gatorade at your 12 mile marker of a half marathon. True story. I followed up said coffee with a chocolate chip cookie from the office kitchen since I figured I’d just slide into Christmas obesity. Straight up chutes & ladders since it’s my homie’s birthday today which means we will be consuming beer & smoked meats in her honor after work. CHRISTMAS FOOD AND MORE FOOD!!!!
How long do we have to wait for sweatpants to be appropriate work attire?? I swear if I was more comfortable I would easily be more productive. We need some pie charts to demonstrate the increased productivity…mmmmmm….pie! I’m all about warm apple pie a la mode. Yes, I’m totes thinking of Little Miss Sunshine.

To say I am looking forward to smoked meet is an understatement. Other than that I have no other plans than trying to make it through this terrible work day. I’m just grumpy and counting down the seconds until 4:45pm. The students that come in during finals week fall into three different categories: degree check (ie I am senior), failing finals/academic probation or about to be on academic probation, and mental breakdown, depression, or other crisis. Basically it’s very slow but the students that come in (aside from degree checks) are HELLA HOT MESSES! Poor bebes. Thank you bebe Jesus, I was able to drink coffee and get my advising mojo slightly back. But in between students, I am a complete grump.

Alright kiddies, have a crazy Tuesday.

It’s not Christmas without Vodka & Soda

Dearest Interwebbies,
Here we are on wicked Monday once again. Saddest news ever, Kathy is retiring from Vodka and Soda. She’s ready for other things, you know like your fav TV star that leaves the show you love you to blow up the big screen. Trust, Kathy you are a rockstar. I take comfort knowing that you will still be lurking out on the Interwebs.

Broke down and cut my raggedy ass hair. THANK YOU BABY JESUS, it looks so much better. I brought in the following photo collage and my hair definitely looks like Mandy’s. SCORE.

Christmas is breaking the bank, sigh, but it seems to be always that way. I really need to make more $$$$. Isn’t that always the case though. Mo’ money, mo’ problems. I have yet to break the news that Christmas Eve we are crashing at my Mama’s place to the boy. We usually stay at a hotel for Christmas however this was mainly due to my departed lil’ Grandma’s old fashioned ways. However the boyfriend has grown accustomed so I’m gonna have to check him. Also it’s my Mom’s first Christmas without my Grandma and I’d like to be at the casa for her. At least my office Holiday Party is this Thursday. It’s always full of shenanigans and booze which I enjoy. Holla!
mean girls
Working out involved me getting one sorry ass run in yesterday. BLARGH! But I fully plan on getting a workout in today even if it’s in my living room because RAIN! It’s California and I’m not prepared to run in the rain. We will workout this week!!! Despite Tuesday Birthday party for the homie, Thursday holiday party, and a house guest of the boy’s on Wednesday and Thursday. I will make it happen. Saturday I will be in LA and am going to a spin/yoga class. Hooray!!!! Super excited. Maybe I will even be a good blogger and take photos.

I was SUPER DOMESTIC this weekend and cleaned the casita for like four hours straight. Not to mention that I busted out the shampoo rug cleaner and cleaned several really sad parts of our rug. I should have done a before and after, damn it! Our bedroom is still a disaster but nobody needs to go in there. That will definitely be a winter break project as long as I don’t just read all my vacay away in pajamas….which is HIGHLY possible.

Also THIS!!!!

I just felt like I really needed to add a little Christmas to this post and I cannot send you all a peppermint mocha through the internet…yet, anyways. Mariah, even with all your cray, I love you and this jam. This is EASILY in my top fav Christmas jams. DAMN, that should be a post!!! We should all post on our top Christmas jams!!!! Or at least share them on the comments below, peeps.

Let the Christmas CRAZY countdown begin! Seriously, everyone has some crazy at Christmas. It’s part of the magic of the holidays. No one has a normal family….some are just saner than others.


The one where I get all depressed and play Sheryl Crow and am a sad bastard

Christmas season unlike Thanksgiving has an undertone of melancholy and a hint of regret that tugs at the holiday. Maybe that’s just me? Last night, I gazed at my cute little Christmas tree, Reggie Noble, and felt the pangs of my first Christmas without my Grandma. Sigh, it makes me sad and feeling old-ish. I guess one less Grandma gets me thinking about my life and how maybe 33 isn’t as young as I want it to be. Depressing stuff, right? At least I didn’t dive head first into a bottle of wine. Ok, maybe Justin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups did make a guest appearance.

My small Christmas depression woke up with me and I’ve carried it into my office despite today’s super storm, that mofo’ failed to get washed away. Yes, NorCal is experiencing a super storm and several school districts cancelled school. I can see the East Coast laughing at us but sadly the University goes on and I am at work. It’s quiet because students are afraid of the rain and I commenced my super slacking with a little sad Christmas depression on my shoulder.

My hair is even depressed. When the weather changes my scalp gets all funky and I have some mild dandruff. Not sexy. I need to pick up some dandruff shampoo and I need a haircut but it’s Christmas and I can’t afford my fancy hair girl….yet I am terrified to have someone eff up my hair. I may try to see if the Aveda School in SF has any openings. They are cheap and there’s an 80% chance of a pretty good haircut. The odds are in your favor, peeps.

I need to refocus my energy and steal back my kick ass attitude. I want to be kick ass and cheerful and a winner but I also just want to crawl under the damn covers and hibernate until winter is over and I can afford a good haircut.


So what if right now everything is wrong……sing it Sheryl, sing it.

I am going to make a list to cheer myself up. Little known fact, I love checking things off lists. My boyfriend loves to tease me about all my little lists that he finds around the house.

1. Fresh squeezed juice at the Farmer’s market….in general the farmer’s market
2. My boyfriend, love that guy.
3. The first few sips of coffee in the morning…perfection.
5. $30 bottles of wine….sooo good.
6. My Mom because she is awesome.
7. My familia and friends
8. Reading a really awesome book, with a beverage, and being all cozy…be it a hammock or a couch.
9. Running….it’s a love/hate thing.
10. The Ocean….perfection.

1. That I have a job in this crazy economy
2. Awesome Apartment
3. Boyfriend, family, friends
4. Food!
5. That I can buy Starbucks
6. See all above
7. Oh yeah, that I’m healthy and able bodied.
8. That I have really good medical and dental benefits!

Alright, I feel a little cheered. Thanks for letting me get my ish out on the Internet, Interwebbies. I think I really need to make a better attempt with running because as Elle Woods would say “Endorphins!” I did find a nice little training plan I may implement next week.

Maybe I will register for a race or break down and buy some new running shoes since my Asics are feeling ready to be replaced. Sigh, therapy shopping you are the DEVIL!!!

Let me know if you have a little Christmas depression, we can commiserate together. I do recommend doing a little list and playing some Sheryl Crow.

It’s almost Friday peeps, we got this!

I was supposed to post this on Monday but life happens, yo

Have a holly, jolly Monday, and if that’s not possible drink more coffee!!! Alright, let’s bust out some Monday Updates on the lbg’s faves of Fitness & Food!!!


SUNDAY – 3.22 miles!
MONDAY – 3.29 miles
Two runs! What, what! I wish I would have hit three but I feel like this is an amicable start.

This week I will hit three workouts! I am also willing to blame the rain and having to run around with my familia all weekend which prevented the working outtage.

Remember my butternut squash broccoli idea?

Well, it sure was tasty. I have secured a few photos for your viewing pleasure, Interwebbies.

Broccoli covered in blended butternut squash puree (includes some milk & gruyere)
photo 1



photo 2

photo 3

I also met up with my crazy familia and yes, they confirmed they are crazy, to make tamales.

Sorry, I was a bad blogger and this is your only photo.

Tamales in the making!
photo 4

In other foodie news, I have found my new seasonal beer jam.

Hellloooo White Christmas!

White ale with some cinammon, nutmeg, and orange peel….why yes, yes I say.
photo 2-2


Of course work got BUSY!!! Also the President emailed us all to head home early since student protests might create some BART & freeway drama. I basically was forced to adios and go get my Christmas tree!!! Hooraz.



It’s rainy and grey today which means I have to start thinking about what I’m making for dinner at 9:00am. There’s something about wintery albeit California wintery weather that just makes you want to be in a cozy casita getting your cook on, right?

I’m looking at three recipes on pinterest to merge into one super recipe. I basically want to bake broccoli covered in a butternut squash cheese sauce and top it with Aidell’s sausage. Sounds tasty and medium level healthy, que no? I promise to let you know the broccoli and butternut squash adventure turns out.

Thank you, Cyber Monday. I am about half way done with my Christmas shopping which lets me breathe a small sigh of relief. I do NOT like Christmas shopping. It’s stressful, expensive, and just yeah not my thing. I love seeing familia during the holidays, catching up, eating too much, and drinking too much. Seriously, why can’t that be enough?? Too bad Thanksgiving has such lame decorations or I’d be about that….I love me a fresh smelling Christmas tree. Decorating a tree and drinking spiked cider, hell yeah! I make a wicked spiked cider, kids.

This weekend I get to see some of my crazy Mexican familia and we make our Christmas tamales. For those that don’t know, tamales are hella work! We make over 100 so we do it early and just freeze those bad boys until Christmas Eve. My familia does pork tamales and cheese with chili tamales. I’m all about the PORK!!! So yummy. For me, it’s not Christmas without tamales. My Uncle will also make us menudo which is another of my favorites and we’ll have cake for my Grandma’s birthday. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!!!!

What are your favorite things about Christmas time, Interwebbies?

Or what drives you most crazy, grinches :)

Alright, peeps I gots to run.

All I Want For Sunday Is a Decent Run and other tales from Lake Merritt


Dude, Sunday in every way was determined to not have me get any fit on. Thanksgiving is really a four day long holiday for me which means that my lazy, grubbing, munchey ways roll ever so easily into Sunday. Despite this fine tradition of sloth, I woke up determined to make a run happen today. I did some shopping at the Whole Foodie and in true Thanksgiving fashion ordered that vegan chocolate doughnut in my running clothes.

After that little trip, I somehow managed to lounge the day away with Say Yes to The Dress and some Boys on The Side. Even my television choices were lazy, Interwebbies. Ok, I did try and pin some recipes.


I finally managed to head out the door after 4pm (yikes) to get my run on between the California sprinkles of rain. As I started up my good buddy Runkeeper, I patiently awaited my jams. Trust, on a day like this you NEED some Salt-N-Pepa to really help you out. However I slowly realized I somehow managed to delete all the musica off my phone (WHHATTT??), this made me consider turning back. I mean, I can’t possibly run without music??? Why??? Despite the loss of my precious musica, I forged on with this worthless run. I got my groove on when all of a sudden I get attacked by a leashed dog!!! I swear to God! This medium sized white furry little demon jumps up and bites my pants to get a nice little pull before I get away. Thankfully these were my $50 Gap Fit pants and not my cheap-o Target cotton pants. There was no skin broken. That little beast just got a nice stretch out of my gfast pants with some nasty drool. I have heard of runners experiencing dog attacks but never thought one would happen to me! F’ing mailman crazyness….or maillady..you get my drift. Anyways, after my dog battle I took a moment and thought ok, I’m giving Pandora 5 minutes to download otherwise I’m going home. This is all B.S.


Thankfully, Pandora loaded and I selected the Pop Christmas channel (sheer joy) and let go of all the baddy energy to make my Sunday Run Day happen. I can’t get enough of Ms. Carey, she truly saved this runner’s day.


Overcoming all obstacles with my own little 5k.
photo 4

In other news, I thought I shared these little victory photos from my sunny LA Turkey Trot. I’m pretty confident this will be the last race of 2014. I’m considering some late March half marathons which would mean I’d need to get back to training mode.
photo 1
photo 2
photo 3

I just put something in the crockpot on high with the hope that it will be done in two hours. Perhaps I’m kidding myself but I’m still feeling lazy and this seemed like a reasonable plan. I will let you know how it turns out.

Sigh, I haven’t worked since Tuesday and it’s been WONDERFUL!!!! Oh so lovely, I cannot believe I have to return to the real world tomorrow. Why can I not be on vacation forever! Why! I still haven’t even made it to the theater to see Mockingjay. True Story.

Anyways, these are a few of the 2015 races that I’m considering and this seems as good as time as any to list them out. You never know though…until I end up on active with my debit card in hand, nothing is official.

Livermore Half Marathon

I really like Brazen Racing. Their races are super organized, offer some cool medals, have plenty of water stops, and yummy snacks post race.


HELLYER HALF MARATHON – FEB 28TH, SAN JOSE, CA (I’d be doing the 10k don’t get crazy)

We’ll see, I have an 8k and a 10k in March so I would probably only do one race in Feb so I can make sure my mileage is where it needs to be if I did the Livermore half…hypothetically of course.

Alright, kiddies, let’s try and get ready for Monday. I don’t know about you but I certainly expect the Monday ass beating that follows so much vacay. Hope your Turkey Day was filled with love and stuffing….and booze.