Just another barre check in and blog love

It’s 3:45pm and I am done. ALREADY? Maybe it’s this whole 2 days of working out in a row. Bar Method has been particularly kick ass in the past two days. Monday, that little white ball of torture came out. I effing hate that ball if it didn’t make my thighs look so sexy. We also did fold overs….my body was displeased to say the least. Sure, it looks easy but your bending your leg and foot and working your glutes – TERRIBLE!
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This morning I hit up the 7am class since I work my 11-8 (hello frosh dorm advising) and they busted out arabesque. Those bastards! My leg was shaking so badly. ARGHHH…Mine doesn’t quite look like this.

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Well, at least the work outs are happening because I am taking some kind of August Vacation that will require a swimsuit!!! Still working on those dates…the joys of coordinating with your significant other.

DUDE! Starbucks has instant vanilla lattes??? When did this happen and are they any good?? Please let me know!!!

My Brooklyn registration for Bib pick up with my wave time was available today – WAVE 2 – 7:45AM! Makes it real!!! Cannot believe I’m getting to do the Brooklyn Half?? Destination racing, who am I? I’m just some little brown girl who grew up in the SJ. Feeling kinda awesome. Speaking of Brooklyn, anyone heart/read/follow Sheryl Yvette? Her blog is awesome. She’s taken some time off but kept quite a few of her posts up on her site. Anyways, she ran Brooklyn and completely inspired me…like two years ago - here. I wanted to run it last year but my bestie tied the knot that weekend so it was out. Being the blogging nerd I am….I messaged her via facebook to see if she’d be running. She responded BACK! And she’ll be there….I’ve yet to write back but she’s awesome and I seriously hope I get to run into her. Hehe…like what I did there? Yes, I am that lame.  Damn, Brooklyn is getting so real. Cannot wait. Also if you have any NYC tips holla at me!! So far besides the race I have Brooklyn brewery on my list with Central Park and maybe a lunch at Tavern on the Green. We might try to hit up a show but it’s yet to be determined.

I also am kinda toying with the idea of continuing to increase my mileage post Brooklyn. Like…marathon mileage. There are a couple of October California Marathons I could do. I’m not sure yet…it’s a big commitment but just day dreaming about it. Also does anyone use compression socks? I’m thinking of getting a pair. I also think they’d be good on the LONG flight back from NYC. Hopefully I’m not too sore. I have my 10 miles this weekend since Easter interfered and I just did a quick 6.

Alright my lovelies, we’ve got a weigh in tomorrow and confessions w/ Vodka and Soda! I need to work on what crazy ish I’m confession tomorrow. I should of saved the whole nerdy blogger contacting Sheryl thing. GODDAMN! Oh well, trust this old lady has plenty of material.


Being an old lady ain’t easy

Being a grown-up can be absolutely sucky. However there are those tangible moments where you see your life and feel accomplished, happy, and in disbelief that this is where life has lead you. I love those moments of feeling blessed and relishing that this is not what I imagined 33 would be like…this is better. This was NOT one of those weekends.

This was a weekend where you step into your life and just feel like being an adult is hard. Taking care of people is not easy and sometimes acknowledging the most important things are the hardest. It was one of those weekends with mi familia and taking some steps to make sure that my Grandma and Mom both have the support they need. Sometimes being a grown-up means giving support in ways that are very difficult for others but in terms of practicality, safety, and love they need to be discussed. It’s not fun, there are usually tears, but it comes from a place of love. Seriously, there’s nothing else that makes me want to hurl myself from a bridge more than making my sweet mama cry. Sigh…but you need to let those tears out sometime. I’m a big believer in emotional release whether through talking with your bestie, therapy, running, and sometimes crying. All those feelings need somewhere to go….hey sometimes it’s the bottle of a tequila bottle. I kid…well kinda :)

Anyways this weekend was hard but your familia is always worth it. I got a sweet six miles in and managed to work out 4x last week. Hooraz….that was a weak hooraz. I’m still a little down. I did enter to win some Mizuno kicks from Skinny Chick’s blog. Fingers crossed. You should enter too! Right here.

It’s Marathon Monday!!! I’m rocking a race shirt to support Boston and all the runners and amazing survivors. Hashtag Boston Strong…hehe…I crack myself up. I do want to say though someone on the facebook mentioned supporting Boston Strong but also Boston Vulnerable. People need to grieve and understand that worlds change in a minute and it’s okay to feel vulnerable in those moments. I just thought that was really great and powerful. Sorry I’m all SAD BASTARD today. It cannot be helped. Well, it can be helped if I win some new kicks….I kid, again! Well kinda ;)

In other news, I caught up w/ Grey’s!!!! Dude, Avery and Kepner!! You guys love each other but I’m like c’mon Kepner!!! You knew Avery was a man of science and your kids would not grow-up all bible study when you eloped!!!! How are you only realizing this NOW!!!!! I wanted slap her little red head silly. Cristina Yang, I love you. That is all, I will not ruin the episode further for all y’all. PS THE TEN COMMANDMENTS IS THE LONGEST MOVIE EVER!!!! If you celebrate Easter I hope you had a lovely day.

Thankfully, I did not OD on Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs.

I’m hoping to stay on track this week and actually run 10 miles for my long run. I’ll hit up my bar method tonight, Tuesday, and Thursday (or Sunday). I really want to clean my room but familia stuff has been keeping me on the go. We can’t have it all and by that I mean a clean casita. Sad face. At least I have a whole foods salad for lunch with KALE!!! That always cheers me up. Yep, old lady status in full effect. Now, I’m off to internet shop to clear my Monday Blues ;)

Love ya interwebbies! Let me know if you’ve been struggling with being a grown-up too! Or just cheer me up w/ your weekend Easter drunken shenanigans!

motivation monday

Zombie Jesus, Reese’s Eggs, and another weekend

Easter Weekend means time with our crazy familias.

My sister cracks me up. At one point this weekend I caught her dancing to a commercial. Her response – “ummm…..yes?” I can’t even remember what commercial it was but it was HILARIOUS! Who gets down to commercials??? Apparently my sister.

I caught up on Grimm and Mindy yesterday. Love me some Friday. Oh Mindy!!! Danny Castellano, you fool! Whatevs, they belong together. Also Schmit (new girl) on Mindy!!! Hearted it! The only sad thing was me and my Mama ran out of beers. Gordon Biersh Marzden, you delicious little beer. My Grandma R even had a little glass and promptly got ready for bed. She seriously sucked it down with an ahhh! We all had a toast and a laugh. She’s not doing so hot so those little moments are really the best.

I ran today but alas my shoulder was hurting me so instead of my scheduled 10 miles I just did 6. I comforted myself with mini Reese’s Peanut Butter eggs. Delicious!



Working out this week has been good! I went to bar method on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday morning. Plus my 6 miler so all and all feeling bueno. I may try to wake up early and do a 5k but that really depends on my bedtime.

Nothing’s quite as sexy as smelling like icy hot so lucky for the Boy, I’m down in the South Bay. Tonight my Mom and me will kick it and make her AMAZING macaroni salad for me to pawn off on my Dad’s familia as my own – WAHAHAHa! That’s my evil laugh.

My Grandma doesn’t eat too much so the casita is covered in goodies to entice her. Sadly, it just means I am putting something unhealthy (delicious) in my mouth every other minute. As I dust the Lays crumbs off my boobs.

I hope you all are having a kick ass weekend whether your family hides hard boiled eggs or not. Let me know what’s shaking interwebbies!!!


One little brown girl and the bottle of tequila




Let’s talk about tequila Wednesday happy hour. There’s nothing like some italian grapefruit soda topped with ice and my bestie tequila. Yesterday was one of those workdays that ended with some shots, drinks, and TJ’s appetizers for dinner. Good times! Thank lil’ baby jesus I popped 2 advil and drank two glasses of water before hitting the hay. Otherwise this morning might have been rough. Just a quick stop by the whole foodie for coffee, a salad for lunch, and some eggs for breakfast and I am making it happen!

I’ll tell you one thing, College Advisers are drinkers. Maybe it’s because we all LOVED college. We also love students and are super nerdy and into classes. Blows my mind everytime a student sits in front of me and tries to tell me nothing is being offered this term. WHAT??? WE OFFER A GAJILLION COURSES! Anyways, we got our drink on and it was wonderful. Except the part where I got home at 9:45pm and was like AGHHH it’s late.

In other old lady news, I’m having some concerns about my ass. Today I have a presentation/reception event for admitted students. Some have said yes and some are still weighing their option. I dig these events because I am NOT an admissions counselor. My job isn’t to sell the school. I’m here to give you honest advice on our college and majors so you can make the best decision for YOU! Yep, admissions hates me. There are so many schools because there are so many types of students and you should go somewhere that’s a good fit for you academically, socially, and geographically. CONSIDER IT ALL. Ok, done off my college rant now. Anyways, I’m dressed up and back to the booty.

I have a couple of dresses that I couldn’t fit into and felt like today was a good day to try them on. They might be sausagey but just wanted to see where I’m at. One was really close but it felt like I was actually too bootylicious??? What?? I mean running doesn’t usually make me assy but I’m thinking it’s the bar method? Which is awesome. I’d rather have a little more curve to my booty than a flat one but damn, I may not be fitting into that dress. I still have 5lbs more until goal so that will be the true test. Keep in mind, I’m barely 5′ feet so that 5 counts on my tiny person frame. Long story short, booty improvement = awesomeness.

All my running blogging peeps out there?? Any suggestions for a good hand held running water bottle with a pocket/pouch for your iphone? Random I know. But I want to start running with one of these for Brooklyn and that ish is around the corner. Also I have a 6:00am bar method class tomorrow – eek. Keep your fingers crossed I make it on time and get to work at a decent hour. I’m not sure how that’s all gonna work out but I will keep you posted. It’s my one day of early morning workout ie towards my plan of becoming a morning person.

Here’s some early morning motivation for manana…eek!
She is Beautiful facebook! Love this race!

Let me know how your Wednesday Hump went and what you got going on, kiddies!



Weigh In Wednesday

Down half a pound, beattches! Hooraz! I’m bring sexy back…dance…dance…dance! I’m gonna say this -0.5lb loss is due to my day dreaming of a vacation even though now it’s looking like me and my boyfriend’s work schedules are even more incompatible – UGH! Hence why we never do full on vacations with one another. We’re trying to work it out but someone will be screwed coming back to their office during a crazy busy time. Location is yet to be confirmed so I’m keeping it a secret for now. Anyways, getting fit is so much easier when wearing a swimsuit in public is on the line. Also working out on a regular basis and not constantly drinking birthday drinks helps too. Who Knew???


* I hate mindless paperwork and can plan a project, 300 person presentation, outline policy but will just stare at my damn petitions. Changing college, Simultaneous degrees, HATE!!! I know it’s helping students but really why is this not automated. Why does my University act like it’s 1975 with paper petitions and campus mail. If we’re acting mad men style I should be able to keep a flask in my desk and throw back the tequila as needed.



*I wish I could just work 3 days a week, same pay, retirement, and benefits. It’s the perfect amount of work.

*I don’t know how people don’t eat at Happy Hour. They just don’t touch the chex mix or fries. It blows my mind and I LOVE HAPPY HOUR. I do just kinda try and make it my dinner but sometimes that (mostly) doesn’t happen.

* I watched Sex And The City – season three the other day and realized they are 34 and I’m 33. First, that was absolute craziness. Second, how did I get to be so poor (damn, you field of Education). I mean it’s Manhattan so it’s the only other place more expensive than SF (and I live in Oakland so we’re right behind ya) but DAMN. Ok, it’s a tv show. Well at least it made me feel better about being “behind” in the bebe game. Damn, it’s like if you blog you have to have a baby or three??!!! A big benefit of going later is I’m learning from everyone’s FAILS. So that’s a win. Being the hella old Mom and kindergarten…well all I can really do about that is moisturize.

* It’s barely mid-month and somehow all my money is gone. Why am I like this??? It’s like TJ turkey meatballs, kale, carrots, and tomatoes. Plus eggs, salsa, and sweet potatoes for the rest of the month. Same thing over and over until I get paid. DAMN, April is a long month. But I got my SWEET tax return. Stared at my online bank for a hot second. Sighed and paid the credit card. It was a nice big chunk. Being a grown-up and getting fiscally responsible is not as fun as it sounds.

*I bought the cheap razors and now every time I shave my damn legs and drop it the head breaks off. GOD DAMN! Back to gillete I go!!!



It’s a little childish but so is this blog


Tuesday TO-DOs

I’m feeling like it’s Spring and I want to clean up not only the casita but my life in general. You know, my multi-faceted attempts to become a grown-up in my thirties. It would really be something to feel like I have my ish together by 40. Whoah that’s a number to write. I’m still getting used to thinking of myself as 33. I feel like I’m still 28. The world just keeps on spinning people so you better enjoy it. Straight Up Ferris Bueller style.

TUESDAY TO-DOs (NOT like Ferris)

MONDAY – 6:45pm Bar Method – check
TUESDAY – 7:00am Bar Method – check
WEDNESDAY – short run
THURSDAY – Morning Bar Method (?) – we will see how I feel – will probably only do Thurs or Fri not both
FRIDAY – Morning Bar Method (?)
SATURDAY – 9.5 miles
SUNDAY – Familia time

* I have a missing credit card. I’m gonna do a looksie tonight and call and cancel it. I know once I do this it will magically show up under a magazine on my desk.
* This Summer – I am taking a day off to go through my entire closet. Purge!!! I wear like 10 things yet continue to house a gajillion. I don’t need a 27 dresses situation.

* Post my JM program and PX90 on craigslist. I’m not using them (hello BAR METHOD and running!) so I could use a little side cash.
* Work on sample week day schedules to get my life in some sort of productive state. Yes, I am this nerdy. And yes, that disorganized. I moved in October and still haven’t got my groove back. How does that happen???
* Work on my May (Brooklyn Baby budget), the Summer (aka Vacay Savings budget), and create a September (back to grown-up budget) and hope I don’t crash and burn per the usual.

TUESDAY TOPS (like Ferris)

1. VACAY IS LOOKING LIKE EITHER HAWAII OR MEXICO! OMG, I want to know so I can let the day dreaming begin!!!.
2. MACCHIATOS WITH AN EXTRA SHOT = HEAVEN! F’ing Starbucks, you’re just my bestie…or my crack dealer.
3. Dude! My gapfit gfast running leggings are LA BOMBA! Running in them on Saturday was straight amaze balls. I need to start monitoring all GAPFIT sales ASAP because I want to live in these bad boys.
4. Tuesday! New JM podcast! Hooraz!!!

HAPPY TUESDAY, PEEPS! Holla at me with your Tuesday to-dos or Tuesday Tops!!!

LA to Boston to Brooklyn and back

Monday. You’re never a pleasant surprise.

I missed you all over the weekend, Interwebs. It was a quick and busy one so there was no time for hoping on for an update. But of course, in true Monday slacker style, I am here now. Friday was spent doing wash, packing, and trying to get organized for our quick LA familia trip. I tried to get to bed at a decent hour so I could squeeze out a run prior to our flight. AND BAM! LOOK WHO MADE HER SATURDAY MORNING HAPPEN!

9 miles

I managed to hit my 9 with a little change and head home for some showering and airport drinking! I have to say I was mostly impressed with what a good run it was and how solid I felt afterwards. Sometimes a run kicks your booty to the curb but that wasn’t my Saturday. HOORAZ! A lovely little flight out of terminal two was my treat for the day. Seriously drinking on the way to somewhere is one of my most favs and the airport bar is one of the most interesting places to drink. I strongly encourage this!



My favorite was the Santa Barbara Grenache blend! Adore!

The rest of the time was spent with the Boy’s familia so not much to report there. On the way back I did pick up Runner’s World Boston edition and that was a really good read. Some of the pieces made me super sad bastard teary eyed but I recommend you all pick up a copy. SUPER INSPIRING. People are just crazy amazing. There’s also a couple of articles for beginning runners so that’s pretty nice too.



Speaking of picking up ish. I saw an article on XOJane for the Socal curls and I kinda want to buy one. It seems legit but I’m tettering. It also could be a waste of $20. Anyways. Here’s the little video. What do you guys think? I’m all about sleeping with something and waking up with cute hair. That whole sock bun thing didn’t work for me because I have a ton of hair and this seems kinda legit. Arghh!!! Anyways let me know what you think??

Hmmm… hope that works. I feel like I have a million little projects I want to do but there’s never enough time. Or maybe I just manage my time poorly but seriously you need some tv, relax, eat bad food time! It’s essential to decompress. Maybe I’ll start a little project page on here for things I want to tackle. Ugh, my closet is a big one. So is my budget. I also still have two boxes of make-up, jewelry, random stuff that are not all the way unpacked from our big move-in this October. I know sad, right? Moving right before the holidays was a HUGE MISTAKE! Avoid this at all cost. Plus it was our first time moving in together so we did get rid of a lot of stuff but these last two little boxes….just are constantly being moved around. It was a Friday project but I napped before I did laundry so there you have it. SLACKER!
coffee slacker

CRAZYNESS!!! I will by in NYC at this time next month! Well technically I’ll be flying Virgin right now this time next month but there you have it. I’m BEYOND excited for Brooklyn. I also have a half the weekend before with my sister (10k, baby) so that will be fun! I want to add some more races but we really need to figure out this vacation thing. Although I think I’m learning towards Mexico (cheaper) because it turns out there may be a 2015 wedding in Aruba and a destination 40th birthday for friends/family so that would be a HUGE chunk of change right there. Money, I hate you!!!! But only because I don’t have more :(
I did bring a microwavable lunch item today, cheaper than buying on campus, and there was no time to make anything since we came back from LA. I think budget wise I may need to just invest in a handful to keep at work to bring the finances under control.

Let’s have some more coffee and get this crazy pants of a day shaking. Oh, I’m going to BAR METHOD THIS WEEK!!! FINALLY!!! Maybe later tonight I will squeeze in a weekly workout post. Sorry I’m super boring today! Don’t worry, it’ Monday all hell will break loose and I’ll be back to being angry and insane by tomorrow.

Coffee covered besos,